Grey has been one of the best-kept secrets of the high street designers and is fast becoming the ‘new black’ of home decor. With a plethora of shade options, grey has a special way of transforming any space. From the subtlety of charcoal grey to the sophistication of soft pewter and striking appeal of dark grey to anything in between – the sheer versatility of the grey colour scheme can uplift both modern and contemporary décor themes alike. Especially if you are decorating bedroom walls, the grey colour scheme can prefer to bring in a sense of calm and comfort to space.

With multiple gradations and a range of hues, it can be a bit arduous to decide what’s right for your abode. If you are ready to get inspired, we will take you through some unique interior schemes which will inspire you to decorate with various shades and textures of grey:

Create a Calming Retreat with Grey Bedroom Walls

The grey palette is quite understated for bedroom walls. But the gorgeous hues of grey can come together to create a perfect, minimal vibe that goes well with calming aesthetics. You can evoke certain moods by simply picking different shades of grey.

  • Pair it with Pastels: For a gentle bedroom scheme, pick pastels or mid-grey tones coupled with colourful accessories.

Grey Bedroom Walls Design

  • Using beige or cream upholstery with grey bedroom walls will allow an abundance of light into your master bedroom.

Grey Colour Bedroom Walls

  • For a chic spin on your master bedroom, look no further than the grey and yellow Pantone colour of the year 2021. The monotony of ultimate grey fits perfectly with illuminating yellow lending in more optimistic and warming vibes to your bedroom.

Light Grey Bedroom Walls

  • If you want your bedroom to have a more Zen look to it, choose a blue-based or ash grey with slate grey flooring.

slate grey bedroom colour

  • For a Scandinavian style classic ambience, soft greys with blush pink hues and metallic accents will create brushstrokes of luxe and a harmonious scheme. Be sure to see how the combinations work in different lights before committing.

soft greys with blush pink

Accentuate your Space with Grey Textured Walls

A Grey palette with layers of texture can add character and a bit of drama to any home décor. You can choose between beige-grey, white-grey and blue-grey plaster matt walls with textured brushstrokes for a distinct appeal. If a plain, two-dimensional wall paint is not up to your liking, experiment with a grey textured wall to bring more depth and dimension to your space.

It can instantly liven up any room while blending in a perfect backdrop for vibrant décor. Depending on the application techniques using pre-textured or standard paints, you can choose to experiment with what resonates with your décor vision.

Grey Textured Walls

Add Textured Grey Wall Paper

Add a wow factor with grey textured nature-inspired wallpaper or stone wall effect that gives a Scandi-country feel while keeping things contemporary. If you find a deep grey bit weird in the bedroom, opt for more welcoming light or mid-greys. The textured walls can be paired with lilac and silver tones to bring elegance and extra warmth.

Grey Wall Paper

For an edgy and bold vibe, concrete texture or cement paint pairs well with grey to exude an industrial vibe. Make sure to go bold on colourful and metallic accessories for a chic studio décor. 

Go with the Glossy Textured paint

Emulate the bygone era with marble or stone effects, and if the texture can create a 3D optical illusion, it will be an added advantage. Lacquered or glossy textured paints allow for reflections and highlights that can make the room bigger. This style is ideal for living room décor, and you can accessorise with antique elements to add a vintage vibe.

Glossy Textured paint

Create a Focal Point with a Grey Accent Wall 

A grey accent wall will always make a statement and enhance the visual appeal of your décor scheme, no matter what colour you pair it with. Having a subtle grey accent wall in the living room makes for an inviting living room space while maintaining a clean look. The shade of grey paired with a specific colour will set the tone for the rest of the space.

Monochromatic Theme Grey Bedroom

You can opt for a monochromatic vibe by keeping it simple and sophisticated with taupe and grey. It will double up as a perfect modern bedroom look that mimics hotel glamour and Scandinavian-style interior design.

Theme Grey Bedroom

Luxurious theme grey bedroom

A dark grey accent in shades like arsenic, slate and sardine grey wall can make the living room look luxurious and elegant. Plus, it will act as a great backdrop for hanging sculptures, paintings, blown-up photographs or colourful works of art. You can pair it with the rest of the white walls to break the monotony and make the room less gloomy. The contrast will help open up the small space. If you like it to be dramatic and bold, add a mirror and quality rugs, throws, or cushions in dark blue. The result will be eye-catching.  

theme grey bedroom

For a royal and feminine look, purple will be the best choice to pair with a grey accent wall. Keep in mind to choose the right furnishings and lighting to make these beautiful tones come to life. While purple will go best with the living room grey accent wall, you can choose pops of pink with a grey colour scheme to add more dimension to your bedroom.

Grey Midcentury Modern Theme

Grey Midcentury Modern Theme

For mid-century style décor aficionados, there’s nothing better than a glamorous grey accent wall for mounting TV and creating a focal point in the living room.

If you need help in selecting the perfect grey for your home decor or creating a grey bedroom get in touch with the HomeLane design experts today to choose from an exclusive range of shades and textures for grey wall decor. 

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