Are you planning to refurbish your living room but don’t have a clear picture of how your dream design will look? As per the interior designing experts, 2021 will lean towards practicality, elegance, comfort, and space-saving decor. 

When choosing interiors for a living room, several aspects must be considered, like the texture, the walls, the furniture, and the corners, to blend the right way.

After curating the most forward designs, we have put together an inventory highlighting the living room design trends for 2021 that should be used to renovate your living space.

Multifunctional Spaces

After a year that compelled us to spend more time at home, 2021 is an opportunity to upgrade our living spaces more creatively. 

2020 made us analyze how we manage our rooms. When investing enough time at home, it does not make sense to devote the entire room to a single purpose, particularly in smaller spaces. 

With this in mind, we look forward to seeing living rooms doubling up as workspaces in 2021.

If you are determined to interpolate a work office in your living room, go in for space-saving furniture. You don’t need too much furniture for a home office, a comfy chair, table, and some cushions will do! To get the much-needed calming vibes, you may try a beige chair and white shelves. 

Oceanic Hues for your Living Space

From deep inky tones to dark blues, the oceanic effect will continue making our spaces feel cool and tranquil in 2021. 

Acclaimed as the colour of the year by Pantone, Aqua Blue can be applied both on the walls and home furnishings. The various shades of blue like indigo, fairly dense blue, soft, and bleached blue never go out of style. They complement almost all furniture types, including sofa and chairs (especially velvet furniture), mostly used in the living room interiors. 

On the flip side, we find that soft hues will be on the rise to create cocooning spaces.

Timeless Traditionalism

Traditional is evergreen! From antique accents, textured rugs, elegant wallpapers to classic furnishings, traditional home décor trends are becoming desirable more than ever. The year 2021 promotes classic interiors with a touch of contemporaneous.

Amazing pieces of furniture, textures, colour effects and corner structures with fairly simple geometry should sync well for a design that embodies elegance, minimalism, and aesthetics. For a creative approach, try textured wallpapers. They somehow supplement eco-designs really well.

Inspired by Vintage

Curved furniture will be seen earning applause in 2021. The comeback of curved carpet shapes and curved countertops is something we can expect as the most intriguing home décor trend in 2021. 

Vintage-inspired furniture is ideal for living rooms and entertainment room designs. Curved sectionals have a lot of oomph and can also be pompous in a lot of contemporary designs. Straight lines have been the centre of attraction for many decades.

Place this furniture in a way that you get ample space behind it. Accommodate that space using a floor lamp or plants. You can also position a curved sofa in a circular grouping and team it up with a couple of armchairs. Another option is to have it face a fireplace or placed across a window for an outside view.

Pair the sofa around a coffee table to make it a statement piece. 

Consider the design before buying because they need plenty of space to create a comfortable set up. 

Larger, Minimalist Space

Minimalism results in a calming space when done correctly. It calls for clutter-free spaces that are visually appealing and livable at the same time. This home décor trend will outshine others in 2021, particularly for a living room. 

You spend hours in a living room. You would want it to be functional and comfortable. Use natural wooden stools for an unconventional approach. Make the living space stand out with rich textures and refurbished materials. Feature one vibrant piece of furniture to give it a fresh look. 

High-impact wall art is a chic way to add style to a minimalist living room. 

Focus on monochrome designs to discard any visual chaos. A clean and well-organized image gallery will create a fun vibe.

Storage solutions are key when it comes to keeping clutter to a minimum. Make the best use of vertical space. Keep all worthless objects away! 

The Concept of Smart Homes

No matter what style you choose, modern, Scandinavian, neoclassical, or ultra-fashionable, there is always room for hi-tech solutions. To make living rooms even more comfortable, the concept of a smart home will be on the rise amongst living room trends in 2021.

A few highlights include:

  • Comfortable recliners and armchairs.
  • Climate control to regulate temperature and humidity level.
  • Smart lighting that allows you to adjust lamp temperature, making it more intense or muted, based on preferences.

In 2021, modern tech solutions will make your living room experience unique and pleasant, like never before.

2021 will be the year when homeowners can express themselves in unique combinations of wall designs, paint, flooring trends, curtain trends, vintage furniture, and so on. It’s time you also take a closer look at home décor trends that match the atmosphere of your living room. 

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