If you’re looking for elements to increase the aesthetic of your home, laser-cut wood panels are the perfect pick. This hot new trend is taking Indian residential spaces by storm.

Inspired by Mughal architecture, the jali designs use laser-cut technology to create intricate patterns on wood panels. You can use these versatile panels to give your home an ethnic or contemporary touch, as per your taste.

Not sure how to use laser-cut wood panels to decorate your interiors? Here are six fantastic ideas to start with.

Ideas for Laser Cut Wood Panels

1. Charming Partition for Private Spaces

A very useful application of laser wood panels would be as a room divider. Even a simple floral motif on wood panels would add a charming touch to your home while dividing your space into distinct areas.

You can usually see such jali wood screens in open halls separating the living and dining areas. While they may not entirely block sound as acoustic panels for walls would, they’re still a stylish option to add a semblance of privacy in rooms with open layouts.

2. Stunning Wall Panels

Laser-cut wood wall panels are an excellent way to add grandeur to your interior design. The intricate designs will add hints of subtle luxury and understated glamour to your walls.

You can also opt for jali designs on panels around your doorways. They will transform your plain panel door design into an elegant work of art.

3. Fascinating Backlit Laser-Cut Wood Panels

Bring the laser-cut motifs of wood panels to life by giving them a backlight effect. Not only do they form a stunning living room display, but they can also easily replace your ordinary led panel designs.

The backlit laser-cut wood panels would also be a striking accent feature in narrow passages to keep them well-lit.

4. Picturesque Pergolas

Another place designers love to use laser-cut wood panels is in pergolas or balconies. The biggest advantage is that they provide a sense of enclosure so you can enjoy the outdoors with some privacy.

The partially enclosed balcony also provides shade in the summer by blocking direct sun rays. Plus, they are a cost-efficient option to improve the aesthetic of outdoor spaces.

5. Laser-Cut Wooden Wall Décor

Artistic laser-cut wood wall decor can make a stylish addition to your PVC wall panel design. They help you elevate the look of your room without making a dent in your budget.

The laser technology can be leveraged to cut almost any shape, including nature motifs, trees, human faces, animals, and large mandalas, to contemporary geometric patterns. You can then feature them in large empty areas as casual art pieces.

6. Pretty Lattice Style Jali Furniture

Another interesting way of incorporating laser-cut wood panels into your interiors is using them on furniture.

For instance, swings, benches, coffee tables, or almirahs made of intricate laser-cut wood panels are a common sight in traditional Indian homes. They are an excellent way to add ethnic touches to your humble abode.

Final Words

Laser-cut wood panels come with endless options for home interior and exterior designs. They are easy to incorporate, pleasing to look at, and light on your pocket.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t root for laser-cut interior designs. If you’re looking for more inspiring ideas to redefine your interiors, book a free online consulting session with the design experts at HomeLane.


1. How Thick of Wood Can You Cut with a Laser?

The thickness of the wood is a crucial consideration in laser cutting. Most laser-cutting machines work on wood with thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 12mm, though some machines can cut wood as thick as 20mm.

However, it would take multiple passes for the laser to cut through thick wood, and the result may not be very clean.

So if you want to cut wood thicker than 20mm, it’s better to opt for a CNC router. Also, CO2 lasers are the best choice for laser-cutting woods.

2. What Wood Can You Laser-Cut?

The best options when it comes to wood panels for laser cutting include basswood, balsa, alder, poplar, pine, cherry, oak, cedar, maple, birch, cork, mahogany, and walnut. You can also cut and engrave artificial wood like plywood with a laser.

Soft woods such as balsa and poplar are easier to laser cut with low power. However, you can also cut denser wood with a high power level.

The quality of the cut will depend on several factors, such as the thickness, density, colour, resin content, texture of and moisture on the wood, and the power of the laser cutter.

3. Is Plywood Suitable for Laser Cutting?

Laser cutters also work on plywood, but not all plywoods are suitable for laser cutting. Their internal glue can melt and burn during the cutting process.

To avoid such hazards, always pick plywoods that are explicitly marketed for laser cutting, such as birch laser plywood.

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