Your bedroom should be a haven. It’s the most restful place in the house. This is the room you enter to relax, recharge and, of course, get a good night’s sleep.

That’s why it’s worth paying special attention to the bedroom in terms of interior décor. Naturally, comfort is the main aim. There are many little ways to make your bedroom more luxurious, too.

This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or spending ages on remodeling. Take a look at these ten simple steps on how to convert a simple bedroom into a luxurious one.

1. Rugs That Spell Style

Bring warmth and softness into your bedroom with a stylish rug. You can choose one with colours that complement the walls, in weaves that are distinctive. There is a huge variety available, and you are sure to find one that is just right. A patterned rug will add character to any bedroom, while others in plain and neutral colours will create a sense of calm.Rugs to style your bedroom

2. Make It Personal with Art

A sure way to make your bedroom stand out is to choose a favorite work of art and make space for it. This could mean a large painting above the bed, or on the wall opposite. You can also frame family photographs and display them in a series. Wall hangings are yet another way to make your bedroom reflect a unique personality.

Art for bedroom

3. Add Pillows and Cushions

When it comes to pillows and cushions, don’t just stop at a few. Layer your bed with cushions to create a statement. Change covers every few months to refresh the look. Play with colours, patterns and textures. You should experiment with symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements of pillows and cushions on the bed to see what works best.

Layering your bed with cushions

4. Cut the Clutter

A cluttered room never looks luxurious. To begin with, remove all objects that don’t belong in the bedroom and store them elsewhere. Then, organise the rest so that they don’t stand out or get in the way. You may need to think of adding storage space to do this. What works well in the bedroom is multi-function furniture. Beds with storage drawers, and side tables that are also cabinets, for example.

Clutter-free bedroom

5. Get a Headboard

Clearly, a bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. Make it stylish by adding a headboard. Not only will this provide you with extra support when lying down, it will also add a luxurious touch. There are many options. Headboards can be high or low, plain or padded, and in wood or fabric. Choose one that complements the rest of the room and watch the interiors transform.

Headboard design

6. Lights and Lampshades

Lighting is a key element of arresting interior décor. In a bedroom, a dimmer control can make the interiors more restful during late evenings. Sconces and reading lights will look elegant, and are practical for those who like reading in bed. Table and floor lamps can be made more glamorous by choosing the right lampshades. There are many colours, textures and materials to choose from.

Dim light for bedroom

7. Elegant Nightstands

Nightstands next to beds are practical and useful. That doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and elegant. Choosing the right nightstands can add character to any bedroom. They could match the rest of the interior or even stand out as statement pieces. Depending on your individual taste, you could go vintage or ultra-modern. Candles, clocks or small plants placed on nightstands will further accentuate the style.


8. Emphasise the Strengths

Chances are that your bedroom already has some unique features. To make it more luxurious, pay attention to how these can be emphasised. Wooden floors can be polished until they gleam. Beds can be placed near windows to take advantage of natural light. Small corners can be turned into bookshelves. Look around your bedroom to see how many of these features you can spot.

Small corners into bookshelves

9. Little Things Matter

There are many smaller aspects that uplift the look of any bedroom. A stylish water jug on an ornate tray is one of them. Fancy, fragrant candles are another. If space permits, a table with your favourite coffee table books on it. There’s also nothing quite like entering a bedroom to inhale the aroma of fresh flowers or a potpourri bowl. You will be surprised at how much of a difference these small steps make.

Add flowers to your bedroom

10. Upgrade the Bedlinen

Let go of the old bedsheets and covers you’ve been using for years. The right bedlinen will transform your bedroom. While the fabrics should be the best quality you can get, there is a wide range when it comes to colours and patterns. Neutrals are more versatile, while colourful geometric prints make a bold statement. Your choice should complement the rest of the room.

Geometric bed linens

11. The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors can work wonders. For a start, you can use them to enhance the natural light in your bedroom. They can also create the illusion of space in small interiors. With the right sizes and the right frames mirrors can be sophisticated accessories. You can group small mirrors together on a table or a wall, or go for a single large one with an arresting frame.

Add mirrors to your bedroom

Be it your bedroom or any other room in your home, small touches can make a huge difference. At HomeLane, our group of interior décor specialists are experts in creating interiors you will love. To find out more, do book a free design session right away.

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