Our home is our safe place where we live under the same roof with our loved ones and share unforgettable moments with them. And because our home is where we spend the majority of our day, it is essential to focus on the home interior. A beautiful home makes every memory even more special.

We dream of a home where we can build a family with our partners and watch our children grow up. And this is where home interior by HomeLane comes in. With over 6 years of experience and successfully delivering over 9,000 projects, the team at HomeLane brings you our happy customer stories.

HomeLane Home 1# Piyush Goenka, Mumbai

“When we decided to get our house redesigned, we had a mental picture of how our home interiors should look. We had a design vision, considering the requirements of each of the family members, and HomeLane helped us make our dream into a reality.

“We wanted our living room to look spacious and be converted into a lounging space where we can regularly entertain guests, and also make it into a reading room whenever we wanted to. The home interior by HomeLane gave us a lounging area in the living room, which was separated by a divider, and they also gave us a private deck with a bar unit, where we can entertain our guests and have a drink.

“Our kitchen has a hint of yellow with silver and greys. The modular kitchen by HomeLane has made our home interior modern. Our bedrooms were also designed as per each of our requirements. With a private deck in my bedroom, to all things pink in my daughter’s room, and monochromes for my son, we all love to spend time at our dream home now.”

HomeLane Home 2# Mini Sachdev, Gurgaon

“From the very first meeting with HomeLanes’ designer, we knew that our home interiors were going to get a complete makeover, and we were sure we were going to love it. From the cool vibes of our blue and white modular kitchen to a beautiful and luxurious living room and the well-designed bedroom, we are absolutely in love with everything that HomeLane did for us.

“The pooja unit and the entertainment unit in our home are the highlights, and we’ve received innumerable compliments for them since we got our home interior by HomeLane.”

HomeLane Home 3# Deepu Chandran, Bengaluru

“After getting our home interiors by HomeLane, we have now started calling our home a ‘haven’ because that is exactly what it looks and feels like. When we met the designer, he showed us all the designs on a visualization tool that made things really easy for us to envisage. We could see the exact picture of how our home would look like. The entire house was done in neutral and subtle tones, just like we wanted, with an exception in the living room (thanks to the designer). He suggested we make it a bit dramatic with a pop of colors, and by far that has been the best decision we made. The home interior by HomeLane was a good pick because their designers are great listeners, and they thrive on customer satisfaction.

“From retaining the uniqueness in each bedroom to adding a personalized touch to each unit that was placed in our house, HomeLane has left no stone unstoned to make us happy.”

HomeLane Home 4# Dr. Siva Prasad, Hyderabad

“Being medical professionals, we knew that we needed someone who could help through the entire process because time is a luxury for us. And since our apartment was huge, there were a lot of challenges that we faced, but with HomeLane’s designers, things fell into place automatically and seamlessly.

“We have two young boys, and to make sure they get enough space to pound around in the house, we wanted the rooms to be done in a manner that they looked presentable and yet were suitable for rough use. Our bedrooms, especially the kids’ room, were made super colorful to create a cheerful vibe, while their study room had enough space to store their books and awards.”

HomeLane Home 5# Khamar Shamsheer, Chennai

“Before we bought our own house, we’ve always lived in rented spaces, so it was a tough call for us to understand the intricacies of designing our own home. But with HomeLane’s designers, it seemed like a cakewalk. While finalizing the home interior, the major challenge we faced was the stark difference between my mother’s and my choices. She likes to stick to traditional designs, while I, on the other hand, prefer everything modern and contemporary.

“But with the home interior by Home Lane, we were able to infuse both of our choices, and our living room is the best example of it. We got the bedrooms done as per our individual preferences, but the rest of the house was a fusion we both fell in love with.”

So, here’s what our happy customers had to say about their experience with HomeLane. Our entire team loves to transform your dreams into reality and bring that dazzling smile to your faces. If you’re planning to get your home interiors done too, then think no further than HomeLane, because who else can guarantee you a 45 day personalized home interior service?

Shoot us an email or book yourself a free online consultation, and get your dream home created right in front of your eyes!

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