Trying to zero in on the perfect sofa for your living room? Colourful décor is back in fashion, and blue sofas are all the rage now. We’re here to tell you how to decorate your room around a blue sofa, and share our finest collection of blue sofa ideas to give you décor inspiration!

The Psychology of Blue

Tranquil, serene and calming, blue is one of the most popular colours in home décor. Whether it’s the soft powder blue of a summer sky, the bracing aqua of bluish-green seas, or the brilliant blue sparkle at the heart of a sapphire — blue runs the gamut of moods and evokes a multitude of emotions. As a colour on the ‘cool’ end of the spectrum, it combines well with warm hues like yellow and orange, and looks gorgeous when paired with neutral shades of white and grey

Designing Around a Blue Palette

If you’re a newbie to interior design, working with a blue theme is possibly one of the easiest ways to start. Blue shades blend beautifully with most colours in the spectrum, and this refreshing hue never goes out of style. 

When you’re opting to use saturated shades of blue in the sofa, make sure that the impact is toned down by using neutral shades of cool grey, white or cream in the background. You can repeat the same shade of blue in the rug, drapes and in artefacts or artwork in the room, so as to tie the look together and create a sense of harmony in the room.

For example, in this lovely living room, the same shade of deep cobalt is used in the velvet-upholstered sofa and one armchair, and is purposefully repeated in the floor-to-ceiling drapes and the rough-textured floor rug. Deep yellow and orange shades in the cushions and the second armchair add definition to the palette and enhance the brilliance of the jewel-tones used. 

Blue Sofa Lookbook

Whether you’re inclined to a modern minimalistic theme or want to go with old-fashioned charm, these lovely blue sofa ideas will help you to pull your look together!

1. Blue, Blue Everywhere!

Yes, we get it. Blue is your favourite shade! Feel free to go overboard with a blue-on-blue colour palette, as this is a colour you can never get enough of! Navy blue siding, cobalt walls and sapphire sofas, paired with a steel blue side table make for a monochromatic look that still manages to pack in layers of depth and texture.

2. Say it with Pastels

Subtle, minimalistic and very intriguing, pastel blue against white spells elegance and sophistication. The chic centre table and rocking chair, colour blocked in baby blue, echo the design language of the velvet-encased couch. The art prints on the wall above are barely-there, abstract watercolours in blue and white patterns.

3. Blue Geometrics

Steel-blue and white striped upholstery and intertwined hexagonal patterned cushions spin a unique story in this living room that is at once comforting and inviting. The pile of books on the side table invites you to dig in, while the view to the lovely greenery behind infuses warmth into the space.

4. Old-World Charm

The quickest way to give your tired old sofa a makeover is by tailoring frilled slipcovers. These pretty paisley and geometric prints in blue and cream will be sure to get a nod of approval from anyone who loves old-fashioned charm! This is a look that is timeless and ageless, and looks as good today as it did in yesteryears. 

5. Nautical Tales

Natty sailor-style stripes in navy blue make all the difference to this simple, plain white couch that’s piled high with cushions in various shades of whisper white. This is comfort at its best, personified!

6. Of Patterns and Prints

Blue and white patterns and prints weave an enticing story in this set of cushions sitting pretty on a bold blue and white gingham sofa. The lovely recycled rug underfoot emphasizes the colour palette and is the perfect pick for this cheerful setting.

7. Luxe Living

Velvet finishes never fail to spell class, especially when combined with the sleek silhouette and cool aqua of this modern chaise lounge. Relax in style, in a space that perfectly reflects your fine, refined tastes!

8. Picture Perfect

Genteel sophistication underlines every aspect of this classical contoured sofa with its finely sculpted legs and beautifully fluted back. Pastel blue and pale pink make for a lovely pairing that’s pure and delicate, and speaks of soft, old-world elegance.

9. Balancing Textures

This living room, with its interesting take on balancing textures and prints in combinations of blue and white, presents a unique cool yet welcoming aesthetic. With white as the primary colour across walls and floors, the designer’s intent is to achieve a light, minimalistic touch along with a touch of luxury in every nook and corner.

10. Red and Blue

Here’s how to boldly match opposite colours on the spectrum together! Red and blue come together seamlessly in this stunning seating arrangement. The red starred cushions offer a spunky contrast to the deep blue star patterned throw, slung across the simple cream couch.

11. Textures and Weaves

Textures and intricate weaves are combined in this living room space, tied together with the refreshing, harmonic presence of blue. The lovely white wickerwork cocoon chair offers up an interesting and impactful design contrast to the stark, solid white slatted magazine rack and blue tufted couch. 

Loved our blue sofa lookbook? It’s time to ramp up your home design quotient with living room makeovers by HomeLane! Call today, we’d love to connect over a cup of tea.

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