Front elevation or the façade is a gateway into your home and personal choices. Picking the right colour combination for this part of the house is just as important as picking the best of all the elevation designs available.

However, with hundreds of hues and colour combinations flooding the market, identifying the combination that will make your home stand out from the lot becomes a complex process.

Do you also face this issue? If yes, you are not alone!

This blog post will showcase the top 15 elevation colour combinations that are trending in 2022. Every option is meant to give a fresh and unique look to your front elevations.

Let us dive into the details.

elevation colour combination ideas

Classic White and Indigo Home Exteriors

Do you want to give an opulent touch to your home exteriors? If yes, you should go for this stunning elevation colour combination.

White remains the dominant colour here, but the strokes of indigo will boost the aesthetics and succeed in turning heads. It is an impactful colour combination for front elevation that fits perfectly well with the modern taste of Indian homeowners.

classic white and indigo home exteriors

Beguiling Purple, Lavender, and White Home Exteriors

Are you looking out for a unique elevation colour combination that will make your home shine out in the locality? If yes, you cannot afford to miss this alluring colour combination.

Since lavender will be the dominant colour here, make sure you use the right hue at the right place.

Apart from this, purple and white will do a beautiful job of highlighting the exterior design and roof. We recommend hiring a professional for the best looks.

purple, lavender, and white home exteriors

Hypnotising Red and Cream Home Exteriors

Do you like to stay close to your roots? Or are you planning to renovate your ancestral home exteriors without hampering its legacy?

If yes, red and cream can be the best elevation colour combination in this situation.

The traditional red roof tiles with wooden windows are seamlessly matched with the classic cream colour. It is a lovely single floor house colour combination that gives a regal touch to the property.

red and cream home exteriors

Dazzling Grey and Orange Home Exteriors

Grey is grabbing a lot of limelight lately. It is a versatile colour that is loved for its subtlety.

But grey alone can make your home façade look gloomy and dull. Therefore, experts recommend combining it with an electrifying orange to highlight the property’s exteriors.

It is the perfect elevation colour combination to pull off a traditional-cum-industrial look.

dazzling grey and orange home exteriors

Enthralling Forest Green, Lime, and White Home Exteriors

This beautiful suburb home elevation colour combination idea is to die for. It offers a perfect blend of traditionalism and modernism.

Every inch of this colour combination signifies finesse, panache, and class.

You can go for brick wall inspiration to complement the forest theme. The white strokes beautifully highlight the entire design of the house.

However, this refreshing elevation colour combination will look best when the house has a lavish green backdrop.

forest green, lime, and white home exteriors

Mesmerising White and Peach Home Exteriors

Exude luxury and elegance with the fantastic out-of-the-box daring elevation colour combination of white and peach. Charming peach will enhance the aesthetics, whereas serene white will add stability to the overall structure.

Experts recommend going for lighter shades of peach to get the magazine-like subtle façade look.

The best part is you can also make peach the dominant colour here.

white and peach home exteriors

Enchanting Yellow And Cream Home Exteriors

Homeowners who are not willing to go for regular whites along with yellow can go for the hues of cream. This exotic front elevation colour combination will make your home shine out in the lot.

The most striking part about this combination is that it never goes out of style.

Moreover, it adds a vivacious and fresh look to the exteriors.

yellow and cream home exteriors

Classy Charcoal Grey and White Home Exteriors

Are you planning to go classy with your home exteriors this time? If yes, you just got the best elevation colour combination here. Home designers love this combination for its clean-cut segregation looks.

The charcoal grey colour will seamlessly highlight your balcony frame, window panes, and boundary wall, whereas white will give a perfect foundation. This minimalistic yet grand colour combination will provide a brilliant contemporary look to the property.

charcoal grey and white home exteriors

Eye-Catching Grey and Blue Home Exteriors

This bold yet decent elevation colour combination will surely win your heart.

The beautiful blue tone will give a serene touch to the exteriors. Whereas the mesmerising grey shade will make the façade look stylish and enchanting.

This colour combination for elevation works beautifully well if you have wood trims and stonework.

grey and blue home exteriors

Bewitching Oyster White and Pale Blue Home Exteriors

Not too keen on going for regular whites for your front elevation? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

You can pick oyster white to add grandeur and glamour to the property. Pair it with pale blue to multiply the aesthetics and sophistication.

Both colours will blend in effortlessly and complement the elevation design, giving a classy look to the house. It is a must-have for homeowners who are a fan of softer tones.

oyster white and pale blue home exteriors

Cheerful Mustard Yellow and White

If you are in search of a simple yet vibrant small house elevation colour combination, try mustard yellow and white. Nothing can match the cheerfulness of yellow.

No wonder it’s one of the most preferred colours in Indian homes!

White pillars, doors, and windows break this tiny house’s perpetual mustard yellow, and the bordering green plants add to its cheerfulness. The overall look is eye-catching and very inviting.

mustard yellow and white exteriors

Various Shades of Brown and White

Brown is one of the most sophisticated colours, yet we hardly see a front elevation colour combination of brown and white in Indian homes. This lovely one-storeyed house uses various shades of brown to resemble a chocolate house, the kind Hansel and Gretel would love to devour.

Dashes of white highlight the windows, pillars, and railings, giving the place a perfect finishing touch.

shades of brown and white exteriors

Evergreen Black and White

Black and white is a colour combination that never goes out of style. This modern house has white as the primary colour with black borders to add drama and depth.

Large glass panes and sleek glass balcony parapets further complement the overall theme. The classic building elevation colour combination is perfect for modern homes that love a low-key, straightforward finish.

black and white exteriors

Olive Green and Brown

One of the best elevation colour combinations of 2022 is the one that can closely mimic nature, and the image below is a perfect example.

The soothing olive green offers the elegance of a lush green forest and has a calming effect on the mind. The subtle hints of brown add an element of luxury to this front elevation colour combination.

The overall result is a charming and refreshing house elevation colour combination unlike anything you have seen before.

olive green and brown

A Playful Colour Combination

If you have a tall building, you can play with several colours to give a unique look to your home. The building in the image uses shades of pink, green, yellow, blue, and purple.

Since all the shades have a muted tone, they are pleasing to the eyes and aesthetically appealing. This house elevation painting colour combination is for one who is daring enough to sport multiple colours in a go.

colour combination for exterior


Experts recommend picking colours that are delightful and pleasing to the eyes. Whichever elevation colour combination you choose, ensure you trust a professional to pull off the best looks. Also, avoid dark hues on the property’s exteriors, as they might ruin the charm.

Check the HomeLane website to learn more about front elevation colour combinations and wall painting tips. If you’re struggling with front elevation designs for small houses, we can help with that too! Contact us to know more.


1. Which Colour Is Best for Elevation?

There are several elevation colour combinations that you can use as per the design of your home. Cream or white combined with yellow, peach, or red makes for charming and elegant colour combinations.

If you want something more eye-catching, you can combine indigo, purple and lavender shades with white or grey.

Similarly, forest green, lime, blue, and charcoal greys are some shades that give a modern and electrifying modern look to your exterior.


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