A pooja room is the most sacred space in Indian homes – a tranquil nook dedicated to worship and meditation. However, the pooja room design doesn’t get much attention compared to the rest of the house. There are several ways to take your pooja space up a notch – whether it is a room or just a ledge on the wall. Good lighting is one of them.

Lighting need not be just a tube light or a bulb in the room. There are so many beautiful pooja room lights these days. Let’s look at the best ways to light up your pooja room to create the right atmosphere for your spiritual moments.

Different Ways to Light Up Pooja Room

The space in your house which brings prosperity should never go unnoticed. The options are endless, from ceiling lights to fancy lights to traditional lights for pooja rooms. Read on for 10 such ideas for pooja room designs and lights!

1. Fairy Lights for Pooja Room

If you have a separate pooja room, light up the entryway with subtle string lights, an elegant lampshade, or hanging lights for the pooja room. This creates a warm welcome and sets the mood for prayer.

fairy lights for pooja room

2. Crystal Beads Curtain

Hang up a crystal bead curtain at the entrance of your pooja mandir; make for fancy lights for the pooja room. This will reflect the light from the inside and look glorious as you enter. This will also act as a curtain for the pooja mandir, seen in many Indian Homes.

crystal beads curtain

3. Pooja Room Accent Lights

Place focus lights for the pooja room to highlight your idols and photographs. You can do this even if your pooja room is just a shelf on the wall or a small wooden mandir. Make sure to use dim or subtle lights to make it glow.

pooja room accent lights

4. Mood Lighting in the Pooja Room

You can drift from the traditional pooja room lights and fix mood lights that can be dimmed and brightened as required. It’s a good idea to place an elegant floor lamp in the room that can also be dimmed.

mood lighting in the pooja room

5. False Ceiling Lights for Pooja Room

Affix false ceiling panel lights around the space where you have arranged the deities. The panels will stay hidden, so there is no question of the bulbs being visible. The ceiling lights for the pooja room will bring the idols and photos into the spotlight.

false ceiling lights for pooja room

6. Pooja Room Designer Ceiling Lights

Install a chandelier or a decorative ceiling light that will cast patterns in the room. These ceiling lights for the pooja room will add an element of interest. For a contemporary appeal, fix a series of concealed LED lights on the false ceiling as pooja room lights.

pooja room designer ceiling lights

7. Pooja Candles and Lamps

Good old candles, lamps and diyas as pooja room lights! Arrange candles and diyas creatively around the idols, on shelves or ledges to cast a warm glow with decorative lights for the pooja room. Use aesthetic candle holders to place your candles. If you use oil lamps, go for ornamental glass oil lamp holders or lanterns. Hang a couple of oil lamps from the ceiling for a traditional appeal.

pooja candles and lamps

8. Electric Lamps and Diyas

Instead of lighting up several diyas with oil and a wick every day, you can substitute pooja room lights with electric diyas, which light up at the click of a switch. Quite convenient, isn’t it? Arrange them on the shelf or hang them down the ceiling in a pattern of your choice. Pooja room decoration lights in the form of string lights or serial lights for pooja rooms also come in different colours and shapes and can be placed around the idols and photos to create a magical vibe.

electric lamps and diyas

9. Niche Lighting

Decorative LED lights for pooja rooms are suitable for dark and concealed spaces. If you have niches on the wall for placing idols or photos, light them up with LED lights. Additionally, you can incorporate wall lights for the pooja room around these idols to further illuminate the space.

niche lighting

10. Natural lighting

Last but not least, and probably the best option for pooja room lights you have – natural light. If you’re lucky enough to spare a spot next to a door or window where light flows in, make the best use of it. If your home is at a stage where you can make structural alterations, add skylights above the pooja mandap. As per pooja room Vastu, the room should face northeast and receive abundant natural sunlight.

natural lighting

Trust good lighting to make your pooja room seem spacious and warm! Go shopping yourself, or get help from an experienced designer who knows the various options you can practically use. Reach out to HomeLane for a helping hand in planning your pooja room lights.


Q. Which Light Is Used in the Pooja Room?

There are several options for pooja room lights. You can either opt for spotlights, panel lighting, electric lights, or use natural lighting to light your pooja room. The spotlights are especially useful in rooms that do not get natural light, leaving the room dull. The panel lighting improves the aesthetics, and electric lights can be a lifesaver when on a budget. Yellow pooja room lights are a natural preference because of the warmth and positive energy it brings to a space.

Q. Which Light Is Good for a Home Temple?

Harsh lighting is an absolute no for temples because the space should exude serenity and have a calming and relaxing vibe. Soft yellow lights are a common preference for home temples because of the warmth it brings to the space.

Q. Which Colour Light Is Best for a Pooja Room?

Yellow light is the most sought-after for illuminating a pooja room. Yellow is associated with positive energy, optimism, and happiness. It is considered sacred and used extensively in religious settings.

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