Designing one’s ideal kitchen requires a lot of research, time, and resources. Right from the cabinet panels to the kitchen flooring, there are countless options. If you are running on a budget, your task becomes all the more complex. While it is very easy to go overboard with the larger items, one must not overlook the smaller ones, especially something that will be used regularly.

The knobs and handles of the cabinets, apart from being functional, also add the final finishing touches to your dream kitchen. No matter whether you have an acrylic modular kitchen or a wooden modular kitchen, its utility to a degree will be ultimately determined by the kitchen cabinet handles. Therefore you need to pay equal attention while choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware, and at Homelane, we can provide some valuable insights that can help you choose your ideal kitchen cabinet handles.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles – Types

The handles in your kitchen must not only be pretty to look at but also feel comfortable while using. While some people prefer pulls, others go with knobs. In either case, it is better to acquire some samples before the installation process. Try to get an in-hand feel of both. Find out which fits better in your hands.

You can also try a combination of both, You can mix it up by having cabinet pulls, drawer knobs or kitchen door handles, or kitchen cabinet knobs. All you need to ensure is that you stick with one type of each. However, if budget is a concern or you are too concerned about getting a uniform style then you can select either of them.

Before finalizing, also try to get an estimate of the delivery time. If you are looking to wrap up the work quickly, you need to select one that is easily available.

types of kitchen handles

Kitchen Cabinet Handles – Positioning

If you are going with pulls, kitchen cabinet door handles are placed horizontally, while door handles are positioned vertically. Regardless of whether you have an L-shaped kitchen or a U-shaped one, you must have a clear idea about how you want to position your kitchen cabinet hardware.

Cabinet and drawer knobs are usually fastened with a single screw through a focussed entry point. In comparison, handles require two screws for installation. Therefore, you need to give precise directions to your homebuilders about each and every knob and pull before they begin drilling.

You also need to be careful about their placements. While cabinet knobs must be centrally placed, kitchen door handles need to be placed at a comfortable height. The same goes for kitchen cabinet handles that must be within your reach, especially the ones on the top. Finally, try to be consistent with the placement throughout your kitchen to achieve that clean cabinet door handles

Kitchen Cabinet Handles – Size

If you are looking to install big knobs and pulls in a small modular kitchen, it may spoil its overall aesthetic. While bigger knobs and handles have their benefits, you must strike a fine balance between proportion and functionality. Similarly, you cannot install too small a handle on a large cabinet as it may prove useless. Therefore, keep the size of drawers and cabinets in mind while choosing the hardware.

A general rule of thumb is that your kitchen cabinet handles must be one-third of the length of the cabinet. However, you will also find handles as big as two-thirds of your cabinet drawers in contemporary catalogues. If your drawers are more than eighteen inches long, you may need to install more than one handle or knob.size of cabinet handles

Kitchen Cabinet Handles – Material

These days, you will find kitchen cabinet hardware in nearly every material. Whether you are building a wooden modular kitchen or a PVC modular kitchen, you will easily find kitchen hardware that can be paired along nicely. From glass to ceramic to crystal, there are several options to choose from depending on the kind of look you are going for.

However, cabinet pulls and knobs made out of metal alloys are the most commonly used ones. You will find most brass hardware with lacquer or plating on the surface that enhances their durability in the kitchen. Additionally, it also helps in reducing the spread of germs as it is antimicrobial. If you have used thicker wood in your kitchen then you may also look into cupboard door handles made out of bronze. Apart from offering an elegant look, they are antimicrobial as well. While stainless steel offers durability and is easier to clean, you have options in pewter and nickel as well.material of kitchen cabinet handles

Kitchen Cabinet Handles – Style

The knobs and pulls in your kitchen must complement its overall style. Contemporary, traditional, eclectic, rustic, and transitional – these are the five main categories that you can divide your kitchen hardware into.

  • Contemporary – Sleek lines, a neutral colour palette, and little ornamentation are the characteristics of a modern kitchen. Hence, if you want to create something similar, you must pick simple and streamlined hardware like linear bar handles or curved barrel handles. You can also achieve a more cohesive-looking kitchen if you select knobs and pulls that look similar to the handles on your steel appliances in style and finish.

  • Traditional – Elaborate detailing, mouldings, and embellishments are a few hallmarks of any traditional-styled kitchen. You can use fancy knobs and ornate handles in order to achieve a traditional-looking kitchen with furniture-style cabinetry.

  • Eclectic – If you want your kitchen to stand out then you need to look into the eclectic style. Unique kitchen cabinet door handles that look similar to seashells or brightly painted kitchen cabinet knobs can lend your kitchen an informal and relaxed appearance.

  • Rustic – If you have created a semi-modular kitchen in your farmhouse, then the rustic style might be suitable for you. Such kitchens ooze warmth and appear particularly inviting. You can achieve a rustic style by going for an oil-rubbed, copper or black finish on your simple kitchen cabinet handles. Gradually, these finishes develop a patina that provides the perfect homey-looking kitchen you always wanted.

  • Transitional – If you want to blend contemporary as well as traditional elements, then you can go for the transitional style. This allows you to combine your sleek-looking inset-door cabinetry with hardware that is neither too contemporary nor too ornate.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles – Finish

From gold cabinet handles to bronze cabinet pulls, there are a lot of possibilities when it kitchen hardware finish. Once you have determined the type, material, and style of your kitchen hardware, it becomes to select the right finish. Depending on the kind of look you are going for, you can go for any finish between polished, painted, brushed, matte, satin, antique, oil-rubbed, weathered, burnished, and many more.

While contemporary-styled kitchens usually pair their stainless steel hardware with a brushed or polished finish, you may also look into brass and pewter for a traditional look. If you have created a rustic-looking kitchen then you may also choose bronze hardware with a patina finish. If you have chosen light-coloured cabinets, you can always opt for a black finish to have a more dramatic-looking kitchen. Irrespective of the finish you go for, just ensure that it complements the overall kitchen decor.

The kitchen is no longer merely the place to cook. Along with the rest of your house, the kitchen also speaks volumes about your personality. Hence people are investing their time and resources to create their dream kitchen. Whether you are looking to build a straight modular kitchen or a parallel modular kitchen or create an island modular kitchen, you can find valuable insights on the Homelane website. Right from the kitchen false ceiling designs to kitchen flooring, we have experts who will guide you at every step. While it may take time to create your ideal kitchen, at Homelane, we will ensure that it finally comes true.


1. Which type of handle is best for kitchen cabinets?

Knobs are affordable and easier to install and use. However, if you are looking for hardware that is less likely to get in your way and easier to clean, handles might be a better option.

2. Where do you put handles on kitchen units?

The best place to install handles is on the opposite side of the hinges. Ideally, you need to place them between 1″ and 4″ from the top and bottom edges of the unit.

3. Can I change the handles on my kitchen cabinets?

You can easily change the handles of your kitchen cabinets. All you need is a screwdriver, and you can unscrew the handles from the backside of the cabinet. You can then install the new ones.

4. Should kitchen handles be vertical or horizontal?

While handles on the cabinet doors are placed vertically, they are usually positioned horizontally on drawers.


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