The sofa is among the most visible and crucial aspects of a living room. It should be warm, comfortable, and welcoming, all while complementing the aesthetic of your interiors. But, finding the right sofa set with all the features you desire is an uphill task. And once you land upon the perfect one, finding the right placement adds to the pressure.

Given below are some tips on how to arrange a sofa in the living room that will help you overcome the placement turmoil. Refer to these useful tips and stick by the ones that suit you and your available space.

Have A Balanced Composition 

If you are about to go sofa hunting, take a good look at your living room beforehand, so you have an idea of the measurements of your sofa set. Having the right sofa set with proper measurements helps you achieve a balanced composition and enhances the look of the space you own. All the components of your sofa set should be well aligned with each other. They should look like a single unit and not as parts of different compositions. A balanced look of the living room is important as it comforts the brain of the viewers and helps them have a good and relaxing time.

sofa placement tips

Ensure the Centre Table is Reachable 

A sofa set without a centre table is nothing but incomplete. Along with making the sofa set complete, the centre table has a lot of other usages. Therefore, you must ensure that it is reachable from all the sofas in the sofa set. Irrespective of the sofa people sit in; they should easily access the table to keep stuff, take the snacks being served, etc.

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where to place sofa and center tableMovement Should Not Be Hindered

One of the essential sofa placement tips is to leave ample space for proper movement. Keep in mind the movement of people to enter the seating space and avoid very closely knitted placement, so there is no struggle moving around. The sofa is meant to sit, relax, and have a great time with loved ones, so the placement shall reflect the same purpose. Another way to have smoother movement is to avoid placing sofas near the doors and high traffic areas as such placements can be disturbing and can often hurt people.

where to place sofa in living room

Have A Welcoming Placement 

The interiors of a room should be in a way that seems inviting to people entering the room. There are some placements that can do the exact opposite of welcoming people. Never place your sofa with its back facing the door as it will repel people and will spread a negative vibe in the space. Make sure the front of the sofa faces the entrance. This placement is good for a living room as it attracts people to come and have a good time. 

Family room colour combination

Make Way For An Uncrowded Placement 

If you have a sofa set that has got too many elements, like the image below, place them adjacent to a glass screen or an open space to avoid clutter. You can add some planters to add some freshness to the space.

parallel sofa placement

Keep It Across Your Window 

If you are blessed with a big and wide window in your living room, you must place your sofa across the window so that people can enjoy the view, light, and the breeze that flows through.

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sofa placement near window

Push It Against the Wall In Smaller Spaces 

There are a lot of homes with a teeny-tiny living room. There are flats that do not have a separate living room too. So in such cases where space to accommodate a sofa is a bit scarce, it is a good idea to push the sofa against a wall. This placement has various purposes. First of all, it does not allow wastage of space; next, it gives an organized structure to space, and last but not least, this placement will not hinder movement.

sofa placement tips for small spaces

Allocate A Separate Section For Bigger Spaces 

If you have a big living room, you can consider dedicating a whole section to the sofa set. There are sectional sofas available in the market that cover two sides and also act as a divider. You can also place two sofas adjacent to each other to create a section.

L-shaped sofa placement

Consider the Existing Decor of the Living Room 

How to arrange a sofa in the living room is a big question while designing home spaces. This is because the living room is an important space of the house as it is used a lot in a lot of cases. You must place your sofa in a way that does not snatch away the look and feel of your living room. While making it the centre of attraction, focus on the other elements of the living room to have a balanced composition.

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It is important to go to the right place to get a comfortable and durable sofa set. Do good secondary research, ask your peers about their shopping experience, and then make a decision. 

You can consult a designer at HomeLane to get a better idea of what you should go for.

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