For most of us, our bedroom is our special space for relaxation and a sanctuary from the travails of the outside world. We can truly let our hair down and be ourselves, without worrying about anyone or anything around! The way you plan the bedroom lighting goes a long way toward creating the tranquil, peaceful atmosphere that makes it your respite from society.

Not sure where to begin? The lighting experts at HomeLane have put together the ultimate Bedroom Lighting Guide for you, so you can get it right the first time!

Things to consider for Bedroom Lighting

Consider these layers of lighting to ensure that you have the perfect mix of atmosphere, aesthetics and utility in your bedroom.

1. Ambient Lighting

The Bedroom Ambient Lighting forms the basis of your lighting plan. It includes natural light from windows, doors and skylights during the day. At night, ambient light is provided by ceiling lamps, floor lamps or wall sconces and provides the general lighting in the room.

2. Task Lights

Task Lighting in your bedroom takes the form of reading lamps at your bedside, mirror lamps at the dressing table and table lamps on your study desk. It is the type of light that allows you to perform specific tasks, such as reading, grooming or working. Swingarm lights can be moved around to focus on your bedside or your table, depending on where you need the light to be.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is often an afterthought, but especially in a bedroom, it’s important to get it just right. Accent lighting adds a dramatic touch and creates special moods. In a bedroom, this could be the soft glow from recessed ceiling lights, the flickering flame of candles, or the twinkle from a string of fairy lights wrapped around the bedposts. If you fit your regular lights with a dimmer switch, they could be converted to accent lighting when they are turned down low.

How-To Light Up Bedroom: Tips and Tricks

  • It’s easiest to start with the fixed furniture in the room, like your bed and study table or dresser, and position the light around these areas.
  • Plan layers of lighting at three levels: on the ceiling, at around lintel level, and at the table level. Play around with all the levels so that your lighting pattern is not flat. Watch the patterns of shadows thrown by each lighting type. In a bedroom, shadows create a dramatic atmosphere.
  • Once you have provided for the general lighting, think of the various tasks you will need to carry out in the room. Will, you read a book in the armchair next to the bed? Provide a tall lamp with a downlight so that your page is in focus. Table lamps on your work table can give the light you need to work without straining your eyes.
  • If you like to watch television in bed, make sure that there is a soft light switched on to the side or above your head. Watching TV in the dark can harm your eyes.
  • If your décor leans toward the sustainable theme, opt for organic rattan, wicker, or rice paper lamps to suit the ambience.
  • Always plan the switch positions so that they can be turned off from your bedside. When you are half asleep, having to walk across to turn the lights off can make your sleep disappear! It’s nice to have two-way switches in the bedroom, one close to the door so that you can switch on the light before you enter, and the other one next to the bed so it can be turned off right before you sleep. Remote-controlled switches also work.
  • Ceiling lights should have a frosted bottom cover to prevent having to look up at the glare from a bulb while lying in bed.

Home Decor Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

From pendants to recessed lights, and spotlights to table lamps here’s some décor inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

Recessed Niche Lights

Quite often, less is indeed more. In this minimalistic modern bedroom, strip lighting casts a soft glow all along with the niche that runs the length of one entire wall.

recessed lights for bedroom

Organic Style Bedroom Lighting

If sustainability is your keyword, then these rattan pendant lights on either side of the bed will hit all the right spots in your décor look book! Rattan is a flexible climbing vine that is eco-friendly and can be teased into a number of lovely furniture, lighting and décor elements.

organic style bedroom lights

Task Lighting for Study Table

If your bedroom incorporates a study desk or a home office workstation, task lighting in the form of adjustable reading lamps, or a strip of LED under lights below the cabinetry, are a must.

task lights for study

Layers of Lighting

Recessed ceiling spotlights, wall lights and table lamps provide dazzling lighting visuals at various heights, catering to all three lighting layers. The bottom of the bed is softly illuminated, with lights that can change colour to create a variety of moods.

layer of lighting in bedroom

String Ball Lights

A string of tiny globe lights and twinkling fairy lights creates visual poetry in this earthy, warm bedroom.

string ball lights in bedroom

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can double up as mood lighting and ambient lighting, as the need arises. These traditional silken shades cast a play of arc light that highlights the raw textures of the brick walls.

wall sconce in bedroom

Shelf Lights

Booklovers alert! Your bookshelf can be fitted with tiny spotlights that illuminate the rows of neatly stacked books. Note the wall light that throws light in both directions, above and below.

shelf lights

Highlighting Textures

The intricately textured wall above the bed is beautifully highlighted by the downplay of warm light from the spotlights in the ceiling, taking viewers on a visual journey.

Highlighting Textures

Loft Skylight

If your bedroom is on the topmost floor, try to install glass skylights in the ceiling! This designer has snaked a string of wire across the ceiling in a winding freeform pattern, creating stunning ceiling art.

Loft Skylight

Hidden Strip Lights

Graphic textured walls on two sides of this modern bedroom are lit from above by hidden lights, creating a very lovely special effect at night.

Hidden Strip Lights

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars!

A look that’s easy to create, this boxed false ceiling in deep inky blue has pinpoints of light shining down through tiny holes, creating the illusion of a starlit sky at night.

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars!Tray Ceiling

Hidden recessed lights in this tray ceiling provide soft ambient light, while the twin tubular pendant lights on either side of the bed add a modern touch.Tray Ceiling

Children’s Tent

Children believe in elves and fairies, enchantment and spells, and the décor in their room should keep that sense of wide-eyed childhood wonder alive! Glow-in-the-night stars and the light from strings of globe bulbs create their own special magic in this little moppet’s play tent.

Children’s TentKiddie Night Lamp

If your little one is scared of the night goblins, a vibrant lamp like this one can be comforting and help her to sleep better!

Kiddie Night LampLighting design is an important design consideration and should be well thought out for a functional and aesthetic space. The illumination design you pick will set the ambience and define your home décor style. HomeLane’s lighting experts can help create custom lighting plans that will take care of all your home décor requirements. Let’s connect!


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