Regardless of the size of your kitchen, if it’s well organised then you’ll find that cooking will be a pleasure and not a chore! You can make your workspaces more efficient and optimally organised with these kitchen design ideas. Give your kitchen a little TLC, and you will find it’s well worth the time you spend!

1. Get your work triangle right!

For an efficient kitchen, the ergonomics needs to be right! The most functional kitchens are those that have the primary work areas at the three corners of a triangle. The most important tasks in your kitchen are carried out between the stove, refrigerator and sink, which need to be planned around this layout in order to create the ideal kitchen. If your modular kitchen is not planned right, then you will lose out on optimal efficiency. A good workflow will have no obstruction between the cooking, cleaning and food prep areas.How to organised kitchen

2. Plan the storage spaces well

The primary storage you need to plan for in the kitchen is for cooking utensils, groceries (wet and dry) and cooked food. Crockery and cutlery should go into drawers that are specially designed for the purpose. When organising kitchen spaces, pay attention to the location of these drawers as well. Spice jars and oil bottles should be placed as close to the cook-top as possible so that they are readily accessible, as shown in this picture below. Incorporate a couple of open shelves on either side of the hob for frequently used items like salt, sugar, your tea canister and so on.

organised kitchen drawers

3. Opt for a tall pantry unit for groceries

Groceries can go in a tall storage unit, like the one shown below. Get drawers on heavy-duty channels that can be extended right out, so that you don’t have to reach all the way to the back. Plan the height of the shelves according to the sizes of your storage jars, and you’re all set to have a beautifully organised pantry!

organised kitchen pantry units

4. Clear storage containers help to organise your staples

Mismatched food storage containers can create chaos in your kitchen and make it hard for you to get at what you want easily. Stock your staple groceries in clear storage jars so that you can see the contents easily. Square or rectangular containers stack up well and can help to maximise space on your shelves. Containers that are microwave-safe are great for storing and reheating.organised kitchen storage

5. Use plenty of hooks!

A row of hooks below the top cabinets can be used to hang everything from mugs to ladles. Frequently used pans and utensils can be hung up as well, as close to the hob as possible for added convenience. Kitchen towels, aprons and cleaning cloths could be on hooks behind the door, tucked away out of sight.

Organised Kitchen pots and pans

6. Clear away the clutter

Nothing ruins the aesthetics of a kitchen more than a cluttered worktop. And this is something that’s bound to happen if your storage is not well planned! Any appliances need to be put away when not in use. When working on your modular kitchen design, find space for your mixer grinder, toaster and sandwich maker, juicer and other plug-in appliances in deep drawers or shelves, and make sure that you put away items that are not in use.

7. Task lighting

Cooking in a dimly lit kitchen can be very annoying indeed. Plan task lights directly above the counter, so that your workspaces are always well lit and free from shadows. If you have designed a breakfast counter, add some drop lights above it to give it a special focus. Lights inside the cabinets that switch on when the shutter is opened are also a very functional idea.

how to organised kitchen rack

8. Cleaning supplies and waste bins

The space beneath your sink can be thoughtfully planned and put to good use. Get wet and dry waste bins that fit neatly beneath the sink and have tight-fitting lids to keep odour and cockroaches at bay. Cleaning supplies like extra soap, dish wash liquid and scrubbers should have their own planned shelf space and be put away after use, hidden from plain sight.

organizing kitchen waste

9. Compartmentalized drawers

Retrieving a spoon of the right size from a mishmash of cutlery can be a difficult task. Instead, store your cutlery, plates and jars in drawers that are compartmentalized. They will be neatly segregated and separated at all times.

organised kitchen cutlery

We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration on how you can organise your modular kitchen in a better way! What are your own special tips and tricks for the organised kitchen? Do let us know!


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