In just a few days we’ll be in 2016, and as we get ready to bid goodbye to this wonderful year let’s first take a look at all the awesome home design trends it brought us. The minimalist trend that has been wowing the decorates for a while now was strong this year too, plus there was an upsurge in the vintage fervour. Recycled furniture such as pallet wood and reclaimed wood pieces made some hearts melt, while the boho-ethnic style kept making heads turn. We learnt some new things, we revamped the old, and now it’s time to go back and count what really made headlines in 2015.

Here’s our pick of the top 5 trends from the year that we believe will still be strong even in the coming days…

Vintage Vignettes

Given the economic situation in the world, people turned towards the hand-me-downs they had and tried to make the most of their prized antiques this year. And because the theme was ‘vintage’, colours like dark browns, teal blues, and lime greens were in fashion. Restored furniture was big in 2015, and these colours went well with the theme. Choco-themed, masculine rooms that reminded one of the libraries from the Elizabethan era were all the rage. And since vintage is such a powerful theme by itself, one can expect this trend to continue right into the coming year as well.

Another reason why we expect the vintage trend to continue is that it can be easily mixed with prevailing décor trends to create an eye-catching setting. For instance, you can easily pair a teal-blue room with shades of Rose Quartz – which is one of Pantone’s co-colours for 2016 – and create a very contemporary décor for your home.

Reclaimed Wood Wonders

Palette wood has been making waves abroad for a while. DIY lovers cannot have enough of this for their home décor. In 2015, this trend saw many more fans from our end of the pool and suddenly reclaimed wood furniture and very DIY-looking accents made from palette wood were being seen all over. From restaurants adopting the kitschy look with plant holders and stools to stores selling one-of-a-kind pieces, the wooden look made us rave all throughout the year.

Reclaimed wood furniture is eco-friendly as the raw material for this is obtained via recycling instead of using virgin wood. As such, this trend saw a lot of backing from the eco-warriors in the country. Also, the fact that reclaimed wood looks great in a distressed finish and fits right in with the ‘old is gold’ mindset of antique lovers gave it an extra edge over everything else.

A Quantum of Quirk

2015 was a quirky year indeed. From abstract prints on the walls, on cushions, and as art, to the new and innovative ways of growing indoor plants – everything in 2015 had an element of the unorthodox.

We have known for a long time that throw cushions are a great way to add a pop of colour to your living room. So are accent chairs. In 2015, these home décor accessories took on a different appearance as the boho-etno fad ruled the roost. Suddenly having patchwork pouffes was cool, and cushions dressed in fabrics with a strong cultural bent and an emphasis on local styles and traditions were the talk of the town. Designers felt the need to relive existence and as everyone was in a look-back-and-learn-from-the-past mode, this actually helped. Abstract themes, geometric and animal shapes and prints, as well as graphic prints, were also to be found everywhere and these two had a strong African or tribal influence. Home accents borrowed their aesthetics from the Orient – India, Morocco, Central Asia, China, Russia were the choicest inspiration picks for the etno trend which was characterised by an explosion of strong colours such as red, orange, and yellow.

Nurturing Nature

The season of spring is a season of rebirth and renewal. In a year when the world was recovering from the financial troubles of the past, it was but expected that one would look towards nature for inspiration and hope. Indoor plants were big this year and everyone tried to get their share of the healthy greens. Nature was also a big feature at the 2015 Maison & Objet show with minerals, herbariums, shells and bones being the objects on display. Remember those old movies we saw where English huntsmen would proudly decorate their homes with the trophy heads of the animals they shot? This deco trend is slightly reminiscent of that 19th-century decadence when one actually had the luxury of going out hunting but in a good way.

A Minimalist Mix

2015 was a year of cautious experimentation. So the minimalist trend was still kept alive, but it was tweaked up a bit with the introduction of accents and inspirations from other styles. Industrial designs make a great combination with minimalistic décor, and 2015 saw a lot of exposed pipes and ducts and a certain grunge-like loft living. Black, which is the colour minimalists swear by, was to be seen in interesting avatars as well. Black accents in the kitchen or in the bathroom were the stunners this year. A white balustrade with a black railing, black decals on a white wall, glossy black trims – the darkest of all colours made some interesting appearances and stood out in a year of warm, broody colours.

So these were our pick from the trends this year. We are sure you must have had your personal favourites too. Let us know what you liked or disliked in 2015, and the trends you would like to carry forward in the coming year. Comment below and don’t forget to have a great 2016!

HomeLane Wishes You Happy New Year From All Of Us.

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