Vikram And Aditi Sharma 2BHK In Bangalore

Vikram Sharma and his wife, Aditi, had their idea-book in place when they bought their first home – a 2 BHK villa in suburban Bangalore. The problem was, they had just too many ideas, and no clue how they were going to put them all together! They knew they needed an expert to step in, and Shilpa Soti of HomeLane did exactly that.

Vikram was bowled over the first time they visited the Experience Centre. Not a particularly visual person, he needed the actual experience of seeing what the designs would look like, to help him make his design decision quickly. Once they had zeroed in on the design concepts for each space, Shilpa gave them a budget that they were comfortable with. Needless to say, the work was completed in record time!

Open Plan Space

Their home features a large open plan space that is demarcated into living, dining and open kitchen. The Sharmas love to entertain and this openness was perfect for their lifestyle. Shilpa has been careful to cleverly delineate the spaces within the room so that each pocket of space has its own function. The lovely contemporary kitchen is done up in shades of steel blue and brown, a colour palette that blends contrasting colours from opposite ends of the spectrum for a surprisingly harmonious effect. The kitchen is visually separated from the dining by pendant lights and a breakfast counter, where chairs are drawn up for a quick of HomeLane 2019

As they didn’t feel the need for the second bedroom, this space was converted into an entertainment room which also houses wall-to-ceiling storage for all the extra stuff that they don’t need to access on a daily basis. Pretty red and white checked curtains add a charming touch to this warm and comfortable space where the Sharmas love to binge-watch Netflix—the perfect end to a long and tiring day at work!living room

Vikram loves bright tones, and their living room is done up in a deep luxurious purple. Both of them absolutely love the sunny and cheerful reading nook, highlighted in a geometric yellow wallpaper. A comfy armchair is patterned in yellow print and complements the wallpaper perfectly, and all their favourite books are lined up against the and living room separated by breakfast nook

“Our home is fun and colourful”, Vikram says, smiling, “and it has lots of style and sophistication thrown in. Couldn’t be happier!”

Dharmarajan KS, 3 BHK Apartment In Mumbai

This 3 BHK apartment in Atlantis, Mumbai has nailed the concept of French colonial boho-chic. This eclectic style is inspiring and free-spirited, and the Homelane designer Sachin Berde has captured the fun-loving nature of the Dharmarajans down to the last letter! Each space is cleverly handled with the most thoughtful attention to detail, and Sachin has been careful to take the client’s ideas into account.

The kitchen is on the smaller side, and high gloss champagne coloured cabinets accentuate and enhance the available space. The same colour is continued on the wall as well as the counter and even the floor, making for a neat, seamless transition between planes. The visual effect is not interrupted by the addition of handles, which are rendered entirely unnecessary in this space that flows together beautifully. The clients had just one requirement; the addition of a chalkboard for little notes and daily scribbles….which was thoughtfully provided just behind the door!parallel modular kitchen

The dining room is pretty as a picture and undeniably charming; it could easily pass off for a French bistro on a Parisian boulevard! The same chalkboard theme is used here too as a backdrop to the cabinet housing the wine bar. The patchwork upholstery on the café-style chairs is a unique twist that matches the eclectic hotchpotch of colourful pictures on the walls. The brick patterned wallpaper adds the perfect finishing touches to an already perfect room!french bistro style dining room

The little girl in the house loves the colour pink, and her dainty bedroom is a dreamy study in her favourite colours. Her study desk is immaculately designed, with petal pink cabinets and shelving just right for her books and toys. The pink upholstery on the window seat matches the patterned floral pull-down fabric blinds at the window. Sliding shutters on the wardrobe pick out panels in various shades of pink, and her little fairy bed even has lace curtains with a pink frill above. This lucky child is truly living every girl’s princess fantasies in real life!

kids room

A neutral palette and clean, simple lines do all the talking in this all-white master bedroom. The fitted wardrobe has mirrored sliding shutters that serve to visually enhance the space. The walls are painted in a rich lush cream that cleverly offsets the white laminate finishes. The wallpaper, not visible in this picture, is a pretty floral print and is quite the icing on the cake!living room entertainment unit

“Our home is a museum of everything that we like and want”, says Dharmarajan, and he has recommended the HomeLane team multiple times to friends and family already!

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