If your house has more than one level, you know how essential stairs can be to move from one space to another. In interior design, stairs can also serve as partitions to break up large spaces. Often, staircases enhance the aesthetic appeal of a house, too.

Stairs are useful outside a house as well. There are many types of outside stairs designs that make it convenient to enter and leave the premises. Well-chosen outside stairs design can add a great deal to the experience of living in a home that is at an elevation from its surroundings.

outside stairs

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to consider outside stairs design, the points to keep in mind, and the best outside stairs design to suit your needs.

Reasons for Outside Stairs

outside stairs ideas

The main advantage of external stairs is the ease of access. Having said that, an outside stairs design can have several other use cases. Here are the principal reasons to consider outside steps design for a home.

  • Outside stairs can provide a quick way out of a building in case of emergencies such as fire.
  • An outside stairs design can save space by freeing up the interiors.
  • Outside stairs make it simple to access a backyard or garden adjoining the house.
  • Homes that are set at a higher elevation from the road need outside stairs to enter and exit.
  • The right outside stairs design can add to the aesthetic appeal of a house.
  • In homes with more than one storey, an outside stairs design makes it convenient to reach the right level without causing inconvenience. For example, in cases when there is a landlord on the ground floor and tenants on the upper floor.
  • Another reason for the outside entrance stairs design is if direct access or exit from the terrace is required.

Outside Stairs Design Materials

There is a wide variety of materials that can be used in outside stairs design. However, durability and weather resistance are important factors when it comes to home steps design outside. After all, the stairs will be exposed to the elements at all times.

To begin with, wood is a popular choice. Some examples of hard and tough varieties are shisham and teak. Often, the wood is treated to make it even more durable.

Concrete is another material often used in outside stairs design. This is cost-effective, lasts for years, can bear heavy loads, and withstand impacts.

Steel is also heavy-duty and strong. This metal is used by many homeowners for lighter and slimmer types of outside stairs design.

Often, the best scenario is to combine some of the above materials. For example, you could have an outside stairs design with a wooden tread and a metal handrail. Or the steps themselves can be in concrete, with wooden railings.

outside stairs design materials

Some Stunning Outside Stairs Designs

So far, we have given you a general overview of the need for outside stairs and the materials used. Now, let’s turn to some forms of outside stairs designs to choose from.


A spiral staircase is a popular and practical space-saving option. The railings and steps of this type of outside stairs design are generally made of metal. It can be painted to suit the colour of the wall. A spiral staircase can even extend from the terrace of a house down to the ground.spiral staircase


This is a simple, no-fuss design that is perfect for houses at a slight elevation to the ground. These stairs designs for outside homes are generally short in length. They are functional and streamlined. It is an outside stairs design that can be made from material that matches the rest of the house.

straight stairs


stoop staircase

A small staircase that extends from a door to a pavement is referred to as a stoop. This is a traditional outside stairs design in many cities of the world. They are most often made of stone that matches the construction of the main house itself. Some stoops can have railings as an additional safety measure.


A curved outside stairs design is similar to a spiral staircase. However, it can look more appealing if there is the right amount of space. When made of concrete sides with matching steps, a curved staircase can be an element that highlights the aesthetics of the rest of the house. This is an elegant form of staircase wall design from the outside.

curved outside stairs design


A wide outside stairs design is perfectly suited for houses with a larger space in front of them. These will add grandeur to the surroundings. The railings can be more elaborate, which will make the stairs more appealing. This sort of outside stairs design gives a house a distinguished character.

wide outside stairs design


You can also choose an outside stairs design that is completely distinctive. In such cases, other materials such as ceramic tiles can be used to create patterns. In this example, a checked black-and-white pattern makes the steps hard to miss. It also complements the external décor of the rest of the house.

black-and-white pattern stairs


A rustic and traditional outside stairs design is fitting for houses that need stairs to extend to a garden or other natural surroundings. They can be made of concrete or hardwood. Over time, this will look weather-beaten and attractive. The stairs will become an integral part of the outdoors.rustic outside stairs design

Outside Stairs Railing Design

Many outside stairs designs also contain railings. These can be key factors in safety and convenience.

It is best to keep the outside stairs railing design simple and easy to maintain. With spiral and other metal staircases, they can be of the same material as the rest of the stairs. In other outside stairs designs, the railings can be made of a different material that complements the stairs.

Care should be taken when it comes to choosing handrails. They should be durable and hard-wearing. They should not chip, rust or reach a state where people who depend on them may be harmed.

For purposes of accessibility, many buildings also have ramps with railings that are next to the outside stairs.

Railings are also important when it comes to any outside stairs design that extends to a height along the wall of a house or building. The motto should always be safety first.

outside stairs railing design

Maintaining Outside Stairs

As we have pointed out, there are many materials that are suited to outside stairs designs. The type of maintenance needed over the years will depend on the material used.

For a start, there should be no compromise on the grade of metal or wood. External staircases face a lot of wear and tear and are always exposed to rain and sun.

Outdoor steps should be cleaned regularly, along with the rest of the house. Some materials, such as wood, may need sealing every few years.

In other cases, a good option is special types of paint that are more weather-resistant. Further, some steps may need to be treated to make them slip-resistant.

Overall, outdoor steps should be periodically checked to ensure that they are not loose, that the foundations are secure, and the railings are securely attached.

maintaining outside stairs

 Outside Stairs Design Summed Up

  • Outside stairs design is important for houses that are at an elevation and for others that need convenient entry and exit points.
  • The right outside stairs design can save space as well as add to aesthetic appeal.
  • They are also important for safety reasons. For example, they can serve as fire exits.
  • There are several materials available for outside stairs design. Some of them are hardwood, concrete and steel. These are durable and low-maintenance.
  • A spiral staircase is a popular type of outside staircase design for small spaces. Often, they extend along the exterior wall from the terrace down to the ground.
  • Other types include straightforward, curved, wide and rustic. It all depends on the space available and the need for the stairs.
  • Railings are an important part of outdoor stairs design. They should be safe, durable and easy to use.
  • With the right material, outdoor stairs should only need regular and normal maintenance. The surface should be sealed, if necessary, and made slip-free. They should be periodically checked to make sure that they are stable.

stairs design for home outside

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1. How to design stairs outside your house?

First, consider your needs. Is it to save space, to provide access to a higher level or to form a separate entrance? Then, you should measure the space available. Depending on these factors, you can choose the right design and the right materials.

2. What are the different stairs materials used outside your house?

The materials should be durable and weather-resistant. Some of the most common ones are concrete, hardwood, and steel. Some of the materials may have to be further sealed for moisture resistance.

3. What is the purpose of external stairs?

Outdoor stairs design can be a practical addition to the house. It provides easy access to different levels. It can also enhance the aesthetic appeal. Finally, outdoor stairs are sometimes used for safety purposes, such as fire escapes.

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