Your home is definitely going to be a big influence on your kids and their childhood since this is where they will spend most of their time. Creating a fun, nurturing and encouraging atmosphere at home is important for developing minds. One way of doing this is through DIY kid’s room decor.

Crafting DIY kid’s room decor is a great way to spend some quality time with your kid. Plus, you decorate their room in the process. It also brings out the creative side of both parents and children, and not to mention, tthe entire activity is incredibly fun to do.

kids room decor ideas

You might be wondering, though, where do you even begin with kid’s room decor? Well, home decor is our forte at HomeLane, and we’ve got you covered. Here are seven DIY kid’s room decor ideas that will help you convert your child’s room into a colourful haven of creativity.

You can do some of these activities using regular household items, although a few may need you to run to the convenience store. But we promise you they are all incredibly fun to create and will add a dash of flavour to even a simple bedroom design.

7 DIY Kid’s Room Decor Ideas

1. Colour the Walls With Imagination

Arty-looking walls are probably one of the easiest and cheapest kid’s room decor to spruce up the look of your child’s room. Use colourful items like sticky notes, posters, or stamps to brighten up your kid’s room wall decor. Stick these items across the wall (or part of the wall) to add splashes of colour to the room. Have your child join you in putting these up and make a fun game out of this decorative kid’s room wall decor.

Another great idea for kid’s room wall decor is handprints. Buy skin-friendly water paints of different colours and paste handprints across the walls of the room with the help of your child. This is incredibly fun to do and will give the walls a colourful and unique look; it is definitely a kid’s room decor idea on a budget.

arty-looking walls

2. Line Your Walls With Memories as Kid’s Room Decor

Looking for kid’s room decor items? Why store all your child’s babyhood memories and special moments in albums, mobiles and computers? You certainly deserve to enjoy looking at them every day. You can have fun with this wall decor idea for a kid’s room. Print and frame some of your favourite moments with your children. Create a collage of memories on a wall in the room. In return, you get charming interiors and a reminder of good times through these memory walls. You can even use this idea to add a personal touch to your master bedroom interiors.

kids room wall decor

3. Give Your Kid a Canvas

Apart from the traditional room decor for kids, you can buy chalkboard paint at any convenience store and use it to convert a wall (or a part of the wall) of the kid’s bedroom into a canvas for your child to express their imagination on. Chalkboard paint gives the wall the same finish as a blackboard. As part of this creative kid’s room wall decor idea, you can use chalk to write and draw on the wall, and this can be easily wiped off if needed.

Painting the walls of your child’s room with chalkboard paint is a great DIY kid’s room decor idea. It is economical and something you can finish in one day. You can also go with chalk paint walls, which will give the wall a chalky matte finish that will look great in a kid’s room or even as a bedroom false ceiling design.

diy kids room decor

4. Papercraft and Origami Decor

This activity is great fun for kids and parents. Find origami tutorials on YouTube and sit down with your children to create rockets, boats, swans and other creative items made out of colourful paper.

You can then use them as part of decorative kid’s room wall decor. You can even hang them from the ceiling to create a colourful, creative and interesting ambience. This DIY kid’s room decor idea is also a great way for you and your family to learn new handicraft skills.

papercraft and origami decor

5. Indoor Camping for the Adventurer

Kids love camping and the excitement of sleeping in a cosy tent. You don’t need to pack your bags and drive into the woods to experience the thrill of camping. You can set up a makeshift camp right in your kid’s room using this kid’s room decor idea.

You can use a few sticks from the yard (make sure to check for sharp ends) and tie them together to create a structure. Drape it with a blanket to create a DIY tent.

An even easier way is to throw a blanket over a table and lay a bed or a couple of soft cushions and pillows under it. This is especially for a small bedroom design and you can use lights and some plants to complete the look. Voila! You’ll have a camping site ready for the little adventurer.

indoor camping for the adventurer

6. A Room Full of Cotton Clouds

Some cotton wool and a little bit of creativity will bring the monsoon right into your kid’s room. Use cotton wool to create fluffy clouds and stick them on a wall, and use smaller balls of cotton as raindrops. This will also create a calming atmosphere when used as part of kid’s room decor, especially with a light background colour like sky blue.

Another great DIY kid’s room decor idea is to hang cotton clouds from the ceiling using pieces of thread. This will create the illusion of a cloudy sky overhead and is yet another kid’s room decor idea on a budget.

room full of cotton clouds

7. Creative Storage Solutions

With small kids, it is often the case that their rooms pile up with toys, books and other things that bring a smile to their beautiful faces. As parents, the job of cleaning up and tidying these items will eventually fall to us.

Here’s a great DIY tip when you’re looking to declutter your kid’s room. You can use storage boxes for their toys and books. Paint over old containers from your kitchen and use these as storage boxes for your children’s toys. This is a kid’s room decor idea on a budget and is also a good way of recycling used containers. Plus it can also be utilised as inspiration for your modern bedroom design!

room decor for kids


And there you have it. Seven fun DIY kid’s room decor ideas that will also bring you and your children closer. Remember, you are only limited by your own imagination. So, feel free to mix and match these seven kid’s room decor ideas and even use others to transform your children’s rooms into fabulous yet comfy palaces.

creative kids room wall decor ideas

On the other hand, if you feel that a home makeover is a bit too ambitious for you at the moment and you feel like you require assistance, get in touch with our team at HomeLane. We are experts at home interior designing and whether you’re looking to revamp your kid’s rooms or redecorate your entire home, we’ll give you the best designs on the best budget!


1. What types of products are available for kid’s room decor?

There are many different types of products available for kid’s room decor. While deciding what to buy, there are many factors to keep in mind:

  • First, you have to measure the children’s room. This factor will decide the kind of furniture you use in room decor for kids.

  • There are many different types of furniture available for a variety of uses. Kids enjoy having special, inventive and unusual bedroom furniture such as DIY lamps and cupboards. False ceiling designs are popular as well.

  • You should do a considerable amount of research before purchasing children’s furniture.

2. What materials are used for making kid’s room decor products?

You can choose to use child-friendly products in your kid’s room decor. You can use:

  • Paint that is free of volatile organic compounds

  • Furniture crafted from low-formaldehyde materials

  • Furniture that is made from natural materials and will be long-lasting

  • Buy eco-friendly toys

  • Always use child-safe cleaning supplies.

3. What are the best ways to decorate a kid’s room?

  • You must find the perfect mix between sensible and charming. It is also important to use your child’s likes and dislikes as inspiration for your kid’s room decor.

  • In kid’s rooms that have been set up in a minimalist design, less is more.

  • Giving kids a space to paint and create might benefit them when it comes to DIY room decor for kids. There are no limits to the creativity children can display.

4. How do you decorate a room with simple things for kids?

  • Cartoon themes are a good option when it comes to wall decor for kids’ rooms. It may also reduce the number of toys your child may need, leading to less clutter.

  • For simple room decor for kids, bedcovers in cartoon prints and action figures and dolls of their favourite cartoon characters will wow them.

  • Invest in furnishings that will serve different purposes as your kids become older.

5. What should every kid have in their room?

  • Overhead lighting might be unpleasant for kids when they’re trying to go to sleep or during quiet time. Use a nightlight or lamp to provide warmth and comfort as part of your kid’s room decor.

  • Set up a library of their favourite books as part of the room decor for kids in your home. This will look visually appealing as well as encourage them to read.

  • Kids love camping and the excitement of sleeping in a cosy tent, so you should set one up as an activity centre or as a reading nook to complete your DIY kid’s room decor.

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