Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand is rich in picturesque environs and natural beauty. Famously known as the ‘City of Waterfalls’, due to the numerous waterfalls that are located close to the city. It’s a city filled with enterprising and industrious people who come from different places in Jharkhand and the surrounding states. Referred to as an industrial hub, in recent years it has seen an increase in service industries. Due to this, there is a mix of cultures and traditions and this can be seen in Ranchi homes as well.

If you’re looking out for home design trends in Ranchi, then here’s what you might want to consider.

Warm Colours Are Back

When it comes to interior design trends in Ranchi, colours play a very important role in interior design. Choosing the right colours for your home can either make or destroy the whole look of your space. Warm colour tones have made a comeback. Colours like orange, red, and tangerine are taking over. While beiges and browns are also common colour choices if you’re looking for an earthy tone for your space.

Warm Colours Are Back

Use Natural Materials

Locally sourced natural materials are another popular home design trend in Ranchi homes. You can go in for stone tiles for your living room, locally sourced marble for your bathroom, cement flooring for gardens, and granite for your dining table, kitchen island, or coffee table. A great tip is to use a stylish multi-coloured stone for your kitchen backsplash. For your balcony seating or window seat, you can use granite for the best traditional look.

Use Natural Materials

Add a Mix of Traditional and Modern Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture can never go out of style. If you have a modern and sleek setup, you can mix things up and bring in some traditional and vintage furniture pieces like a chest of drawers or a console table that you can place in the entryway of your home. You can also go a step further and experiment with wooden pillars or wooden doors if you want an ethnic touch. Wooden chairs, tables, and accent pieces can bring your space alive and give it a mix of modern and traditional vibes.

Modern Wooden Furniture

 Bring in Nature

Design trends in Ranchi are always changing with new ideas and styles to follow. Also, the mix in cultures and traditions has brought about different and interesting home interior trends. Today, home design trends are moving towards an eco-friendly approach with more and more people going in for natural materials and warm tones for their homes. Apart from this, in a Ranchi home, you must try and bring the greenery in.

This is another popular trend that people are going in for. Making your space come alive with indoor and outdoor plants is a great idea. Tall plants placed in big pots can be placed in the corner of your home. You can enjoy the sight of the leaves swaying for a pleasant and calm feeling. You can also arrange small indoor plants and succulents around your home. A vertical wall garden is also becoming very popular in Ranchi homes.

 Bring in Nature

Open Up the Space with Natural Light

Ranchi is known for its natural beauty, so opening up your space to bring in natural light is one of the best things you can do when designing your home. Make the best use of sunlight in all your rooms and decorate your space with airy and light linen. Sheer white colour curtains are great for maximum light while also giving you enough privacy. Natural light opens up the space making it look inviting and larger. Another thing to keep in mind is to have huge windows with transparent glass to draw in the light during the day.

Natural Light

Amp Up Your Space with Lighting

When it comes to interior design trends in Ranchi, you might want to consider adding glamour and style with a beautiful chandelier in the bedroom or living room. Also, placing floor or table lamps in guest rooms, home offices, or reading nooks can make your home look luxurious and modern. Wooden lampshades with fabric patterns are trendy and stylish. Simply placing them around your home can make your space cosy and inviting.

Space with Lighting

Plush Fabric and Seating Options

If you have a lot of seating options around your home, make it cosy by adding plush fabric for your sofas and cushions. Traditional ethnic fabrics are now in trend and you can use them for your cushions and pillows. Placing a throw and a lot of cushions and pillows around your home is a fantastic idea. Adding a mix of colours not only brightens up the space but makes it vibrant and classy. When it comes to seating options, choose stylish wooden chairs or a traditional wooden swing in the balcony or living room to enjoy lazy afternoons or conversations with family and friends.

Plush Fabric and Seating

These were some of the best home design trends in Ranchi that you can use when designing your home. If you’re looking for some help in designing your Ranchi space, contact HomeLane, India’s preferred home interiors brand that provides end-to-end home interior solutions in a pocket-friendly manner. With 3D visualisation and expert design partners, you can get customised design solutions for your space.

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