From sunset scenes to botanicals, geometric patterns to paisley prints, wallpapers are a lovely way to transform the look of your living room interiors.

Without a doubt, choosing the right wallpaper for your modern living room interior design can be tricky. Keep these pointers in mind:

  • Colour is what sets the mood in a room. Cool colours like blue and grey create a peaceful, tranquil feel, while warm colours like reds and yellows add vibrancy and heat.
  • If the wall surface is uneven or imperfect, opt for textured wallpaper ideas for living room that can hide all the flaws.
  • Small prints and regular patterns as ideas how to choose wallpaper for living room tend to look more formal, while larger prints and irregular patterns add funky character.
  • If your room is dark, use subtle metallic hints or reflective wallpaper ideas for your living room that will bounce the light around. Remember that dark shades absorb light, and heavily textured surfaces too will tend to reduce the brightness in the room.
  • Vertical lines in small living room interior designs make the ceiling appear taller, while horizontal lines make the room seem to be wider than it is.
  • Try wallpapering only part of a wall, perhaps the centre, instead of the whole of it. You can create borders around the wallpaper, and paint the rest of the wall a solid colour to create an elegant living room interior design.
  • Do not mix and match too many patterns when it comes to wallpaper ideas for living room, as the effect can be overwhelming.
  • Choose from acrylic, vinyl, fabric-backed or non-woven wallpaper types for a minimalist living room interior design.
  • Washable materials are more durable and can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.
  • Using easy peel-off-and-on wallpaper ideas for living room is ideal since you can change the look of your room without damaging the wall paint
  • Peel and stick material can be easily removed whenever you tire of the look of your rustic living room interior design, without damaging the wall behind.
  • When using textured wallpaper ideas for living room, you can play with downlights to highlight the wall and heighten the dramatic effect.

Ready to get started? Here’s some décor inspiration to help you pick the perfect ideas how to choose wallpapers for your  living room.

Play on Patterns

Traditional wallpaper ideas for living room are coming back on trend, and this living room is a throwback to the décor of the 80s. Oversized retro Bohemian accents make a dramatic statement in this black, grey and beige seating area.

play on patterns

Classic Brick

Brick patterned wallpaper ideas for living room add urbane glam to this modern, all-white living room with IKEA-style Crockery Units. Neat and perfectly balanced, brick outlines have withstood the test of time and will never go out of style.

classic brick

Floral Fancy

The use of bold florals energise and add a dramatic touch, as can be seen from this grey-themed wallpaper ideas for living room in the image below.

The wallpaper is used to stunning effect in just the top panel of the wall, boxed in with deep grey wall-paneling on all sides. The cushions repeat the same floral designs, albeit on a smaller scale.

floral fancy

Forest Grove

Forest themed wallpaper ideas for living room run all the way along with the living and kitchen areas in this compact bedsit.

This room utilises geometrics and prints in off-white and gray, with the colours serving to unify the whole décor. The wallpaper can be wiped clean, making the kitchen space easy to maintain.

forest grove

Old-world charm

Old-fashioned wallpaper ideas for living room like the one below happen to be part of a look that’s coming back in style. Match it with vintage armchairs, TV Units Designs for living room, and real wood floor for a feel-good décor style that’s high on comfort and nostalgia.

old-world charm

Delicate Prints

High-shine metallic wallpaper ideas for living room like the one below delicate silver print add a sumptuous, glamorous touch to your living room.

You can add a pleasing layer of contrast with bold, solid colours like this deep blue armchair with bright red cushions. Utilising these colour combinations helps keep things interesting.

delicate prints

Suburban Landscape

Printed wallpaper along an entire wall sets this living room squarely in the middle of a suburban landscape.

You can take your pick from wallpapers that showcase sunset scenes on the beach, rugged mountainscapes, verdant rainforest themes and many more.

suburban landscape

Tropical Touch

Bring the outdoors in, and infuse freshness into your home with verdant botanical wallpaper ideas for living room.

The pineapple-stencilled wallpaper, as seen in the image below alongside, adds to the tropical flavour.

You can also opt for bright colours like yellow when choosing furniture or accessories like coffee tables to add a further layer of tropical gaiety.

tropical touch

Natty Pinstripes

Delicate pinstripes set the stage are the highlights for this wallpaper for living room ideas.

The varied spacing adds an element of motion to the décor, and the vertical lines create an illusion of height and space, which is important for contemporary living room interior design.

natty pinstripes

Chevron Stripes

Bold green chevron wallpaper complements the modern theme in this classy loft. Note the custom-designed table with standout legs, and the pop-coloured colourful cushions on the sleek monochromatic sofa.

chevron stripes

Leafy Vines

This fresh, modern take on leaf prints is an attention grabber in this contemporary living room. Patterns like this blend well with any style of décor, from classic to modern.

The usage of these prints also helps usher in an element of nature to your living room.

leafy vines

Colour-Blocked Wallpaper

Colour blocking is a trend that’s here to stay. This designer has mixed and matched solid blocks of paint against wallpaper that aligns with the colour palette, and we must say we love the look!

The cushions in matching hues tie the decor together.

colour-blocked wallpaper

The right choice of wallpaper designs draws the eye and creates a lovely backdrop against which the rest of your décor elements can comfortably fall into place.

Do you need someone to hand-hold you while you make your decision on which of these Indian living room interior designs to choose? Call HomeLane for custom-curated wallpaper designs for your living room as per your budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Wallpaper Is Best for Living Room?

Since the living room is where the heart of your home lies, the best wallpaper ideas for living room feature wall should have softer hues that exude calmness. Pastel colours work well with any interior theme so that is also an option.

Is Wallpaper on Trend For 2022?

There is rising trend for wallpaper and paint ideas for living room in 2022. People are experimenting with patterns, colours, and textures, and wallpapers check all these boxes. Wallpapers add a touch of flair for interior design.

What Wallpaper Is on Trend?

Considering that the world is swept up into the sustainable and eco-friendly living, wallpaper design ideas for living room that have botanical, organic patterns are the top style to try in 2022.

Flowers, tendrils, leaves, delicate foliage, etc. are just some examples.

What Is the Best Colour of Wallpaper?

Using neutral colours as wallpaper ideas for small living room creates the best effect.

Neutral colours like taupe, beige, and grey let the other colours of your interior design do the talking.

What Are the 3 Types of Wallpaper?

There are three types of wallpapers for modern wallpaper ideas for living room feature wall:

  • Non-pasted: these wallpapers do not come prepared with a glue. You need to add glue to walls before using them
  • Pre-pasted: these wallpapers have glue on them which can be activated by applying water
  • Self-adhesive: these wallpapers come applied with a ready-glue. All you need to do is peel off the cover sheath and stick the wallpaper

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