As much as we’d love to walk into a pristine white room with marbled walls flecked with gold, not all of us can afford it. Neither can we hop onto trends like an exposed brick facade, granite cladding, terrazzo mosaic, and vintage panelling without worrying about the cost or hassle of renovation. But then, we all want a stylish, aesthetic, and one-of-a-kind home, don’t we?

Fortunately, wallpapers are making it happen! They are a cost-effective way to give your home a makeover and catch up with the latest home decor ideas. And if you are aiming to create a luxe ambience without breaking the bank, then you should give the following chic wallpaper designs a try.

Line Art Design

Art no longer has to be bold, vibrant, or elaborate to make a statement. Don’t believe us? Watch how minimalism is transforming the world of home decor!

Plain, simple designs are breaking the mould of what counts as luxury or extravagance. People want to live the ‘less is more’ life and line art is a classic medium for making it a reality. It can effortlessly elevate the style and appearance of your room without trying too much or too hard.

Plus, you get a lot of flexibility in choosing what you want. For instance, you could be a fan of the popular face line art featuring black strokes against a beige background. Or you would want the linework of the city skyline in contrasting colours of black and white. Either way, line art wallpaper will transform your wall into a work of art!

Beautiful Botanicals

Like line art designs, botanical prints also give you a high degree of flexibility in choosing your luxury. Maybe you are a fan of lush, dense fronds of fern or you like the big bold prints of the monstera leaves. Perhaps, you would want a tropical safari in your home, with vibrant flora and fauna decorating your home in all their glory. Or maybe, you’re just someone who appreciates old-school floral prints, you know, the everyday vintage wallpaper. You pick what speaks your style and add a splash of it to your walls. The end result is bound to be mesmerising for you and your visitors!

Retro Damask

Damask wallpapers have been in style since 300 BC – yes, you read that right! This virtually unkillable design adorned the walls of Chinese royalty and gradually made its way to the aristocrats in France (and the rest of Europe, in fact). Original Damask designs were weaved into silk fabric and the patterns were reversible. Given this rich history and the ornate design, a Damask-style wallpaper would be the best way to pamper your walls.

Plus, you get to pick the colours, style, and print that suit your preference. For smaller rooms, choose lighter shades and minimalistic prints as it will make them look larger while doing the opposite – darker shades and bolder patterns – for spacious rooms. You can pick a Damask wallpaper with metallic tones for added sheen and reality.

Moody Murals

Mural wallpapers stand in stark contrast with line art designs. They come with bold patterns and lively colours to count as statement home decor items. So, if you wish to flex maximalism, then mural wallpapers are a great way to go big or go home.

Unlike wallpapers with repeated patterns and motifs, murals display large images and designs that are nothing less than a masterpiece. Some of these are even custom created to scale and scream exuberance. However, if you want a more subtle look, you can always settle for textured mural wallpaper, which is essentially all the glamour minus the loud designs or artwork. Such wallpapers will create a dramatic effect and will captivate the viewer – whether you use them for your accent walls or for all the walls of your home!

Love in Lace

For centuries, lace has been a sign of luxury and lavishness. At the same time, lace (or lace trimming) is really easy to incorporate into home decor. You can have a boho canopy, lacy table or sofa covers, crocheted coasters, breezy curtains, and more! Similarly, you can have a wallpaper that displays a similar lace-like pattern to make your home look uber fancy and aesthetic.

While a printed lace wallpaper will look stunning on its own, a 3D printed one will add to the illusion by adding some texture to the walls. For a more interesting visual treat, you can even add a touch of colour to the lace patterns to give birth to stunning mandala designs that are almost kaleidoscopic!

Wallpapers are the easiest way to elevate your home decor and make it luxurious – even if you are on a budget. The ideas shared above are a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary trends. Feel free to choose what you like most. Or, you could go with the humble exposed brick wallpapers or terrazzo mosaics that we talked about. Play around with the ideas until you find what is truly you.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with a HomeLane expert and give your entire home or room a head-to-toe transformation and embrace luxury bar none!

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