Out with the old, and in with the new – that’s always the sentiment in the air towards the end of the year. And, as we gear up to welcome the new year, 2022, with open arms, the idea of refreshing or renewing comes up in most aspects of life. Be it lifestyle changes, career and job changes, or even just updating your wardrobe, the new year always brings with it hope and the excitement of newness.

Naturally, that excitement also lends itself to refreshing and renewing one’s living space. Whether it’s a full-blown home makeover or an area-specific facelift, home décor and interior design is always-a-changing. And, so are design trends. 2022, like every other year, is bringing with it brand new décor trends to watch out for. So, read on.

Sustainability Starts at Home

Sustainability and using eco-friendly materials have increasingly become a priority for many when it comes to interior design and home décor. And, the year 2022 is predicted to see a conscious effort in that direction.

From repurposing old furniture to carefully selecting materials based on sustainability and environmental factors, home décor is about to take a turn for the better. Gone are the days of settling for template, store-bought, and fast made catalogue furniture. Many homeowners will choose to curate their living spaces with unique pieces of furniture; used furniture will also become popular.

Materials like cork, fibre and more sustainable forms of wood are also going to feature in the design scape of homes more often.

The great thing about designing a sustainable home is that it ends up looking and being entirely unique. No two homes can or will look alike.

The Green Revolution

When COVID-19 hit, the world saw a green revolution like no other. Plants, both indoor and outdoor, proved to be wonderful companions in lockdown. And, while the world isn’t in lockdown anymore (not at the same scale, at least), the love for plants at home has managed to stick around.

Interior design experts predict that green-laden homes are going to aplenty in the year 2022. From using them as accents in the living room to having a lush corner of greens in your bedroom or even spotlighting a few tiny plants in one’s bathrooms, greenery is bound to be a mainstay home décor trend in the coming year.

Go Back in Time with Vintage Décor

“Old is gold” is a saying that has proven itself to be true for most things, but especially so, when it comes to design. Just like the world of fashion goes back in time every now and again, taking from decades past, interior design trends are doing the same in 2022.

As mentioned earlier, not only do vintage pieces facilitate sustainability in one’s home, but also give one’s living space an entirely unique personality and identity – something that people are desiring more and more for their homes. Be it old beds, dining tables or dressers or even stand-alone pieces like chairs, sofas and other accessories like lamps, side tables and mirrors, vintage pieces are set to make a comeback like no other in 2022.

One Room, Many Uses

The pandemic induced work from home era brought about an interesting side to interior design – multifunctional spaces. And, experts suggest that a shift in layout design to accommodate multifunctionality will make up a solid home décor trend in the coming year.

Open floor plans are also likely to become less popular and redundant. Single spaces that can be used for different purposes are going to be the main aim now.

This movement in interior design trends also lends itself to the “space crisis” – a problem many homeowners face these days. With some rooms being smaller or bigger than others, it helps to have a few multifunctional areas in the house, so that the other spaces can be used to their full potential.

DIY into 2022

DIY or do-it-yourself is going to become a beloved home décor trend in 2022. Adding to the sustainability movement, DIY is not only an absorbing hobby, but also make for unique décor pieces in and around the house.

Economically, too, DIY home décor is a great way to spend less and still do up one’s home in quality and style. From design accents and accessories to full-blown furniture pieces and restoration pieces, DIY-ing is the next big thing in interior design. For ideas, check out our piece on DIY home décor.

Back to Earth

When it comes to interior design trends in 2022, earthy and neutral tones are primed to be key players. Be it wall colours, home décor, tiling and cabinetry, or even just design accents, earthy and neutral tones and textures are going to be a major appearance in the coming year.

Think browns, rust, whites and creams, deep oranges and greens, and the like.

Aside from just décor elements, these shades are predicted to be the preferred tones for materials too.

Calm and serenity combined with the maturity of these shades are going to be the highlight of 2022, as opposed to the unabashed vibrancy and loudness of some years past.

So, there you have it. These are the 6 home décor and interior design trends to watch out for this coming year. Remember, your living space is just as important as any other aspect of your life, so do it up in style. If you’re looking to get trendy this 2022, get in touch with the interior design experts at HomeLane and get cracking!

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