Vastu Shastra is not the latest concept. For ages, Indians have employed this “science of architecture” while constructing any site or designing a house. This science is known for conserving the correct amount of energy inside any space, and thus, people believe and follow Vastu Shastra while planning to construct a new home. It is believed that Vastu Shastra brings peace, good luck, and prosperity if followed correctly.

Do you think Vastu is only concerned with the rooms’ layout, position, and direction? This might be incomplete information, as Vastu also deals with properly using colours and decorative elements. And if you want to apply the specific Vastu for South facing house, then you need professional assistance. We provide you with the best guidance related to South facing house Vastu.

Myths Surrounding South Facing Home

Many people believe South-facing homes to be inauspicious, but it is not true. The misconception regarding South facing house Vastu stems from the mythology that Yama, the god of death, emerges from the southern direction. However, Vastu Shastra does not generalise any direction as good or bad. Instead, it considers various elements to provide suggestions and guidelines to create a harmonious space for you regardless of your house’s orientation.

The bottom line is that even south-facing homes can bring joy and prosperity if you follow the South facing house Vastu guidelines. The flourishing southern parts of cities, like South Delhi and South Mumbai, are prime examples of how unfounded the misconceptions and fears regarding the Southern direction are.

So if you’re considering buying a house in the South direction, you need not fret. The South facing house Vastu plan laid out in this blog will help you make the best of it.

south facing home myths

Who Is Best-Suited for a South-Facing Home?

The Southern direction is considered a high-energy zone as it receives a lot of energy from the sun. So it can work wonders with abundant energy and help you in your quest for popularity, fame, or public recognition with a South-facing 2bhk design.

Also, if you have a strong presence of Mars in your horoscope, you can flourish and prosper in a South-facing home. Similarly, people with careers related to Mars planet or fire, such as in real estate, the health industry, and security, can also benefit from a South-facing home.

That said, let’s jump onto the South facing house Vastu tips and tricks to keep your home Vastu compliant.

who is best-suited for a south-facing home

South Facing House Plans per Vastu

For positive energy inside your residence, you need to follow certain tips of Vastu Shastra, which will further benefit your home as it brings happiness and good fortune. The positioning of certain elements while building the house can make a huge difference for your future. So, follow these south-facing house Vastu tips for creating a comfortable and ideal home for your loved ones. Also, don’t forget to check out the stairs Vastu for south facing house.

If your house faces halfway between South and East, it’s best to follow the particular southeast-facing house Vastu plan. Similarly, southwest-facing homes should refer to the specific southwest-facing house Vastu.

1. Vastu Tips for the South-Facing Door

  • If you have a 1 bhk design, you must position your front or main door to the centre of the South while constructing the house. If not exactly in the centre, then a little to the left side will also do.
  • As per the south-facing house Vastu principles, the entrance door should be placed in the centre of a South-facing wall as this helps in lining up the energies of a South-facing house.
  • Please note- the entrance door should not be on the right side. Also, if the entrance door is the largest one, it will bring in welcoming energy while diverting the negative.
  • It would be better if the door opened towards the inside and in a clockwise way. You can also add a threshold at the entrance as it increases the positive energy of your home.

vastu tips for south facing home

2. South Facing House Vastu Tips for Interiors

  • For making the interiors of the south-facing house apt, as per Vastu, you should keep heavy furniture in the southwest direction.
  • If there are any holes or depressions in the house, fill them up.
  • You can keep heavy indoor plants in this direction, like a palm tree, umbrella tree, or rubber plant.
  • Also, keep Mangala Yantra in the south direction, which you can install in the Shukla Paksha after following all due procedures.

south facing house vastu tips for interiors

3. South Facing House Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Always have the master bedroom in the southwest direction, per the South Facing House Vastu, as it helps in generating positive energies. In south-facing houses, this is the most appropriate direction. This makes the bedroom a relaxing space for everyone. If you have a multiple-floor building, then it is suggested that the master bedroom should be at the highest level.

south facing house vastu tips for bedroom

4. South Facing House Vastu Tips for Other Bedrooms

  • The other bedrooms of the house should be in the northwest direction, especially if you have a 3 bhk design.
  • This direction is ideal for making a kid’s bedroom or guest room.
  • Vastu principles state that south-facing homes should have other bedrooms in the northwest direction, but if you are making a kid’s room, it can be either South or west too.

south facing house vastu tips for other bedrooms

5. Kitchen Vastu for South Facing House

It is very important that you cook facing the appropriate direction. Vastu for the kitchen in south facing house suggests that the kitchen should be either facing southeast or northwest.

The homeowner must cook according to the direction of the kitchen. If it is faced southeast, you have to cook facing the east; if the kitchen is faced northwest, you must cook facing the west. Keep in mind that you face the direction that offers maximum sunlight.

kitchen vastu for south facing house

6. South Facing House Vastu Plan with Pooja Room

Pooja room should make you feel peaceful; thus, its direction is very important.

  • The room should not be under a staircase and should not be located near a bathroom.
  • Make sure your feet do not point towards the puja room while sleeping, which is why it is ideal for locating the puja room on the ground floor.
  • The south side is not a good location for the puja room. It should be located in the northeast corner. Also, it would be best if you faced either the north or the east direction while performing puja.

south facing house vastu plan with pooja room

7. Staircase Vastu for South Facing House

South-facing homes can have a staircase in the South, southeast, west, or northwest part of the house. However, Vastu for the staircase in south facing house forbids placing stairs in the northeast direction as much as possible.

staircase vastu for south facing house

What Not To Face In South Direction?

There are a lot of things that should not be placed in the south direction as it impacts negatively. According to South facing house Vastu, you should not keep the water storage and septic tank in this direction as it negatively affects the females of the house. Similarly, it would be best if you did not keep any aquarium or showpiece related to water in the south direction. Also, a south-facing house should be painted in colours like brown, orange, and red.

what not to face in south direction

These South-facing house Vastu tips will help you reap positive energy while eliminating the negative one from your home. Whether you believe it or not, there are many things beyond our understanding, and Vastu shastra is one such science. But, bringing in positive vibes is not a difficult task with the help of Vastu. You just need to organise some things in the right place, and it’s all done. So, try the above-mentioned South-facing house Vastu tips, custom curated by the experts at HomeLane, to channel the positive energy in your South-facing home.


1. Is South Facing House Good for Vastu?

There is a misconception that a South-facing house, as per Vastu, is not good. However, Vastu Shastra does not generalise any direction as good or bad. Instead, it considers various elements to provide suggestions and guidelines to create harmony inside the house regardless of your house’s orientation. So even south-facing homes can bring joy and prosperity if you follow the South facing house Vastu guidelines.

2. What Is the Advantage of a South-Facing House?

The biggest advantage of south-facing homes is that they receive plenty of sunlight. It radiates positive energy inside the home. The abundance of the sun also makes the house suitable for gardening. By keeping the house naturally lit and warm, south-facing homes can help you save electricity costs. Remember to follow the south-facing house Vastu guidelines to keep your home Vastu complaint and in harmony with nature.

3. What to Do If the Main Door Is South-Facing?

The south-facing main entrance brings intense energy inside. So always place your entrance door in the centre of the south-facing home to help line up the energy. You can also add a threshold to the entrance to increase positive energy. For other south-facing house Vastu tips, refer to the blog above.

4. Which Colour Is Best for a South-Facing House?

According to the south-facing house Vastu, you should go for light colours, such as light brown, red, or orange, for both the home façade and interiors. It’s best to avoid dark shades such as black, grey, or dark blue for south-facing homes.


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