When it comes to selecting a functional and aesthetically-pleasing dining table, you need to dig beyond trending designs. To start with, you’ll need to think about the space available. The shape of the dining table will go with your living room’s layout. The number of seats you want. The overall finish and material you should go with. You get the drift, right? In this guide, we will look at the various factors to consider when selecting a highly-functional and fun dining table.

Let’s jump right in.

Factor #1: Assess Your Dining Table Needs and the Space Available

The first obvious task is to understand why you need a dining table. Do you have too many guests and house parties at home? In this case, you’ll need a bigger dining table (say as opposed to a four-seater). Or are you looking for a dining table purely for ornamental purposes? In this case, you can experiment with the number of seats as well as the dining table shape and go for a smaller, more stylish table. If you want a dining table as a setting for everyday meals, a simple and spacious table is a wise choice to go with.

Understanding the end goals for your dining table is half the battle won. Finally, make sure to account for the available space. If you have a long narrow living room, going for a circular dining table doesn’t make sense, right? So think about the space and make a smart choice accordingly.

Factor # 2: Material

Material 1 – Wooden Dining Table Design for the Win

If you want your living room to exude vibes of warmth and comfort, go for a wooden dining table. Also note that wooden dining tables do not readily ‘show’ any kind of wear-and-tear, making them ideal for everyday use. A wooden dining table also makes sense if you have wooden flooring and an inherently ‘barnyard’ type interior design style in your living room. Consider the example shown above for inspiration. Note, you can also go for bamboo as an alternative to wood for that beautiful boho vibe.

Material 2 – Glass Dining Table Design for a Gorgeous, Luxe Look

If you want a sleeker, more modern look, consider the glass dining table shown above. While glass is easier to clean, it is relatively more high maintenance. If you have marble flooring, go for a glass dining table design and pair it with velvet-finish chairs for a super-luxe look. You can also go for an MDF material dining table if you’re unsure about investing in a glass dining table, which can quickly skyrocket your budget.

Factor #3: Shape – Go for the Right Shape

When it comes to selecting the shape of a dining table, there are multiple options you can go for–from rectangular and square to round and oval. Granted that rectangular dining tables are the most popular choices, you don’t need to color inside the box.

If you don’t have the luxury of space, going for an oval dining table might turn out to be your best bet. Take a look at the image above for how to get started on this idea. Given the space constraint, this oval dining table fits seamlessly into the space, without making it look cluttered or chaotic.

Factor #4: Think About the Dining Table Size

When narrowing down the options for the dining table size, here’s a handy chart you can refer to:

  • A 4-feet sized dining table is perfect for seating 4 people. You can go for the rectangular, square, circle, or oval shapes.
  • A 5-feet sized dining table is perfect for seating 6 people. You can go for the rectangular, square, circle, or oval shapes.
  • A 6-feet sized dining table is perfect for seating 6 people. You can go for the rectangular, square, circle, or oval shapes.
  • An 8-feet sized dining table is perfect for seating 8 people. You can go for the rectangular or oval shapes.
  • A 10-feet sized dining table is perfect for seating 10 people. You can go for the rectangular or oval shapes.

Pro Tip: Don’t Forget About the Ergonomics of the Dining Table

  • The standard height of the dining tabletop should be between 28 and 30 inches from the ground.
  • Your chairs must have a seat height of around 18 to 20 inches.
  • When you sit on the dining chair, there should be enough space for your legs below. In other words, you shouldn’t be hitting either the table pedestal or the legs.
  • Ideally, the vertical distance between the chair seat and the table bottom should be around 10 inches for optimal comfort.
  • For a kitchen counter, the tabletop height should be the same as the counter, which is approximately 33 to 36 inches high.


There’s more to selecting a multi-purpose dining table than what meets the eye. You need to think outside the box and opt for modern dining table designs that are a mix of functionality and comfort. For expert assistance, book a consult with our design team at HomeLane. We will ensure that you get the dining table of your dreams, without compromising on your needs.

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