A kitchen is a space where the woman of the house spends the maximum time, and it is important to ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing, without compromising on functionality and space. The top trends in kitchen designs for 2015 focus on the above primary parameters.

A far cry from the dark and dank, dust-filled, grimy space of old, kitchens have, in recent years emerged as a trendy space with clean lines, minimalist décor and optimal use of space. Planning a kitchen is not just about putting together assorted materials and accessories. Before you plan on what kitchen design to go with, and which suits you and your space, take a look at these trends and find your own way of putting together a look that will wow your family, and more importantly, the people who dine in your home.

Kitchens As Family Rooms

Gone are the days when the living space was segregated from the dining space by endless rooms and furniture. More and more households today, are merging the dining and living areas into a unified space to entertain guests. Because of this, kitchen counters and islands are increasingly becoming dining areas and kitchen cabinets and accessories, more like fine furniture. This arrangement also provides ample space for a banquet style of dining, making it a comfortable way for people to congregate and get the conversation flowing.kitchen Design Trends in India

White Cabinets

Nothing speaks elegance, minimalism and simplicity as profoundly as ‘White’. White cabinets are beautiful and timeless, versatile enough to blend with any décor. One of the main plus points of such cabinets is their adaptability to different architectural styles. They look beautiful in a rustic setting, or country chic and even in contemporary styles. White cabinetry throws up multiple choices when it comes to room décor and colour palettes and you can choose to do as much as or as little as you like in your kitchen.Modular Kitchen designs trends

Stainless Steel Appliances

Nothing screams sophistication and richness as much as chrome and steel. Stainless steel appliances look beautiful and work with various styles. The sleekness of silver gives a polished look to refrigerators, cooktops and even waste bins. These are also easier to clean and maintain. Nowadays, appliances in fingerprint-resistant steel, even eliminate the issue with fingerprints.

Modular Kitchen designs trends

Eco-friendly Products

When sustainability took the world by storm in the last few years, it didn’t leave the kitchen too far behind. Sustainable/ Recycled products are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen decor. Eco-friendly cabinetry made from ply and bamboo, mosaic countertops made from recycled glass, brass décors such as period lamps and lights is all being increasingly used in modern kitchens. Water-conserving faucets and energy-saving lights are also helping homeowners save money while reducing dependence on natural resources, without compromising on style.

modular kitchen

Layered Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens today are not just functional spaces that depend on simple lighting to get by. They instead use a layered lighting approach; a series of recessed fixtures that provide ambient light, elegant chandeliers and pendants for focused lighting and accent lighting for cabinets or to highlight special kitchen areas.  This multitude of lighting options allows you to instantly convert a functional kitchen into an intimate dining space or a simple nook into a festive corner.

modular kitchen lighting trends

Technology In The Kitchen

modular kitchen design trends

With more and more people showcasing their food preparations online and many others bringing work home, kitchens are seamlessly merging with work stations to provide a space that is simple, utilitarian yet functional and warm.

Speciality workstations are now a part of many modern kitchens, some popular examples of which include coffee bars, baking stations, wine tasting nooks and pizza-making stations. Today’s homes are minimalist, classy and elegant, and kitchen décor in keeping with them has become sleeker and trendier. These design concepts will ensure that your kitchen and home, stay on top of the latest trends.

We are hopeful these kitchen designs trends would really helpful to design your dream home. Do let us know what do you think about these interior designs trends in 2015? Do share you ideas and suggestions in the comment below.


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