Decorating your home is something that always gives you joy. You can never have enough of picking out the right colours, shopping for furniture and accents that you love, and matching them with accessories that speak to your heart. But once you’ve tied them all together, you might find some items that stick out like a sore thumb, and that your home could absolutely do without!

Accessories or furniture bought without thought could overcrowd your room or throw your décor style out of balance. To save you a lot of trouble, we’ve put together a list of decor items that you should definitely stay away from!

#1. Faux Plants

While faux plants were all the rage a decade ago, they have become yesterday’s story now and are best left alone. The idea behind this thinking is simple— when you can, just as easily, fill your home with lush green natural plants, why would you ever opt for the fake variety? Synthetic plants are tacky looking and made of toxic plastic. They also tend to be dust magnets and cannot be easily cleaned. Real plants, on the other hand, refresh the air, reduce temperatures, and remove pollutants and toxins from your home. Which would you choose? It’s really a no-brainer!

Pro Tip: If you must have fake plants in your home, try mixing them up with some live ones. This will make even the fake plants seem natural and organic, and your décor will look like it’s in harmony.

#2. Too-Bulky or Too-Small Sofas

Never go by how a sofa looks in the showroom, where there is plenty of space and the ceiling is high. Once the same sofa is brought into your home, the visual story could be very different! A sofa that’s too bulky will make your room look overcrowded and tiny, while one that’s too small will look completely lost in a large room. Always measure the space that you’ve earmarked for the sofa before you go on your shopping spree, and remember to leave a clear space of at least 2 feet for circulation all around.

Pro Tip: A compact room looks great with low-slung floor seating, or a number of smaller, less heavy chairs that have a smaller footprint.

#3. Glitzy Wallpaper

Sure, there was a time when gold-embellished wallpaper or metallic, glitzy accent walls were the latest trends. But gold on the walls is now considered to be way too much over the top, and it’s something you should totally avoid in your home! The same goes for oversized prints that dominate the room, and larger-than-life botanical prints.

Pro Tip: If you must have gold in your décor, keep it minimal and don’t let the glitter overpower the entire room!

#4. Fussy, Frilly Curtains

While there are many décor trends that are cyclical, here’s one that’s certainly not coming back for a long time! The days of fussy, frilly lace curtains and scalloped valances are long gone. These outdated styles will not only age your décor, but are also very hard to keep clean as they gather dust and dirt very easily.

Pro Tip: Unless you have nosy neighbours peeking in through your windows, do you really even need curtains everywhere? Especially if you have large panes of glass and a lovely view outdoors, you should try the ‘no curtain’ look!

#5. Overpriced Designer Furniture

While a designer chair could be a statement piece in your room, quite often it ends up being exorbitantly priced, while being abysmally low on comfort. Would you rather have a warm, oversized couch that you can put your feet up and sink into, or a sleek and stylish chair that gives you a backache? You choose!

Pro Tip: Always think about utility and functionality before you buy any piece of furniture. If you’re going to be using it for long periods of time, comfort always trumps style! Also, if you shop around and keep your eyes open for bargains, you can always find unique pieces of furniture that look expensive but don’t put you out of pocket.

#6. World Map on the Wall

Having a world map on your living room wall is no longer considered cool—this is another fad that’s definitely not considered chic anymore! Globes and maps belong on your child’s study desk, and nowhere else in your home.

Pro Tip: There’s really no pro tip for this one!

#7. Leather Sofas

There are many, many reasons why you should not opt to buy leather, however plush or stylish it may look! If you love the look but love animals too, then you could consider buying a faux leather sofa that looks like the real thing but isn’t made by harming animals.

Pro Tip: Do ensure that the material you choose is not treated with harmful chemicals. Many forms of synthetic leather are made of PU, which is considered environmentally unfriendly.

Well, there you have it — our two cents on the home décor items you’re better done avoiding! Need more tips and advice while doing up your home décor? Just give the HomeLane design team a buzz, or visit one of our Experience Centres to know how we work our magic. We’re always happy to help!

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