Designing children’s bedrooms can be a lot of fun, but it can be challenging too! Children’s rooms should be a reflection of their personalities and should be the one space in the whole world where they are happiest to be. Children have a lot of stuff that they need to put away, and the key to the perfect children’s room is a clever wardrobe design that can take care of all their needs.

We bring you a collection of stylish, creative and yet practical ideas that you can recreate in your little one’s bedroom.

Mauve Magic

Kids need well-organized study desks, storage spaces and sleeping areas, and this bedroom in lovely shades of mauve has it all! The straight and simple closet is large enough to house all your child’s clothes, while the open shelves above the desk hold books, toys and study aids. The bunk bed has additional storage in the form of a pull out drawers below the bed. There is also a tall side closet and slotted open shelves above the bed to hold books for nighttime reading.

Wardrobe designs for Children

Stylish Elegance For Your Kids

This beautifully designed children’s room houses plenty of wardrobe space, in straight simple laminate finishes that can easily be wiped clean. Non-fussy shutters allow kids to add stickers and posters that go with what is currently trending in their lives. This style is just right for a teen who is fast outgrowing childish themes.Kids Wardrobe Designs

Sunshine Yellow, Butter Mellow!

Here’s a sunny wardrobe design that is cheerful and bright. It comes with a useful mix of open and closed storage spaces. The open shelves can be used to showcase books and toys. This theme is fun and young at the same time and can be easily modified as your child grows up.Wardrobe designs for kids

Sailor, Ahoy!

Your child’s room is a space where you can let your creativity and imagination run riot! This cool space is just right for a little marine. The bed itself is shaped like a boat, while the chest of drawers and wardrobe follow the nautical theme as well. Your tiny sailor can climb up the steps to the top deck and play with the ropes and lifebuoys that hang from the ceiling.creative wardrobe designs for kids

Youthful Cool!

With the closets running along two whole walls of this room, this teenager can never run out of storage! The light and airy palette of neutral laminates allow for pops of colour in the form of posters, photographs or whatever your child would like to put up – a canvas for your little one to showcase their personality.Kids wardrobe design with bunk bed

Perfect For Your Little Princess!

Most little girls love pastel shades—and this soft pink bedroom for your angelic princess has a magical and dreamy aesthetic. The all-white chest of drawers perfectly complements the child-sized wardrobe. Note the pull-out drawer at the bottom of the closet that can house toys, and is easily accessible even without opening the shutters. The open pegs alongside are just right for hanging up frilly frocks.Cute wardrobe designs

Like what you see here? Children thrive in spaces that are created especially for them, where they can play freely and work hard. If you want more ideas and are looking to custom create your child’s personal space, our interior designers are at hand to help!

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