Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. With most of the events and travel plans being pushed to later dates, we have no option but to wait for things to return to normalcy. Amidst all the chaos are those newly-weds who had to cancel/postpone their honeymoon. While it is okay to be upset to see those plans fade away, you could still make your honeymoon a memorable one in the comfort and safety of your home. Here are a few tips:

1. Turn Your Home into A Cosy Space

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your stay in a hotel room? The warm lighting? Super comfy bed? Or watching TV while snuggling with your partner? You could do all of this at your home with a bit of creativity and patience. Be it layering your blankets with comforters or switching to soft light bulbs, your cosy space is only a bit of effort away. If you want the full hotel experience, you could go the extra mile and learn how to fold a towel like a swan or set up your own mini-bar with your favourite snacks and mini-bottles of beverages.

2. Put Away The Distractions

While social distancing is the new norm, social media distancing could be worth a try. Stay away from any distractions that could impact your quality time together. The best bet would be to lock your gadgets in a closet and bond with each other. This way you could be completely away from the world – just like you would have been on your honeymoon. Putting away that alarm clock is a joy in itself. Catch up on that beauty sleep!

3. Plan a Romantic Wine and Dine Night

A romantic candlelight dinner is an instant fix to those cancelled-plan blues. Cook your favourite meal together and pour yourselves a glass of wine each. You could also try making mocktails and cocktails. Scented candles to top it all, and you have the formula for a perfect date night on your honeymoon. If you are new to cooking, take cooking tutorials online or order from a restaurant (given they follow the safety norms).

romantic honeymoon ideas

4. Watch Sunrise and Sunset

Watching sunrise or sunset together is something that is synonymous with ‘honeymoon’. You could always do this in the comfort of your home. Start your day with a morning workout regime or run to a location (while maintaining social distancing) to watch the sunrise. Treat yourself with a delicious breakfast after this on your balcony. Grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and watch the sunset together. If you have space, throw in a carpet and stargaze at night.

5. Make A Fun Itinerary

We know that managing all the chores while trying to be romantic can seem overwhelming, but it’s important that you carve out some time for some fun, bonding activities. Start by making a fun itinerary so you have something to look forward to. Check out games that would bring you two closer together, speak about your childhood, give each other a ‘couples massage’, learn a new skill like dancing or cooking together or try doing a jigsaw puzzle together. If you put your mind to it and think a little creatively, you will find that the list is endless.

honeymoon at home

The main idea of going on a honeymoon is to understand your partner better. Although you may not be able to do that in an exotic location right now, you can create your piece of heaven right at home with nothing more than things you can find around the house. And if you need some large scale home improvements and help with your home design, the HomeLane team is always there to help you out.

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