In the ancient eras of the 18th century, the Classic French style ruled many living abodes’ interiors. Since then, it stands successful in winning the hearts of the French people and the global alike! A classic amalgamation of noble architecture, flaunting the Baroque, Rococo, and Empire styles, has successfully created an uproar in today’s world of interior design. Parisian theme interior designing relies upon varied colours and patterns. And it mainly uses shades of light lilac and pink – a combination that balances well with shades of metallic colours and hues of green. The flooring generally depends upon the usage of varied yet unique decorative items. The most commonly used laminated or parquet light wooden textures dominate the floorboards with a tinge of light-coloured hues.

Subtle notes of principled tenderness re-invents the Rococo style. The Baroque style paints an image of the royal chambers, without much pomp and show. Parisian interiors believe in the concept of wallpapers with pictures of old calico. And most of them have a matte or semi-matte finish.

Parisian Style Home Décor: Characteristic Features

  • Maximum use of pastel hues.
  • Use of antique items and additional fixtures.
  • Mouldings with gilded furniture.
  • Parquet flooring.
  • A classic chimney-corner.
  • Elevated ceilings.

Parisian Theme Home Interiors with its Colour Palettes

The predominant usage of pastel shades rules the colour shade card of the Parisian interiors. The shades of brown, white, pale-pink, honey-caramel, palish blue, and yellow, light greens, classifies taste and sophistication in the Parisian home décor. In contrast, the furniture finishing comes up with a contrast effect of browns, bronzes, and grey tints. Many love to experiment with some of the juicy shades of reds, golden, oranges, and blue to give-out the bright sparks.

A Quick Parisian Tour…

The living habitat of Vandana honestly looked ‘heavenly’ all courtesy of the expert interior designing by HomeLane. Her home décor reflects the undeniable French aura and the stylized artefact, with the subtleness of colour. The heady monochrome effect warmly welcomes you, reflecting the true tagline as – ‘the millennial couple’s den!’ HomeLane did a justified job while taking suitable cues from Parisian architecture. They made appropriate use of French wall-mouldings, white-hued wainscoting with a touch of contemporary, quirky elements. So, let’s take a quick tour of this Parisian theme home in Mumbai without wasting any moment.

The ‘monochromatic’ Entrance

A long passage well-defines the main entrance, leading towards the living and dining area. The pastel-hued walls secure the waiting area design, with a leather-covered chaise lounge acting as a befitting backdrop. Moreover, the fine-arts caters to classy and artistic spin-offs!

The royal Living Area

The pristine white-tint marble provides an undulating expanse of a light-filled oasis. The living area walls adorn with French-designed moulding, making way for additional airiness inside the room. On the whole, Vandana’s Parisian-themed living room speaks volumes about the classical country chateaus. The furnishing lined by a couple of glass-front étagères brightly dons the living room. And the muted wall light fixtures add on to elegant minimalist layers. The living area furniture is a beautiful mix of store-purchased and custom-designed pieces by HomeLane.

The stunning Dining and Bar unit

Broad strokes of browns and off-white hues with well-chiselled solid wood and premium-quality champagne-hued PU polish caters to an eye-catching dining area. The elegantly carved wooden dining table with veneer top and thickly-upholstered dining chairs acts as the focal point.

Adjacent to the dining area, the stylish bar unit is none but the wall-to-ceiling, glass-covered wooden unit. The entire gamut serves the purpose of donning their vintage wine collection coupled with valuable artefacts. And of course, this particular portion of the house remains famous amongst the guests gathering for many cocktail and dinner nights! In all, the dining area never gives out a ‘too pricey’ outlook, but more of a ‘homely’ one to all guests.

User-friendly in-vogue Kitchen

The well-spaced and wonderfully lit cooking area is in sync with the living and dining area. It stands as an ideal place to ‘cook-up-a-storm!’ The classy-looking off-white and champagne hues, with spaced-out shelves and other storage units, ensure maximum functionality. And do not miss out on HomeLane’s fashionable pendant lights livening up the ceiling!

Master Bedroom with an identity

The master bedroom caters to luxury with the feeling of openness. The pastel green-coloured walls and the brass-and-wooden mouldings give out an elegant outlook. The mirror-finish ceiling-to-wall sliding wardrobe remains as the cynosure! While the brass displays by the window side and the slate-grey TV capsule lends an aesthetic look.

The dapper-looking Son’s Bedroom

Vandana’s son’s bedroom dons the well-cloaked rhinestone walls with contrasting white mouldings. It is none but a compact dapper-looking bedroom-cum-study with each corner well-utilized. The storage unit matches the chest of drawers with the TV. The entire room interior proudly reflects a distinguished Parisian outlook.

The royal charm of Daughter’s Room

Cocooned in the Mediterranean dark-blue, HomeLane catered to her daughter’s room with a cosy and comfortable appearance. The entire room breathes distinctly of tropical air, with the shutters of Armadio wardrobe. The tinted mirrors on it steal the show with an unconventional appeal.

Decorating in the Parisian Style: A Few Useful Tips

While designing your house interiors, try to keep aside the moments of pretentiousness:

  • Elegant-looking overall design.
  • Use of less number of accessories.
  • Antique-styled furniture.
  • Cater to a complete look with ‘mouldings.’
  • Gilded contemporary artefacts.

Vandana, HomeLane’s one of the most well-acclaimed and satisfied homeowners, made excellent use of the Parisian interiors. She wanted to complement their Parisian-themed building complex with the Parisian theme home in Mumbai. While her daughter firmly believed in designing her private abode with sophistication and exclusivity. The house interiors’ classical Parisian style represents the run-of-the-mill interior designs with finely-tuned borders, a crystal-clear focus on user-friendliness, minus any royal supremacy!

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