A hundred things might be going on in your head right now, but there’s one thing that we can guess accurately, and that’s germs! It is assumed that most of the germs in our home interior reside in our toilet, especially the toilet seat. However, it isn’t true; and there are some places in your home that need more cleaning than your toilet seat because they have a lot more germs than you can think of.

Yes, we try to keep our surroundings squeaky clean. But we end up ignoring some things and places which need a tad bit more attention than you have already given. During the season of flu and cold, we are all particular about cleaning, and that’s how it should be. Senior scientist at Clorox, Mary Gagliardi believes that cleaning helps you feel relaxed and is also beneficial for your mental peace during the flu season.

Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic let us help you release your stress with more cleaning of spots that you have missed. We bet you have touched most of them since you woke up.

Mobile Phone

We forget that we take our phone everywhere we go, and we keep it on surfaces which are open to germs and are dirty. Hence, it is better to clean the screen and the cover of your phone with clean wipes and avoid taking them for your dump trips to the toilet.

Chopping Board

Microbiologist at the University of Arizona, Charles Gerba says that your chopping board has way more bacteria than on your toilet seat. Shocking, right? Well, the blame is on the raw meat that you chop on these boards. The faecal bacteria on your chopping board are by-products of your delicious meal’s internal organs.

If you want to know where the real estate of the germs exists, check your chopping board! Next time when you chop chicken for the nuggets, make sure you sanitise it and wash it with liquid detergent and later soak it in water and bleach solution.


This item is not just dirtier than your toilet seat, but it is the dirtiest thing you have at your home. Dishcloth or sponge is home to the maximum number of E Coli. bacteria and faecal bacteria. The main reason is that we don’t replace them in a shorter period, and sometimes people don’t bother to clean these moisture ridden clothes/sponges.

To get rid of the germs, heat wet sponges and cloth for two minutes in the microwave once a day. Also, make sure you are replacing them frequently. Cleaning them with disinfectants and bleach will also reduce the number of germs in your home interiors.

Clean Laundry

Have you been cleaning your laundry along with a bunch of underwear? Well, it’s a poor move because your underwear manages to transfer millions of bacteria to the rest of the clothes and makes your washing machine a pool of bacteria. The case gets worse in front-loading machines as in this case water is collected at the bottom and attracts more bacteria.

To clean it up, make sure you take up the job of cleaning at least once a month and wash your machine with bleach. Also, wash your underwear separately in hot water.


What if we tell you that your carpet is a lot worse than a toilet seat? It might be shocking, but we all saw it coming. When we have been dumping all our issues under the carpet then finding dirt all over it is no big deal.

We know you have been using carpet sweeper on your carpet. But it doesn’t do the task efficiently. Hence, get it cleaned with deep steam once a year.

Faucet Handles

If your toilet seat has 100 bacteria, then you can expect 2100 bacteria on the nozzles. And if we talk about your kitchen ones, they are 44 times worse than your toilet seat. The cleaning products you use to clean your vessels don’t go down the drain and spread bacteria in the sink and then to your hands. 

Use a disinfecting cleaner and wipes to clean the faucets and reduce the number of germs in your home.


A handbag is an accessory that goes with anything, and it includes germs as well. Any bag or purse carried by a man or a woman contains not just the belongings of a person but also truckloads of germs. You carry your purse to multiple places in a single day, and you never bother to clean it up.

If you want to get rid of these germs, keep them off the ground and clean them as frequently as you can. Also, if possible, wash it once in a while.

Now that you know that the germs in your house are fine dining not just in your toilet but other places as well, start cleaning it all regularly. We will have to stop their munching in our home interior so that we can stay away from germs and keep them out for good. HomeLane is your home interior guide, and when it comes to cleaning, we come with solutions that will help you stay away from germs.

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