They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but when one is talking of wardrobes and the different shutter varieties available in the market, you can be forgiven for wanting to know exactly how the book… err, the wardrobe is covered. Your wardrobe may be great on the inside and may house all your needs perfectly, but if it has a shabby looking shutter it will make your room look dull for sure. Before you decide on what to buy, read through this list of the range of wardrobe shutter options available at HomeLane and find the right shutter style for your perfect wardrobe.

At HomeLane, we do two broad types of wardrobes – the Hinged and the Sliding wardrobe. The material and finish for the wardrobe will be changed based on your requirements.

Shutters for Hinged Wardrobes

With their French-style doors and long history, hinged wardrobes are a perennial favourite. Depending on need, these wardrobes can be a double door, three-door or four-door. You need a slightly spacious room to accommodate a hinged wardrobe so that the shutters can open fully without obstructing traffic, but their ease of use and accessibility more than make up for it. At HomeLane, we offer the following shutter options for hinged wardrobes:

 hinge door wardrobe design

4 Side Edge Band Shutter

The 4 Side Edge Band or 4 SEB shutter is made of an MDF or Ply-board and comes in acrylic, laminate, and UV finish. The edges are banded to make the board waterproof, and the shutter panels are flat i.e. they have no design. You can choose finishes depending on your need and go for either a solid colour or a wooden finished wardrobe.

Membrane Finish Shutter

Membrane finish shutters can be flat, or with routed or grooved designs. While the grooves give the wardrobe a traditional look with cathedral arches and deep indentations, routing is a semi-traditional design with straight lines. There is no need for edge banding on these shutters as the membrane material is itself pulled over the edge of the boards for sealing the raw wood edge.

Glass Shutters

If you like the chrome-and-glass design, you can also opt for glass shutters with aluminium frames. You can choose between frosted or lacquered glass wardrobe design options for this.

wardrobe door designs patterns

Shutters for Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are all the rage right now. They are tailor-made for small homes and since the door panels slide over each other when open, you do not need any extra space near the wardrobe to accommodate open doors either. Ergo, no worries about knocking over things in a hurry! The shutter options available are:

shutters for sliding wardrobes

4 Side Edge Banding Or Membrane Finish Flat Shutters

Regular sliding wardrobes come with only flat shutters that can either be made of 4 SEB or membrane finish wood. The sliding wardrobe is a modern design and has wide shutter panels which cannot be routed or grooved easily. But you can always play around with colours, patterns and finishes to create a customised look. edge banding shutter door design

Mirrored Shutters With Aluminium Frame

Now, these can be slightly hard to pull off, but if you like the way your room reflects on the mirrored panels and the futuristic edge it lends your décor, then you can always opt for mirrored shutters. It will save you the need for a dresser for sure.

mirrored shutters with aluminium frame

Armadio Floor-to-Ceiling Shutter Wardrobes

At HomeLane, we have a distinctive range of sliding wardrobes called the Armadio. This wardrobe has floor-to-ceiling shutters that can extend up to a height of 9.5 feet. Normal wardrobes have shutters about 7 feet or so, with separate shutters for the loft area. But with the Armadio you get a seamless and trendy design with fully customisable interiors and flexible fittings based on the system 32’ design module followed by the top brands in the world. The shutter options available for the Armadio are:

  • Plain glass shutters with glossy champagne aluminium frame
  • Laminate/lacquered glass with glossy champagne aluminium frame
  • Plain glass with glossy champagne aluminium frame
  • Coloured mirror with frosted stripes and glossy champagne aluminium frame

Top-3 Wardrobe Door Designs You’ll Love

1. A Gorgeous 4-Panel Wardrobe Door Design

Here’s an amazing wardrobe door design for bedrooms that you can get inspired from. The wardrobe finish is simple. The size is customised. The minimal wardrobe design is modern. And above all, the tailored wardrobe seamlessly fits into the space. Keeping the panels pure white is a stroke of genius as it does not make the room look cluttered.panel wardrobe door design

2. A Space-Saving, Creative Wardrobe Door Design

If you are looking for contemporary wardrobe door design patterns, take a look at the example shown above. This wardrobe design effortlessly makes optimal use of the space available. You get vertical storage, and the wardrobe doubles up as a framework for the door–a beautiful and functional idea!wooden wardrobe door design

3. A Shiny, Glossy Sliding Wardrobe Door Design

Modern wardrobe door designs can add a little bit of personality and drama to your bedroom or living room. The addition of a mirror to your sliding wardrobe design makes the space look bigger. Instead of having a texture on the mirror, you can even go for a plain glass design that will double up as a handy dresser.

Hope this helps you find the right wardrobe shutter for your home décor style. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comments! Our experts are always glad to help. For more inspiration on wardrobe designs, such as walk-in wardrobe designs or modular wardrobe designs, head over to HomeLane.sliding wardrobe door design


1. Which Type of Door Is Best for a Wardrobe?

The most common and popular types of doors for wardrobes are sliding wardrobe door designs or swing doors. In the latter, the shutter is attached to the wardrobe door design with hinges. The best part about hinged wardrobe designs is that they can be customised in any desired shape.

2. How Wide Should a Wardrobe Door Be?

When it comes to acing your wardrobe door design, remember that your wardrobe door’s panel should not be more than 60 cm in width. This puts unnecessary pressure on the hinges. Alternatively, you can also go for a full-height, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design to maximise the space available.

3. How Do You Make a 5-Panel Door?

Looking to make a 5-panel wardrobe door design? Follow these simple DIY steps to create a 5-panel modern wardrobe door design:

Step 1: Start by sanding your door down to get a paintable surface.

Step 2: Use wood filler in places that have poke holes (or as needed).

Step 3: The next step requires you to decide where you want to have your panels and how big they should be. For instance, you can follow these measurements:

  • Bottom panel: 8 inches
  • Side panels: 4 inches
  • Middle panel: 4 inches
  • Top panel: 6 inches, with every panel in between being 4 inches

This means that the total height (from the top panel to the bottom panel) would be 65 inches divided by five spaces (or 13 inches in each space). Remember that you can always customise the size basis your available space. Once you’ve finalised the measurements, just make sure to wipe down your door so that you can use tape on the door to lay out where the panels will be.

Step 4: The next step is to cut the pieces and adhere them to the door. Keep all the supplies (such as clamps, wood glue, etc.) ready for glueing the panels right on the door. Simply follow the pattern of the tape, and you will understand how to place the panel in the right spot.

Pro tip: Make sure to immediately wipe down the wood glue, or else the glue will dry up along the sides of the panel and make the door look ugly. Additionally, keep sanding the edges throughout to smooth out the edges and keep the wardrobe door design clean.

Step 5: The last step entails putting wood filler on the seams so that you have a seamless look when you paint.

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