When it comes to home design, an expert on our side can do wonders to create the perfect home in terms of style and functionality. However, not all of us can afford one and must rely on our own amateur design sense. Well not to worry because we are to help you think like a professional. We’ve compiled 5 steps that will make you think like an interior designer yourself and set up your home the best possible way.

1. Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Interior designers typically ask their clients a bunch of questions before they begin, such as your likes, dislikes, preferences, budget and much more. So, before jumping in to decorate, take your time and mull over your next steps by asking yourself certain questions.

interior design budget

Begin by asking yourself what your end goal is – remember, function before style. Take out a notebook and write down all your thoughts about your home. Take stock of what you have and what you want to buy. Ask other members of the family for their ideas and requirements. Come up with a realistic budget. Once you have everything down on paper, it will be easier to figure out where to start.

2. Feel the Space and Collect Ideas

You can alter the mood of a room with the design of the room – the predominant colour for instance plays a big role in this. What kind of feeling do you want your rooms to exude? Do you want each room to have a certain feeling when you enter?

Collect ideas for different rooms based on the ‘feel’ you want in them. Look through design sites, Pinterest, Instagram and sketchbooks. Make a mood board with all your inspirations pictures and also your specific ideas written down. Decide what are the list of things that are absolutely necessary and non-negotiable. Also, figure out what would be nice but you can do without. Most importantly, don’t overshoot your budget! This stage requires a lot of changes, iterations and adjustments.

3. Start Big and Take Risks

When decorating a home, its always best to start with the bigger projects. Plan to get the larger, more time-consuming projects out of the way. Painting walls and getting large furniture pieces cost money and take time. Once these are done, the smaller projects can be decided or budgeted accordingly.

You might be tempted to take fewer risks, and it isn’t a bad idea, especially if your aesthetic sense isn’t very loud. However, getting out of your comfort zone to try out a few ideas you have always loved can just give your place the personality and edge you will thank yourself later for. Maybe push the envelope in one or two rooms, or even with a few large pieces of furniture. If you have never tried an industrial theme before, for example, do your research and incorporate at least a few of the elements in your design. If monochromes have seemed appealing to you, make it the theme in at least one of your rooms, if not all.

4. Mix Designs and Styles

Design aesthetics look seamless when they flow rather when strictly adhered to. If the wood is something you love, it isn’t compulsory to do each and everything in this material. Try wrought iron or ceramics and mix and match wherever you can. Blend classic traditional styles with modern elements such as a waterfall, place greenery within the home, allow the contemporary and sophisticated to live together. Let it all come together and flow in a balanced, cohesive way and you will see how beautiful your space looks.

5. Pay Attention to Details

Accessories and curios are fun to buy because they are not as expensive as large pieces of furniture which you need to commit to. However, you may not realize how quickly you may run up the bill. Flooring, wall colour, and furniture – in that order – are the large decisions. As tempting as it is to buy small items, try and avoid it till the end.

Thinking like an interior designer starts from putting yourself in the shoes of one. It is all about doing your research and then making your decisions thoughtfully.


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