Many people ask our home design team how the TV in the living room can be camouflaged so that it does not overpower the décor of the room. We do agree that the big black screen doesn’t look great, but it’s something that most families cannot do without. So, if you don’t want the television set to be the focus of your room interior, there are many interesting ways to work it into the home design so that it doesn’t draw too much attention. Here goes!

Place the TV on a Dark Wall

A very simple camouflage idea is to mount the TV on a dark coloured wall. Choose dark blue, grey or black, and voila! Your TV is invisible.How to make your tv less obvious in your living room

Go Black and White in the Living Room

Opting for a colour palette of stark black and white in the living room will make the TV unit blend right in. We love the room décor in the picture below where the TV does not stick out like a sore thumb. It goes perfectly well with the bold zigzag rug patterns, the black and white walls and the black metal frames on the large picture windows.Black and white theme for TV room

Frame it

Mount your television set on a frame for an instant revamp.

Frame your tv to make less obvious

Add a Retractable Shutter

Retractable pull-down shutters or blinds are available at hardware stores. These can be neatly fitted over the TV screen to hide it from view. You can choose a finish that matches the wall paint.How to hide tv in your living room

Add a Canvas in Front

A pretty painting can be hung on the wall in front of your television set to completely hide it from view. The image below shows a world map, but you can choose any picture that complements your interior. Lift it up or roll it out of the way when you want to watch your favourite programs.Hide TV in your living room

Add Pictures and Frames

The arrangement of rectangular canvases and frames shown below serves quite well to disguise the television itself.TV unit with picture and frame

Geometric Patterns on the Wall

This stunning black and white family room showcases long, horizontally delineated storage units and abstract seating, and the TV unit blend in perfectly with the composition of shapes.Geometric pattern TV unit

Put Shutters Over it

You can also convert the TV into an intriguing wall panel with some neatly panelled shutters that can be closed over the tv when it’s not being used. TV Shutters ideas for home interiors

Hide it Behind Sliding Shutters

This TV is easily hidden behind sliding shutters when not in use.TV unit with Sliding shutters

Make it the Focal Point of the Room

If all else fails, then why not simply make it the focal point of the room? Work out the rest of the room around it!Hide TV in room


We hope we have inspired you to design your living room in a way that makes you love it more. If you would like to discuss your specific layout with a professional, don’t hesitate to walk into one of HomeLane’s experience centres. In the meantime, do let us know what you think of these ideas in the comments below.


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