No matter the size of your kitchen, it’s all too easy to run out of storage space! One of the easiest ways to optimise the storage capabilities of your modular kitchen is to install the right accessories. At the same time, these accessories improve the functionality of your cooking space. They can be easily customised to suit the available space and to match your cooking style.
To help you make your design decisions, we’ve put together a list of the must-have accessories. These will help you optimise your space utilisation. These accessories are sure to make even the most diffident cooks fall in love with cooking!

1. Kitchen Baskets

Kitchen baskets are a must in your cooking space. They help organise utensils, pots, pans, jars and crockery items neatly. Such an arrangement ensures efficient use of the space as well. You can use baskets of different sizes to accommodate deep and shallow storage. Keep in mind the sizes of the vessels that you own.
While plain baskets are commonly used, specific baskets like the cup and saucer basket, utensils basket, plate racks, etc, are easily available. Usually made of wire or stainless steel, these baskets fir within the carcass of the modular cabinet. They come in several predetermined shapes and sizes.
Pro tip: Each basket pull-out has a recommended loading capacity. If it is overloaded then the alignment of the channels can be impaired. Excess weight over a period of time can cause the drawers to sag.
HomeLane offers the following Modular Kitchen Basket options:
  • Hettich Plain basket in SS (Soft Close)- starting price Rs. 1956
  • Hettich Cup & Saucer basket in SS (Soft Close) – starting price Rs. 1956
  • Hettich Thali basket in SS ( Soft Close) – starting price Rs. 2347
  • Range of Innotech, Blum, Spitze tandem drawers

kitchen accessories

2. Pantry Units

A pantry unit is a must-have in every kitchen. It can store all your non-perishable groceries in one place. A well-designed pantry optimises every inch of storage space available. It includes slim storage for bottles and cartons on the inside of the doors. For larger items, deep pull-out boxes and fixed shelves are available.
You can choose a unit depending on the layout and the design of your kitchen. Opt for a tall unit that extends from floor to the loft level, or a semi-tall unit customised to space. This insert will maximize the storage space in your pantry. It will allow you to arrange all the food products, ingredients, utensils, bowls, and dishes in a systematic way.
HomeLane kitchens come equipped with a wide variety of pantry accessories. You can choose the units that are the best fit for your cooking space. This is an indicative list of the offering.
  • Spitze Short Half Pantry Unit(Soft close)- For 600 mm medium-tall unit- Rs. 44760 (For semi-tall unit)
  • Spitze Half Pantry 6+6+6 Basket  – Rs.36,617 (Ideally for tall units)
  • SP Larder Unit 6+6 Basket Ht-1800-2000 – Rs. 40,953/-
  • Everyday Larder Unit For 45 Cm – Rs.17,738/-
(These are starting prices as the price varies with respect to the width chosen)
pantry units

3. Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are usually made of stainless steel or wire. They can be fixed to the inside of the shutter and pulled out altogether along with the shutter. Or, they can be fixed to the sides of the boxes and pulled out one by one. These can be used to store various items, ranging from large containers to small bottles of syrup.
Here are some indicative prices for the accessories available with HomeLane:
  • SP Tall Pull Out 6 Basket height -1800-2000 – Rs. 41,017/- (Ideally for tall units)
  • SP Tall Pull Out 4 Basket height-1280-1480 – Rs. 33,432/- (for semi-tall units)

pull out shelves

4. Kitchen Trolley

Regular drawers or baskets may not be able to take large or heavy loads. For bulk storage, opt for heavy-duty trolley accessories that can be fitted inside cabinets.
This is the starting price range for our trolleys:
  • Internal Innotech drawer system – comes in a combination of M-height drawer (can be used as cutlery tray or plain drawer to keep small bowls, etc) + D-height drawer (to store containers) – Rs. 9,406/-

user friendly kitchen accessories

5. Kitchen Carousel

Carousel units make the best use of awkward corners below the counter. They maximise the storage as well as the efficiency. They rotate on a central pivot and can be accessed very easily without having to bend and reach right in.
HomeLane offers the following carousel unit options:
  • Hettich C-3/4 carousel (SS basket with a white solid base – melamine coated white with non-slip special coating) – Rs. 24,794/-
  • Spitze corner carousel (SS basket with a white solid base) – Rs. 21,509/-
  • Everyday corner carousel (700mm dia) in stainless steel – Rs. 7,974/-

kitchen accessories

These are a few of the many accessories for a modular kitchen, to suit all your storage and organisational needs. We hope you were able to get an overview of the must-have accessories in your cooking space. If you’re still confused, hop over and get in touch with the team at HomeLane.

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    Sonakshi Batra Reply

    The pantry units are the classiest thing I have seen recently. I would definitely apply this to my newly renovated modular kitchen. Lovely piece, I must say. Thanks for sharing these racks and shelves.

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