Happiness means different things to different people. For some, it could mean a successful relationship, while for others, it could be derived from better health or a rewarding career. Whatever may be your formula for a happy life, the ancient practice of Feng shui has plenty to say on the subject!

Feng shui, the Chinese art of living in alignment with the natural environment, talks about how the balance of energies in and around your home can have a positive effect on your overall happiness. Sounds intriguing? If you’d like to try applying Feng shui principles to your home (and there really can’t be any harm in doing so!) then read on.

For those of you who are new to this, what exactly is Feng shui?

Feng shui literally translates to ‘wind and water’, and it lays out simple principles that help us harmonize with the forces of nature. The wind scatters energy, while water collects it, and when these elements are in the right balance with air, then there are positive vibes in the home. If any space lacks this harmony between elements, then it attracts negative energy and leads to unhappiness.

So, how can you apply these simple principles to your home décor and usher in the happy feels? Here are some tips.

1. Start Right at the Front Door!

Draw positive energy to your home right at the front door! Keep the porch clean and well lit at all times, and place beautiful flowering plants or evergreens on either side of the entrance. Feng shui frowns upon brown, wilted leaves and unkempt entrances, so don’t forget to prune those shrubs!

2. Place a Mirror in the Foyer

A mirror in the foyer represents good luck, but make sure it’s never placed directly across from the door. A beautifully mounted mirror that is placed perpendicular to the door will reflect light and visually expand your space. Always be mindful that a mirror is placed in a way that it reflects beauty, as that is the vibe that’s going to be bouncing around your home!

3. Feng Shui in Your Kitchen!

The kitchen is an energy hub of your home, and is the space where everyone gathers to cook and eat. The sink represents the water element, while the stove symbolises fire; and these two should not be placed directly opposite each other as there will be conflict and imbalance.

Feng shui also dictates that the stove should be positioned in a way that you can see the door while you are cooking. In other words, your back should not be to the door, and you should be in a position of ‘command’ while you are creating nourishment for your family. If you turn your back to the door, opportunities might be lost. A quick fix? Place a mirror in such a way that you can see the door while you’re cooking!

4. Make Your Living Room Your Happy Place!

Your living room is the space that nurtures relationships, and as such, it should have a perfect balance of energies. Make sure that it is well aired, full of sunshine and free of clutter. Invite conversation and interaction by placing seating in clusters that face each other. Avoid having anyone sit with their back directly to the front door.
The corner of the room that is farthest from, and diagonally opposite to, the front door is said to be the wealth corner. Lighting a lamp in this corner is said to be helpful in augmenting the inflow of wealth to your home.

5. Optimise Energy in the Dining Room

To channel and radiate dining room ‘chi’, or energy, place the dining table in a way that it gets plenty of light and air. Curved edges or circular tables will allow the gentle flow of energy, while harsh corners might trap energy and cause it to become stagnant. The table should never be backed up against a wall for this very reason. Rich table displays of flowers and fruit invite abundance to your home. Opt for calm and pleasing pastel shades to aid the digestion of food.

6. Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Peace

Your bedroom is your personal space where you can relax and wind down after a stressful day, and as such, it should be the most restful space in your home. Never position the bed in line with the door as it will cause harmful or unsettling energies to find you even when you are resting! Balance the bed with a headboard against a solid wall, and add bedside units on either side to offer support and ground you while you sleep. Lightly scented candles and essential oils can add a lovely, soothing ambience that helps you to relax.

7. Transform Your Bathroom into Your Zen Space!

Bathrooms are spaces that must be treated very carefully, as in Feng shui it is considered that wealth energy could literally flow down the drain if you’re not careful! Common sense mandates that you should not waste water, and this is an important principle in Feng shui too. Wherever possible try to recycle water, and use it mindfully so that we can conserve this precious resource for our planet.

The toilet seat should be kept closed at all times to prevent the loss of any resources, and the bathroom doors should always be kept closed as well for the same reason. A mirror outside the bathroom door is considered to be good from the energy point of view. Green plants in the bathroom refresh the air and transform negative energy to vital life energy.

Always make sure the bathroom is sparkling clean, with a good supply of dry and fresh towels and organic, non-toxic bath essentials.

Here are Some More Tips to Usher in Happy Vibes to Your Home!

  • Avoid having any broken objects in your home, as they represent dead energy and have negative connotations.
  • Broken clocks, cracked mirrors, and furniture that is in a state of disrepair are some examples.
  • Declutter your home, and keep it clean and dust-free at all times.
  • Energy pathways should be kept free and open. Avoid putting furniture in front of doors or windows, and do not hang dark and heavy curtains that block out the light.
  • Choose colours with care. Light and pleasing colours are positive, while dark, dull or depressing colours should be avoided as they will attract the wrong kind of energy.
  • Metallic elements in your home are said to bring focus and direction. Placing metallic accents could help to clear your thoughts and direct your goals in a positive direction.
  • Plants and elements of nature always represent good chi and can be used to correct wrong vibes in any space. But do ensure that you water the plants regularly, and remove any dead leaves at once.

Want to give Feng shui a try in your home? Get the good energy going, with some help from HomeLane!

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