We’re sure that bathroom cleaning doesn’t find a place in your list of favourite things to do. Neither does it feature in ours! Precisely why we’ve compiled a list of genius hacks that will help you get your bathroom sparkling clean in no time.

Here’s how you can deep clean your bathroom, and keep it staying fresh! From descaling your shower head to banishing that dubious looking spot on the mirror, here are some cleaning secrets that really work.

#1.  Get Rid of Hard Water Scum

Those white scales on the taps and edges of tiles are caused by the scum that’s created due to hard water. Instead of a store-bought de-scaler which is loaded with chemicals, simply mix half a cup of baking soda with a cup of ammonia and a litre of warm water. Mix thoroughly, and wipe down surfaces with this solution to dissolve the grime.

how to clean hard water scrum from tap

#2. Make those Toilets Shine!

There was a WhatsApp message recently doing the rounds, that stated that cola is one of the best toilet cleaners in the world. Well, this is something that those forwards did get right, for once! Not convinced? Pour out a can of cola in the toilet bowl, let it sit for an hour, and gently scrub and flush. You won’t believe how much it shines! A capful of mouthwash or a few antacid tablets that contain baking soda will also do the trick.

cleaning toilet seat

#3. Scrub Down the Tiles

The grout between your bathroom tiles is a dirt magnet. While it’s not easy to get down on your knees and scrub each crevice, you can make the task easier by using a toothbrush. A paste of borax, baking soda and water will dissolve all the grime. If there’s a spot that won’t come out, try soaking a ball of cotton in bleach and tape it over the spot with duct tape. Let it sit as long as possible, and flush with clean water.

Tiles scrub

#4. Dry and Clean the Shower Curtains

If your bathroom isn’t adequately ventilated, very soon you will find tiny spots of mildew on the shower curtains. A paste of vinegar and salt, rubbed into the spots, will make them disappear. Allow the paste to harden and then rinse out. If this doesn’t work, a mixture of equal parts of borax and vinegar in twice the amount of warm water should make those spots go away.

A pro tip: Before hanging the shower curtains, soak them in mildly salted water and hang up without rinsing out. The coating of salt will prevent the formation of mildew.

dry and clean shower

#5. Banish Toilet Bowl Ring

However hard you try, if the toilet flush uses recycled water a ring will soon start to appear at the top of the water level in the bowl. What’s more, while you are happy to conserve water, recycled water often smells bad. Lemon juice mixed with borax and applied all around the bowl will not only make it smell lemony-fresh, but will get all the stains right out.

bathroom deep cleaning

#6. Make those Shower Cubicle Spots Disappear!

Water spots can build up on the shower glass and make it appear dull and dirty. A solution of vinegar (half cup), ammonia (one cup) and baking soda (quarter cup) will help you tackle these surfaces with ease. Just let the solution sit for half an hour, and then rinse off with softened water. Remember, hard water will just end up creating more spots.

Pro tip: A water softener that’s connected to the inlet pipe of your geyser will remove minerals and reduce the hardness of the water.

cleaning shower cubicals

#7. Tackle Rust

Quite often, rust stains build up on the water trap in the sink or shower. Try scrubbing with toothpaste, it works miracles! Make sure that you scrub as soon as the rust starts to appear. Once it gets bad, there’s no dealing with it easily.

Pro tip: When the sink is dry, paint a coat of clear nail polish all around the edge of the trap. It will prevent any rust build-up, at least for a while.

cleaning rust from washbasin

#8. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The bathroom mirror can get spotty too, especially if you’re one of those people who leave the tap running while your brush. (Please get rid of this habit; it wastes precious water!). To get it clean, spray a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap and warm water on the mirror and wipe down with soft tissue, or a tightwad of newspaper. Replace the newspaper when it gets dirty.

Pro tip: To avoid streaking, wipe in small circles.

cleaning bathroom mirror

#9. Unclog the Showerheads

When the water from the shower starts coming down in needles, you know it’s time to unclog the holes! The easiest way is to run a toothbrush dipped in a baking soda and vinegar paste over the showerhead. Scrub gently, then turn the water on to the hottest temperature possible (get out of the way first!).

Pro tip: If the holes are badly clogged, you could fill a plastic bag with a vinegar solution, tie it around the head of the shower with a rubber band, and simply let it sit overnight. The vinegar will break down the grime and make it easy to clean before your morning shower!

cleaning unclogged shower head

#10. Deep Clean Granite Floors

If your bathroom has a rough granite tiled floor, wiping with a cotton wad dipped in coconut oil will remove the soap build-up. Remove the oil with some tissue.

deep cleaning bathroom granite floor

#11. Wipe Down the Faucets

Chrome faucets are very easily cleaned by wiping with a soft, dry microfibre cloth. This must be done regularly to avoid the build-up of hard water scum. Once the scum gets deposited, then it will need to be broken down with a baking soda solution and just wiping with a cloth will not help.

cleaning faucet

#12. Clean those Countertops

Any liquid organic cleaner can be used to wipe down the countertop and remove dirt and grime. Wipe again with a soft microfibre cloth to make the surface shine. If the countertop is made of marble, make sure that you don’t use any cleaner that contains acid—not even lemon juice!

cleaning bathroom countertop

#13. Scrub the Bathtub

The bathtub should ideally be cleaned after every use. Keep a long-handled brush handy, cover the bristles with liquid detergent, and sweep and scrub all around. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly with clean, soft water and leave to dry.

cleaning bath tub#14. Don’t Forget the Soap Dish and Toothbrush Holder!

Your soap dish could get clogged with soap, not allowing water to drain out and reducing the life of your cake of soap. Every once in a while, wash the soap dish thoroughly. Toss the toothbrush into the dishwasher cycle once a month too!

cleaning soap dish and tooth brush holder

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