A kitchen is usually the favourite part of any home. It is where conversations happen while hot ginger tea simmers on the stove. It is where late-night conversations about life forge the most profound bonds between people.

Keeping the above statements in mind, it is nonetheless essential for each kitchen to offer an optimized space wherein you can cook unhindered, especially if a kitchen is part of your living room interior design.

In this scenario, kitchen appliance setups like microwave oven cabinet setups pose a challenge regarding their placement.

creative microwave cabinet placement

It is an excellent option to house your equipment in cabinets; however, how these cabinets fit into your modular kitchen is a matter of expert interior design and space-saving furniture.

Let’s look at five revolutionary ideas to place microwave oven cabinet setups to solve all your problems in one go.

How to Place Your Over Cabinets: 5 Surprisingly Cool Ways

From placement ideas that combine form, function and beauty to the ones that bring back a little nostalgia, the list below showcases the best microwave oven cabinet designs to consider for your kitchen.

1. Handy Over Cabinet for Maximising Function

Kitchens must be functional enough to let you put together a meal in minutes. This essentially means having all your ingredients, tools, and equipment, such as a microwave oven cabinet in kitchen, handy and within reach.

In the image shown above, the built in oven and microwave cabinet is housed in line with the cooktop, giving the chef easy access to everything.

This particular microwave oven cabinet design is appropriate for you if you are a busy person who enjoys practical setups with no frills.

built in oven and microwave cabinet

2. To a Corner, and Out of the Way Microwave Cabinet

The way you keep and run your kitchen is a reflection of your habits and preferences. The placement of your microwave oven cabinet setups should also reflect that.

For example, the kitchen shown in the image sports an appliance section pushed to a corner of the kitchen, allowing the cook to use the countertops freely to their liking, without hindrance.

This extremely functional design lets you sort out the wiring and other shelving in that space, as would befit a modular kitchen design setup.

functional design for microwave cabinet

3. Neatly Organise Your Microwave Oven Cabinet in the Appliances “Console”

It makes sense to house all your appliances in their respective spaces, right? Your refrigerator, tall cabinet with microwave and oven, electric kettle, toaster, and every other appliance can be housed in a dedicated console.

In the image above, the microwave oven cabinet is housed along with other kitchen appliances. This leaves the owner enough room on the countertops to cook in a clutter-free environment.

dedicated console for microwave cabinets

4. Classic Countertop Placement

Although microwave oven cabinet setups are in vogue, you can break the monotony of your cabinetry by placing the microwave on the countertop. This unique placement will allow you to showcase your taste distinctively.

In the image shown above, the interior tones of white and beige are overbearing to look at. The black glass of the moveable microwave cabinate and the oven thus work to break the monotony well. The setup draws your eyes in, doesn’t it?

classic countertop placement

5. The Skewed Space-Saver Over Cabinet

For snug kitchens that don’t need much space to be functional, the wall stand for microwave oven can be skewed to the side to create appropriate shelving opportunities.

For example, in the image shown above, the microwave oven cabinet mounted one slot to the right creates space for stove lights above the cooktop.

This microwave oven kitchen cabinet idea works great for studio apartments and smaller homes.

skewed space-saver over cabinet

Install Custom Microwave Cabinet in Your Kitchen

Don’t let your appliances look intimidating and scattered in the kitchen – design the cabinetry in a way that makes a home for everything you own.

Homelane’s specially trained group of experts can help you with various designs for installing microwave oven cabinet setups that will beautifully complement your interiors and cooking habits.

custom microwave cabinet in your kitchen


1. Can I Put a Countertop Microwave in a Cabinet?

Yes, countertop microwaves can be housed in a cabinet. This allows you to create more space on the kitchen countertops and get the appliance out of the way. It also saves your equipment from catching dust when not in use.

2. How Do You Install a Built-in Microwave over the Stove?

The process begins by creating a vent for exhaust. This is the duct that carries the fumes outside. Next, you will need to bring the electrical lines into the space for the microwave.

Once this is done, you can position your microwave in the niche such that its fan aligns with the exhaust. If you have a template to guide you on where to drill the mounts, use it. If not, mark the areas where you need to fix the mount.

Next, attach the mounting plate to the wall. You can now hang your microwave on the mounting plate.

3. How Can You Ideally Place Your Microwave in the Kitchen?

You can ideally place your microwave in the kitchen, so it is accessible but still out of the way of your work. It should not occupy real estate on the countertop. Most people choose to mount it over the range. You can also go for an exclusive microwave cabinet to keep it separate.

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