What is a Bed Frame?

Have you ever wondered what supports your mattress to deliver comfortable sleep? Well, if not, then here it is – a ‘Bed Frame’. It is usually a rectangular metal frame that holds the mattress and the box beneath it. The bed frame material impacts the quality of your sleep. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your bed, the issue could be with the bed frame.

What Is The Difference Between a Bed Frame and a Platform Bed?

A platform bed does not have box storage – It supports the mattress directly. On the other hand, a bed frame supports the box so that mattresses can be placed on it easily.

Types of Bed Frames

There are a plethora of options to choose from when buying a bed frame –

  • King size bed frame
  • Queen size bed frame
  • Single bed frame
  • Twin size bed frame
  • Customised bed frame

Undoubtedly, there are numerous bed frames available in the markets to enhance the decor of your room.

The Upholstered Bed:

When it is about a luxurious bed, an upholstered bed frame is the right match! These fall under the category of bold and beautiful. The cushioned headboard makes it easier for you to watch your favourite shows and read while sitting in your bed.

This bed frames type has a solid hardboard and is available in various fabrics and vibrant colours. Along with that, it fits well in any room size.

Storage Bed :

If you are looking for a bed that adds more space to store things, this is a perfect pick. From efficient space to multi-purpose, this is the most popular amongst the bed frame types.

The storage spaces are inbuilt into the bed frame making the perfect use of below the mattress area. The bed frames are made with elegant solid wood types giving the bed a magnificent look. However, these are generally priced a little higher as compared to other bed frame beds.

Canopy Bed :

Canopy beds, aka four-poster, are becoming popular amongst people looking to add archaic elegance to their room. The bed frames design of these beds is such that it makes the room look cosier, and with drapes, it sets the perfect look.

The canopy’s bed frame size is such that the room’s ceiling should be higher to fit nicely in the room.

The Bunk Bed :

For vertical spaces, a bunk bed frame is a saviour; This is primarily found in kids’ rooms or at small cabins. It is purchased for its space-saving characteristic as two or three beds are attained in a single bed’s area. Undoubtedly, kids love bunk bed frames, and people with restricted space love how it adds the utility of shared space.

The Metal Bed :

A metal bed frame adds durability to your room. From being economically suitable to sturdiness, these bed frames come in various colours, size, and design. They are manufactured from wrought iron or carbon steel. This bed frame is a fantastic pick for people who love simplicity with elegance.  Also, these weigh lighter than wooden bed frames and are resistant to any weather change.

Things to Consider While Purchasing a Bed Frame

1. Economically Feasible

For everything, there is a defined budget. Therefore, before buying a bed frame, segregate the ones that fit your pocket. After narrowing it down as per your budget, decide the further requirements. Remember, the cost is the first thing you need to sort from your checklist.

2. Material/Fabric/The Make:

From wooden to steel to iron, there are various bed frames you can choose from—your home decor, lifestyle, space, number of family members, etc. a lot needs to comprehend before buying a bed frame. Also, choosing the bed frame colour that will add life to your room is a big challenge when the options are endless.

3. Storage Capacity:

For small spaces, the bunk bed frames are an ideal choice, but for larger areas, you can choose a metal, a canopy or, storage bed. However, the best option would be a bed with infinite storage capacity. How would you feel if your bed frame occupies all the space in the room?

4. Durability and Maintenance:

Purchasing the right frame is a long term investment. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the one that lasts long and does not require much maintenance. Not only will they be economically beneficial, but also will give you a sturdy asset for your home.

5. The Headboard Necessity

You need to consider headboard usage – many bed frames come with and without headboard. If you need to rest your head and back while watching TV or reading on the bed, consider a bed frame with a headboard.

6. Lifestyle

The design, fabric, and type of the bed frame depending on the lifestyle of the one purchasing it. A bachelor may go for a single bed frame; a couple can choose a king size bed frames; for a kid’s room, one can go for the bunk bed frame. People who love to give their home a modern wooden touch can go for canopy bed frames.

Everything counts in giving a home the feel and touch one desire, from small things to unique antique items. HomeLane is an interior designing brand that focuses on people’s individual needs to give their homes a unique vibe. From bed frames to wall colours, we have you all covered!

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