Small homes and tiny living spaces are among the most trendy things presently. From living in a converted vehicle in the suburbs to owning a posh studio apartment in the city, people are moving into small homes on purpose. Small homes are cosy, convenient and easy to maintain. If you have a small home of your own, here are some practical and charming home interior design tips to make your little space look like a million bucks.

Wall Mounting

You can save a lot of space by wall-mounting various items. From the television in the living room to a mirror in the bedroom, you can do away with large, chunky TV units and dressers to make the small space work for you. Look to wall-mount various items that require stands in the various parts of the house.

how to organized small home with interior design tips

Folding Tables

If there isn’t enough space for a work desk or even a dining table, look to get some folding tables. Design them in such a way that they fold away, either on the wall or under some other furniture. You can pull in down/out whenever you need and hide it away at other times. This is one of the best and most practical small home interior design ideas.

interior design tips for small home

Get a Sofa-cum-bed

A great way to add extra sleeping space in a small house is to get a sofa-cum-bed. If you don’t have an extra bedroom, just place it in the living room. You can use it as a couch during the day and a comfy, large bed at night. Sofa-cum-beds are available in various designs, so choose one that helps enhance the aesthetic feel of your home.

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Mirrors to Make Your Space Look Larger

This is a time-tested small home design tip that always works. Install mirrors all over the house. Mirrors give an illusion of the house being larger than it is. Not to mention that mirrors in pretty frames are always beautiful additions to any room.

clutter free small bedroom

Go Soft on the Colours

Dark, rich colours look ethereal, but they do make rooms look smaller. Hence they are more suitable for large, exotic rooms. If you have a small apartment, look for neutral shades when choosing the wall paint, upholstery and furniture. This will give a more fresh and airy look to your home and will make it look less stuffy.

interior designer tips for the clutter free tips

Incorporate Storage Wisely

You may not have enough space to create a designated storage facility in your small house. Thus, you have to be creative and incorporate storage spaces where ever you can. Try getting furniture that has storage compartments underneath. If you have a flight of stairs, convert each stair into a drawer. Another simple way to get additional storage in your bedroom is to get beds with storage inbuilt. You can use it to store spare pillows, quilts, bedsheets and more. Look for such innovative designs and get the most out of available space in your home.

purchase furniture with storage

Use Vertical Space

Many people ignore the vertical space available and leave them empty. Utilize the space you have between the ceiling and the top of your furniture. You could start by building custom-made long cupboards and shelves. This would help increase the storage/decorating space.

To make your space look taller than it hangs long lamps or other decorative items to draw your eye up, especially if your space is not particularly large.

use vertical space

Utilise the Corners of the House

Since space is such a constraint in the house, look to utilise every nook and corner. Build a cute wall-shelf in one corner and use it as a bar, for example. Convert a ladder into a bookshelf and place it in another corner. However, remember to keep the corners clean and not too cluttered. Don’t overdo it as that may make the house look chaotic and overstuffed.

corner units for homes

Double Up Things

Always look to get items that have more than one purpose. For instance, get a desk that you can use as a coffee table and also as a work station. Get an ottoman that can work as a nightstand and also as an extra seating option when you have guests over. Get some neutral glasses in which you can serve a variety of drinks. If you have a small home, going minimalistic and owning as few things as possible is a wise choice. So shop smart and save space.

buy multipurpose furniture

Use Zones Wisely

Don’t restrict any part of your house for use. Double, or triple zones to use. For instance, your kitchen floor can double up as your workout area early in the morning. Your living room can be turned into your child’s play area in the afternoon or even your work station when you work from home. Use the zones wisely and as needed to cut out the need to build additional space.

Clutter free work from home zones

Keep these useful small home interior design tips in mind and get your dream home ready in no time. Remember to add your own personal signature to anything you design as that will make your residence feel like the cosy home you want it to be.

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