The summer holidays are here, and we’re all welcoming guests to our homes! It’s time to give your guest bedroom a quick makeover, and these no-fail colour combinations will surely hit the mark. Unlike the other rooms in your home, the guest bedroom is one where you can feel free to experiment as you are not confined to any particular colour palette or theme.

Make your guests feel right at home with these lovely colour combos.

Grey, Aqua and Rose

Finding a winning colour combination is the secret to creating home décor that stands apart. This triad of colours makes for a surprisingly pleasing colour palette, the deep mysteriousness of the aqua contrasting well with the old-world charm of dusty rose—both against a neutral soft grey backdrop.

All Shades of Grey

Grey is no longer considered a non-colour! It’s cool, edgy and gender-neutral, in fact the perfect shade for your spare bedroom. This lovely design combines all shades of grey with black and white prints for a touch of class.

A Pink Palette

With a bedroom like this, you can expect that your guests will keep visiting you again and again! This pink and white palette brings to mind the first blushing buds of spring, making a strong case for decorating with pastels.

Black and White on Wood

Black and white is a timeless combination that never fails to make an impact. Add the warmth of wood to this yin and yang combo, and you have a bedroom that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Earthen Terracotta

Earthy décor is in, and you can’t go wrong with this deep, rich shade of terracotta that’s beautifully offset by the vintage white console and rustic rattan furniture.

Blazing Red

Get ready to roll out the red carpet—quite literally—for your guests, with this flamboyantly red bedroom!  Not everyone can pull off a bedroom with all red walls, but this designer shows how it’s done. Just temper the heat with some black and grey, add some wall-to-wall carpeting in a rich beige, and you’re all set to go!

Of Clouds and Rain

Evocative of misty mornings and cloudy skies, this lovely bedroom is a rhapsody in blue! Rather than a solid colour blocked wall, this sponge finished paint uses colour grading for a unique aesthetic.

Shy Violet and Whispers of White

We’ve always maintained that violet is a lovely shade for any bedroom—gentle, relaxing and indulgent! This bedroom is as pretty as a picture, done up in lovely violet and white wallpaper with soft-as-a-whisper prints and patterns in the same colour duo.

Peachy Perfection

This delicate palette, much loved by wedding planners, can be a sweet upgrade for your guest bedroom décor. Pair it with subtle tints of beige for a warm, fresh look.

Nautical Blue

Blue has been conclusively proven to be the most relaxing colour in the spectrum, which makes it the ideal colour for any bedroom. This crisp combination is a classic favourite, and with summer here it’s the ideal time to turn toward this refreshing blue and white theme!

Shades of the Forest

Green and brown, the colours of the forest, come together in this vibrant bedroom in a harmonious, earthy combination. The inherent warmth of brown gets uplifted by the refreshing abundance of deep green.

Yellow and Blue

Yellow is the colour of happiness, and here’s a room that will certainly make your guests happy! Paired with cobalt blue and red, this vibrant bedroom makes a pretty picture.

Elegance in White

The trick to making an all-white palette cozy and welcoming, rather than plain and dreary, is to mix textures and textiles. Swathed in all shades of white and cream, this serene bedroom is sure to be a hit with all your guests.

Neutrality and Balance

Grey is that in-between colour that is beautifully balanced, the perfect negotiator between black and white. Your guests will find plenty to love about this black, white and grey room that also features an exposed brick wall.

Raw Shades

Beige, cream and Sienna brown are the heroes in this bedroom which is designed around a sustainable theme. The rattan lampshades and rubberwood bed make a lovely statement together.

The Blues Have it!

We keep coming back to blue themes when it comes to bedrooms, and with good reason too! Nothing can be cooler than this gorgeous shade of blue on your walls. Note how the unlikely pairing with black seems to deepen the hues and tie the whole look together.

Moody Mauve

Shades of mauve are decadent, moody and invoke slumber; which sounds just about right as a colour palette for a luxe bedroom! This mauve and grey bedroom is sure to earn you brownie points with all your guests.

An Earthen Palette

The earthy colours of the rustic brick walls set the tone for this industrial-style loft bedroom, while the raw hues of undyed linen in the sofa and bed covers add to the simple, organic beauty of the décor.

Sunny Cheer

What could be prettier than the warmth of sunshine gold on your walls, against graphic black and white striped bedcovers!  The floor-to-ceiling thin muslin drapes add an ethereal feel. This is a bedroom we’d love to wake up to, and so will your guests!

Shades of Green

This lovely guest room is done up in all shades of green, set against the soothing calmness of grey and white. Simple living at its finest.

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