It’s amazing what a splash of paint can do for your home. The exciting thing about paint is that you can get a new look just by changing the colour of your walls.

However, it’s all about selecting the right interior paint designs. Yes, we know. The Fuschia wall colour looked great in the catalogue. Well, it can work. Or you may end up having dizzy spells every time you enter your room!

Well, getting the combinations right isn’t always a simple matter. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of some great colour schemes. Here goes!

What’s Hot: Bedroom Paint Options?

Your bedroom is the place that gives you solace after a hard day at work. Your interior wall paint design will make all the difference in how you unwind. Let’s look at some popular choices.

Earthy Browns and Greens

You can go for the starkness of olive green or greyish-green tones. Whatever you choose, this shade can shake up your bedroom decor.

You can select earthy shades of beige, brown, and peach for your accents. The flooring? You can go for dark wood to accentuate the green tone or be sober with lighter tones of stone or wood.

Blissful Blue

Blue is sublime and soothing. Blue is a great choice for your Interior Design Paint for the bedroom.  You can go with the soft powder blue shades, the light turquoise tones, or even teal. The choice is yours. Chequered, striped, or printed bed linen and throw cushions add extra zing to the decor.

Romancing the Reds

Red doesn’t necessarily mean stark tones of red. It encompasses a hoard of tints and shades that can work magic when you play your cards right. The deep peach on the walls is elegant and sophisticated, especially when paired with maroon, beige, and dull pink. Romantic. But not overpoweringly feminine.

What’s Hot: Living Room Paint Options

One area in the home that sees a lot of traffic is the living room. It’s where the young and the old congregate to watch TV or share a meal. Your options? Let’s check them out!

Say it in Black and White

The combination of black and white wins hands-down when it comes to colour schemes for home decor. While you can paint your furniture black, wood tones work too. For a dramatic effect, paint the focus wall black. The white paint on the other walls will balance the impact.

Go Earthy

Earthy tones evoke the smell of the earth, the richness of pinewood, and the rustle of beige dried leaves. A rust-coloured wall accentuates the theme, as do tones of nut-brown or beige for the accent wall.

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The Vibrant Yellows

Yellow is the colour of life and joy. It’s vibrant, and it’s exciting. You can pair it with tones of grey or white for a classy look. You won’t see dadi complaining as she snuggles into the couch for her daily fix of soaps on TV!

What’s Hot: Kitchen Paint Options

Kitchens are a buzz of activity, especially at mealtimes. And the right colours matter if you want to bring out the best in your curry!

Go Grey

Grey is sophistication personified. A deep grey wall is a great look and works well with white, black, or brown tones. You can darken the grey depending on your kitchen cabinet colours.

The Charm of Blue

Blue is trending and adds just the right touch to your kitchen decor. Pair it with wood-toned cabinets, or go for virginal white or beige.  The perfect matches for this gorgeous shade!

Virginal White

White personifies purity and has breathtaking beauty. You can opt for white or brown for your kitchen cabinet colours. No matter what colour you choose for your cabinets, this shade will rock your world!

What’s Hot: Guest Room Colour Options

  • Neutrals work well in the guest bedroom as they work for people of all ages. Shades of cream, beige, light pastels, or browns are ideal for this area.
  • Shades of blue and grey are a great look, too, as they exude tranquillity. The downside? Your guests may just overstay their welcome!

What’s Hot: Foyer Paint Options

The foyer/lobby sets what to expect in a home. Also, it’s the first place a visitor sees when they knock on your door.

Your paint options?

  • Go for a staid decor with neutral colours for a sober look
  • Make a great impression with teal blue
  • Jade green works well with light wood tones

Laundry and Utility Areas

Laundry rooms need not be drab and mundane, with dirty laundry overflowing out of bins!

Your colour options?

  • Go neutral-beige, moss green, white or grey work well in this area
  • Liven it up with a peach colour-a mood elevator!

Paint can change the most mundane decor into a classic style statement. And the best part? You don’t have to break the bank to get a new look!

You can always browse the net for great paint ideas, but to get a better feel of what matches your interior decor, HomeLane might be a better bet.

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