A bedroom is a place to which you retire at the end of a long day. It is a place where you feel the safest. As such, you would naturally want your bedroom to be soothing, comfortable and quiet.

However, your longing for peace and quiet does not mean that the bedroom must appear to be aesthetically uninspired. You can use a mixture of unusual colours or experiment with differing types of upholstery etc., to add some elegance and pizzazz to your space.modern teal and grey bedroom

Teal is one such colour that is often found in stylish interiors. The sections below discuss how you can incorporate the various teal bedroom design ideas to uplift your space.

The Use of Teal in Interiors

Teal is a greenish-blue shade which comes from mixing cyan with a green base. Sometimes, grey or white can be added to make it deeper or lighter.

It is considered a bold colour in interior design. When it is used in the right way, a teal-coloured bedroom can create feelings of serenity and stability. Here are some ways to convert your space into a teal-colour-centric bedroom:

  • Create an accent wall in a light shade of teal
  • Get cushions and bedspreads in teal to complement the lighter tones in a teal  bedroom
  • Teal curtains can make a bedroom distinctive and even glamorous
  • Try a teal panel above the bed or a teal headboard
  • Carpets in teal shades add a refined touch to make your bedroom unique

A teal bedroom allows for a greater degree of artistic freedom when working on other aspects of the same.  Let’s explore some ways to design the samegreenish-blue shade teal bedroom

Teal Bedroom Ideas 

1. Teal and Grey

You can combine teal with grey to create a modern teal and gray bedroom which exudes dignity and sobriety.

In this bedroom, the grey accessory is a tastefully-designed lampshade. You can also choose grey cushions, for instance.

Since teal is the leading colour, in this case, grey makes the effect distinctive by introducing an air of contrast, as seen in the gray and teal bedroom above. You can opt for quiter or darker shades for a muted, yet elegant effect.modern teal blue bedroom

2. Teal and Turquoise

Turquoise is a shade of blue and green that is similar to teal. It is much brighter than teal, so it makes sense to use it sparingly. This marine shade of bluish-green ensures several aesthetically striking turquoise-teal bedroom ideas.

In the image above, velvet turquoise pillows are combined with a blanket. The other shades are muted to make the turquoise pop, leading to a pop design for bedroom. The wooden furniture ensures an earthy air which is quite soothing.turquoise-teal bedroom ideas

3. Teal and White

Teal and white is a wonderful combination that can be used for impressive results. In the image above, the teal and white bedroom has a teal headboard which is used to set off a white side table and lampshade.

This profusion of colours lends itself to a visually-appealing balance. You can explore other white-coloured furniture and accessories when considering the different types of bedroom designs that will ensure prominence while supporting the teal background.teal and white bedroom

4. Teal and Pink

The combination of pink and teal is classy. This combination leads to a teal and pink bedroom.

In the image above, case, a unique teal headboard is contrasted with a dusky brownish-pink accent wall. The artwork reinforces the colour pairing.

For a stronger impression in teal-coloured rooms, you can reverse the emphasis: try a pink bedspread and a teal wall, for instance. This combination would certainly lead to an unusual bedroom colour combination.teal and pink bedroom

5. Bohemian Teal

Utilising dark teal bedroom design ideas will be quite suitable for a bohemian interior. The uniqueness of the colour teal lies in the fact that it can complement textures and elements.

In the setting picturised above, a teal-coloured settee nicely sets off the darker and richer shades of ochre observed in the furniture and overall colour theme, such as in the rugs, pouffes etc. dark teal bedroom design ideas

Concluding Remarks

Teal-coloured bedrooms can thus be declared unusually elegant on their own. This is why utilising some or one of the teal bedroom design ideas above could ensure that your bedroom would resemble a royal one.

You can book a consultation with our experts at HomeLane for better ideas on the same.

teal-coloured bedrooms


1. What Color Complements Teal?

Teal goes with a variety of colours. It’s great with white while complementing navy, brown, and pink. It also nicely sets off silver and gold.

2. Is Teal a Blue or Green?

It is a medium to deep blue-green combination. It can be made lighter or darker depending on the shade of white mixed into the base. 

3. What Colour Is the Opposite of Teal?

On the colour wheel, orange is the opposite of teal. They go well together for a bold look in interior spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

4. Is Teal a Good Colour for a Bedroom?

Due to its unique combination of blue and green, the colour teal is certainly a preferred colour for your bedroom. This is because it ushers in an aura of earthy practicality coupled with the suggestion of the waves of the ocean, thereby proving to be a relaxing colour.

Additionally, you can experiment with darker accessories for an aesthetically layered and pleasing look. 

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