While the neat Scandinavian designs and minimalistic home decor sound alluring, such modern styles can sometimes lack the homeliness of old-school charm. In fact, some perceive it as cold, harsh, and distant. If you fall in this category, then the bohemian style of home decor will speak to you on a spiritual level.

Boho styles are approachable, easy to pull off, and just super comfortable in general. Here are the 10 ten tips to perfect the boho style:

Go Crazy With Colours

Bohemian styles are synonymous with colour, vibrance, and vitality. Most decorators choose warm, earthy, and natural colours like beige, jade, cerulean, etc. However, they often pair such conventional colours with a shocking contrast like fiery orange, saturated mauve, and steel grey, to name a few. You will also see metallic shades making an entrance every now and then. The play on colours offers a complex visual treat that makes boho styles so distinct. So let your imagination run wild as the colours define the boho style meaning.

Colours + Patterns = Boho

While colour is an elemental component of the boho style meaning, patterns are an excellent way to accentuate their beauty. Just like how contrasting shades bring about a dramatic effect, the layering of colours and patterns (and even textures) makes the boho style more whimsical – or shall we say ‘boho’? Throw in those paisleys, florals, geometric, and natural patterns and they will take some edge off of the shock value of the design and make it more tied together.

Become One With Nature

The boho chic look borrows quite a bit from Nature and her elements. And this goes beyond the colour scheme, patterns, and finishing. Sure, you can have wallpaper in botanical prints or fabrics bearing floral motifs and wooden furniture for the rustic feel. However, nothing beats the authenticity of a boho style propped by actual plants! Get home a bunch of indoor, low-maintenance plants, place them inside wicker baskets and jute bags or suspend them from hanging planters, and you would be one step closer to the boho life!

Assimilate Cultures

In addition to nature, culture heavily influences boho styles. As such, you can incorporate different tokens of culture into the bohemian home decor in several ways. From Suzani throw blankets to Persian rugs to papier mache tribal masks – everything is fair game when it comes to decorating your home. Apart from such global tchotchkes, you could even display local culturally rich accents such as artworks, souvenirs, distressed pieces, etc. from local flea markets or thrift stores.

Make Room For Low-Level Seating

If you have been dreaming of having a baithak in your home, then the boho style can make it a reality. After all, the entire bohemian philosophy is all about kicking back and chilling out. And what can be a better way to relax than informal, comfortable, low-level seating! Think beyond floor beds, couches, or divans and consider bean bags, pouffes, ottomans, etc. as well. Or, do away with everything and spread out a cosy rug or carpet and throw in some cushions and pillows for floor seating.

Dedicate a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is nothing short of a statement piece in a boho home. It becomes the focal point of the living space and stands out in tasteful ways. Put together an eclectic mix of your favourite photos, art prints, posters, mirrors, tapestry, rug, wall hangings, woven baskets, macrame, and more. Experiment with the size, shapes, and colour – you can even bypass the frame and stick some items directly to the wall. If you have shelves installed, you can display your bohemian collection from your travels, small plants, and figurines. Basically, everything goes.

Layered Lights

Bohemian homes have a touch of whimsy and a fairytale-like quality. It is made possible with a blend of lights from various sources. If you feel bold enough, you can even try different colours of lights and see how they feel. Bust out that chandelier, string lights, funky lanterns, and even candles, and pepper your entire home with it in addition to the primary sources of light. The mix and match style is a key element of the boho style meaning so turn it up to the max!

Sensual Smells

Speaking of candles, scented candles can elevate the charm of your Bohemian home. After all, smells play a crucial role in determining the impact of your home. Of course, this is a highly subjective and personal preference because fragrance for one could be a headache to someone else. Typically, natural smells from essential oils, aromatic candles, potpourri, and incense sticks, are sufficient to set the mood without overwhelming your sense. Some days, the smell of a freshly cooked meal is enough to give your home a boho feel!

Take a Swing at a Swing

Before you dismiss swings as impractical or childish, hear us out – they are fun, aesthetic, and we would all want one if we got the chance! Hanging beds, rattan swingasans, macrame hammocks, cocoon swing chairs, weaved tyre swings, or solid wood swings with shaggy cushions make the perfect addition to the boho vibe of your home. Give it a try if you have the space for it, and you won’t regret it.

Keep It Simple, Silly

The best part about the boho-style decor is that you do not have to try too hard or do too much to get the perfect look. It is all about expressing yourself and making your home casual and comfortable. In fact, its orchestrated “messiness” is what makes it so approachable. You won’t have to spend a bomb or stress constantly about cleaning up and just go with the flow – bohemian style!

This concludes our top ten tips for living the boho style. Check out the HomeLane blog for more inspiration or speak to our designers to get the boho look!

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