Among all the colour schemes, wallpaper choices and furniture, we sometimes underestimate the placement of important electrical equipment like the fridge or the oven.

A refrigerator or fridge is the storage centre of all eatables. Its bulky size and requirements, like connectivity to the electric plug point, often make it difficult for owners or even the interior designer to decide the placement of a fridge.

Well, the trick is simple. You have to plan the fridge placement before deciding on anything else related to kitchen interiors. After speaking to our experts, we have listed a few fridge placement tips for anyone planning their kitchen from scratch.

Choose A Few Size Options for Your Kitchen

When you are choosing your fridge, select at least 5 to 6 fridge sizes and varieties. Based on the sizing of the kitchen, decide which fridge fits the best. Owners often get fixated on one type of fridge style and size, but you ideally want to keep at least some more choices in mind as the fridge occupies most of the kitchen space.

fridge placement

Measure the Convenience of the Fridge while Purchasing

When purchasing a fridge, ensure that it is either a double-door fridge or a right-side hinged fridge with storage. In today’s compact homes, we have to make sure that storage equipment offers the maximum space as well as that it is sized to fit easily in our homes.

fridge measurement in kitchen

Place the Fridge Away from Heat Sources

One of the important fridge placement tips is to place the fridge away from heat sources like the sunlight or right in front of the oven. Too much heat exposure reduces the functionality of the fridge and, in some cases, the fridge even tends to get damaged if it heats up too much. Place the fridge away from windows or doors as direct sunlight can adversely affect the functioning of your fridge.

where to place fridge in the kitchen

Keep in Mind Day-to-Day Utility

When deciding the placement of your fridge, always think of your daily schedule. For example, you might want to plan for a bench or a ledge next to the fridge for easy moving of groceries in and out of the fridge. A day-to-day utility like placing your fridge close to the kitchen’s entrance can make midnight snacking easier as teenagers tend to sneak in and grab a bite from the kitchen.

Consider Feng Shui Fridge Placement Tips

As the fridge is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the house, we have to consider some Feng Shui fridge placement tips to ensure that its energy is always high! One Feng Shui tip is to create a work triangle; therefore, you have to make sure that the stove and sink are not in front of the fridge. Create in your mind an imaginary triangle, and then arrange the kitchen furniture and fridge accordingly.

Feng Shui fridge placements

Utilize the Space Above Your Fridge Wisely

Fridge placement tips not only include the placement of the fridge but also things around it, below it, or above it. Everything affects the placement of the fridge! As today’s kitchens are compact, homeowners tend to place other electrical devices like the oven or microwave above it. We suggest refraining from doing this as it might result in a short circuit or failure due to the proximity of two electrical devices. Furthermore, it can be dangerous also as we tend to open the fridge several times and a hot oven or microwave can hurt the hand if touched by mistake. Instead, you can place a drawer or storage space above the fridge to store other kitchen tools. Alternately, you can evendecorate the area above your fridge with plants or other decorative items.

storage above the fridge

Place the Fridge in the Kitchen Only

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, convenience is everything! Nowadays, many homeowners place the fridge in their bedroom for quick and convenient snacking at any time of the day. However, we recommend placing the fridge only in the kitchen as it occupies a lot of space and might take up a lot of square footage in your room. Additionally, if the fridge is kept a little open or food is kept out for a long time, you will have to suffer the unpleasant smell of food always lingering in your room. Other lifestyle issues might occur, the most common being a temptation to snack too often if the fridge is placed in your room!

Plan for Open Kitchens

Another new aspect to consider in fridge placement tips is how to place your fridge in an open kitchen. As open kitchens are gaining quick popularity, especially in studio apartments, homeowners are finding this concept convenient. On the other hand, they are also facing issues like the apartment being smelly and messy due to the kitchen being mixed up with the living area. In open kitchens, make sure that you place your fridge sideways and not facing towards the living area. This way, the contents of your fridge are not visible to all your guests in the living area. You also get to avoid any unpleasant smells permeating the other parts of the house.

Fridge Placement Tips

These are our top fridge placement tips to ensure that your kitchen looks trendy and remains safe and convenient. Other fridge placement tips include ensuring that the colour and design of the fridge match your kitchen. Keep in mind that the fridge occupies a large amount of space, and it can affect the overall design of the kitchen.

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