It is a bit difficult to recognize which indoor plants are the best and resilient for your home office.

When it comes to purchasing indoor plants, checking its resilience will help in saving time. The essential need for planting indoors is to make the place look more vibrant and outstanding. It is an approach to mimic nature with the help of extraordinary flora on the premises.

The combination of different indoor plants for your home and office environment will make the property look more warm and lively.

We have made a list of some amazing indoor species that will captivate the place and have significantly passed the resilience test. The best thing about these plants is that they are easy to grow and maintain by anyone.

Rubber Fig

The Ficus Elastica is the most common plant found in several complexes. This is one of the easiest and sustainable tabletop plants one can have on their premises. People with too tight schedules, this is your go-to plant, as you hardly need any amount of water to perform well.

Rubber fig grows 30 meters in height in their natural habitat. And, the ones you find for your indoor plantation are easy to manage in height.


The rubber plant is extremely easy to plant, as it grows well in the low light, so keep it a bit away from the direct sun rays.


  • Do not move it much with less light or cold areas.
  • Don’t overwater the plant.
  • Avoid sudden drops in the temperature as well.

home office plants

Snake Plant

The Sansevieria is precisely known as the ideal bonsai for beginners. It prefers dry soil, and people with busy lives, who certainly neglect the plant care sometimes, can easily choose this species, as it can grow well even with minimal maintenance.

The snake plant is the most resilient plant that can grow from 6 inches tall to several feet. Moreover, it has some incredible health care properties like air purification that keeps you refreshing always. Snake plant gives a unique and stylist look to your home office desk or corner with a minimal look.


Snake plant is the perfect choice for your home office environment, as it uses low indirect light and can grow well at medium indirect sunlight as well.


  • Sprinkle water every few weeks.
  • Water after the soil is dry.
  • Depending on the light, increase the frequency.

office desk plants

Aloe Vera Plant

The easiest and attractive plant you will come across is the Aloe Vera plant. The perfect and useful indoor companion for your home and office environment. This plant is easy to grow and take care of, and it has rarely caused any problems to the growers ever.

The Aloe Vera plants offer several health benefits like detoxification juice, suitable for skin and hair, unique sunburn coolant, and many more.


Aloe Vera plants thrive well under sunlight, so keep it close to the indirect sunray and avoid direct sunlight.


  • Keep the soil moist, so avoid directly watering the plant.
  • Use soil mixture for the proper drain.

indoor plants for office

Cactus Plant

You get a broad range of cactus plants for your home and office indoor placement.  There are two types of cactus plants: one originated from the desert and another from the forest, so they are different in preference and appearance. The natural habitat they thrive in also varies. Thus, be clear of the kind of plant you have purchased for the use.

The cactus generally comes in a small size as an indoor plant. You can place it anywhere but at less sunlight. They thrive in a different kind of climate, so they need minimum water.


The cactus plant demands proper sunlight, so keep it in the right proportion to thrive to its desired height.


  • Water every week for moist soil.
  • Partial sunlight is the right proportion for the plant to grow.

cactus for Home office

Money Plant

The most popular plant seen in the nation is the Money Plant. Every household at least has one. The Crassula Ovata is one of the most significant houseplants that people can have, as it grows itself just like a miniature tree having its branches and leaves; it certainly makes your place look more beautiful than it already is.

The best thing about this money plant is, it can be grown both indoor and outdoor. As mentioned, it produces the branches; you never know where it has reached once placed at an open corner.


The money plant is easy to grow. But to keep it green, you need to avoid direct sunlight and change the water frequently.


  • If using soil, water it after it completely dries out.
  • If using water, change the water every week to keep it fresh and green.

money plant for home office

English Ivy Plant

The Hedera helix is the perennial plant. These are the easy-to-grow indoor plants, a perfect choice for the office and home environment. As they are less invasive, they are considered as the most attractive indoor plants by many.

As the English Ivy grows fast, you can plant them in a basket or a hanging pot around the house or office.


The English Ivy grows well in direct or indirect sunlight; so this plant has become popular for ground cover.


  • Use well-drained soil for its growth.
  • Water after the soil is dry to let it thrive the best.
  • Keep the temperature consistent for green leaves.

creepers plants for home office

Indoor plants make your place look more attractive and relaxing. Plants do brighten up space and provide a healthy look and feel to it. The above mentioned are the less invasive plants that can be easily purchased. So, if you love plantations but are flooded with work, HomeLane presents you with these plants as your best choice.

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