vastu tips for ganesha in home

Lord Ganesha is symbolic and promising of all Hindu deities being the God of wealth, better health, and happiness. Indian tradition imposes a lot of emphasis on worshipping Lord Ganesha, mainly before each auspicious occasion. But, several homeowners forget about the Ganesh idol-facing direction in their homes and essentially pick the right place. If you are planning on keeping a Ganesha idol at home, we are here to help you choose the best place to keep this auspicious deity, according to Vastu.

This positive energy source must be kept in the right place to have the positive energies resonate throughout your home. So, let us add some positivity to your homes and lives. Continue reading the Vastu tips we bring for you to keep the idol in the right place.

Tips to know Ganesh idol facing direction in home

tips to know ganesh idol facing direction

1. Choose the colour of the Ganesha murti wisely

People searching for peace, happiness, and prosperity in life should truly consider placing a white idol of Ganesha in a modern pooja room design. You can even stick photos of white Ganesha to bring about equal results. Identically, those searching for self-growth should bring home a Ganesha idol of vermillion colours. According to the Vastu, it is considered highly auspicious.

2. Position of the idol

Picking a Ganesh idol in a sitting position, also called Lalitasana, is considered perfect for worship within the walls of your home. The Vastu experts mention that the sitting Ganesh represents the composed and calm appearance that encourages peace at home. A reclining Ganesh embodies luxury, wealth, and comfort; if you aspire for such things in your life, you should get a reclining posed Ganesha in your home.

3. Pick the trunk direction appropriately

According to Vastu, choosing a Ganesha in a sitting posture with the trunk directed towards his left is important and embodies success and happiness. Therefore, whenever you search for a good idol to bring to your home, ensure that you are focused on the position of the trunk.

A Ganesha idol having a trunk tilted towards its right side is quite tough to please as it represents the potential of the sun and one that follows rituals religiously while you worship it.

4. Focus on the minute details

As already understood, the mouse is the Vahan or Lord Ganesh’s vehicle, while modak is his favourite sweet. Consequently, while purchasing the idol for your residence, ensure that this small mouse and the modak is the positive part.

The mouse symbolizes all-pervasiveness, while the modak is considered an offering to the lord, his prasadam, and devotees.

5. Place the murti in the right direction

ganesh idol facing direction

According to our Vastu experts, it is suggested to place the murti of Ganesha directing towards north, west, and northeast directions. Try making this idol face the north direction since it is where Lord Shiva resides and is considered highly auspicious.

Additionally, ensure that the rear end of the Ganesha murti or the photo faces the primary exit or the entrance of your home. It is fine to steer clear of the south to place this idol as it is unsuitable.

6. Choosing the number of idols to keep at home

It might appear stunning as it might appear; the Ganesha idols are ideally restricted to one piece in one traditional pooja room design. The Vastu experts suggest it as a personal choice; however, having a single piece of Ganpati murti is even better.

It is mentioned that having two or more idols starts upsetting Rishi Sidhi while counteracting their energies.

7. Places you should avoid keeping the idol

There are a few corners at home where you should completely avoid placing Ganesha’s idol. A couple is a bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, under the stairs, and identical places.

The Vastu experts suggest that the garage is considered the inauspicious and the vacant spot to place this idol. Identically, energies are present under the staircases and the laundry rooms, which are never favourable to keeping this Ganesha idol.

8. Pick the new Ganesha Murti carefully

A brand new Ganesha murti is made out of varied materials. The selection of the materials even influences the energies this murti attracts. For instance, idols made out of silver are for fame, while the rest are crafted out of wood for beings’ longevity and health.

A crystal Ganesha can aid in reducing the Vastu doshas, while the Ganesha murtis are made of mango, peepal, and neem, which are considered to bring good luck like the ones made from cow dung would repel grief and negativities.

9. Always place the Ganesha Murti on a Platform

Avoid placing a new murti of Lord Ganesha on the ground. Instead, place them on a small table or a raised board or any pooja room furniture at home.

This way, the idol will have better visibility without becoming overly larger.


Our experts at Homelane have discussed various ways to choose a Ganesh idol-facing direction in the home that will help you towards prosperity. Now that you better understand how to correctly place a Ganesh murti at home, it is time that you got one for yourself today. For more Vastu tips and interior design advice, including the Pooja room false ceiling design, check out our blog sections today!


1. Which is the right direction to place a Ganesha idol at home?

To know Ganesh murti sthapana direction, place a Ganesha idol in the north, north-east, or west direction consisting of the energies in your home with transform automatically. One can easily set the idol in the living room to guard off negative energy entering your home. The placement of the idol in the living room can help maintain harmony in the home.

2. Ganesh idol should face which direction?

Our Vastu experts recommend the north, northeast, and west directions ideal for placing the idol. Ganesh’s idol-facing direction in the office is also the same. Try making the idol face the north direction since it is where Lord Shiva resides and is considered highly auspicious.

3. How do you place the Ganesha idol at the main door?

The other most favourable Ganesh idol facing the main door is the northwest and west, and it is always better to avoid the south direction as it is never auspicious. Identically, the face of the Vastu Ganpati picture or the back of the Vastu Ganesha idol should face the primary door of the house.

4. How to pick the right Ganesh idol in the pooja room?

Essentially, the idol of Ganesha in Lalitsana or the Ganesha images are the ones that are considered the best. It is also considered as the sitting Ganesha while representing the state of peace and calmness. Otherwise, the Ganpati direction at home or the Ganesha photos are in their reclining positions, which are considered extremely lucky while representing comfort, prosperity, and luxury.

5. Does Ganesha face south?

Our Vastu experts prescribe placing Lord Ganesha’s idol in the west, north, or northeast direction. You should never allow the idol to face any other direction since it can cause more harm than good.

6. Should you place the Ganesha idol on the main door?

Entering or leaving the house with Lord Ganesha on both ends of the door will make people face their backs on every occasion. The other vital reason Lord Ganesha should never place above the front door is when his mother, Parvati, asks him to stand guard while she bathes.

7. Which is the right colour for Ganesha to keep at home?

A white-coloured idol of Lord Ganesha, as noted by the Vastu Shastra for your home, is the ideal choice for every resident in search of wealth and serenity. You can even pick from a variety of white Ganesha photos, and you can even choose the vermillion-coloured Ganesha for homes while searching for self-improvement.

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