Are you planning to move into your new house? Buying a house is a huge task. But it may not be the end of your worries. There are other things that need to be bought still. These items will make your house look classy and beautiful from the inside. A new house needs a new home interior design to revamp the overall look.

This article will take you through 10 new home interior design tips that you should follow before moving into your dream house. Let us explore how you can decorate and improve your in-house design and looks.

Here are 10 New Home Interior Design Tips to Follow

Preparing a checklist and deciding on the budget

Planning is the first step to everything. You must list down the things you will need to buy. Make sure to jot down only those things you will need for your new home interior design. Buy major things first. Small items can be bought toward the end.

Whether you have a 1BHK, a 2BHK, or a 3BHK house, your expenditure on interiors will increase or decrease accordingly. Make sure you keep a budget in mind. Generally, interiors cost a lot. So, buy things only according to your set limit. For example, living room interiors can be generally expensive.

moving into a new house checklist

Buying the right furniture

Furniture is an important part of any home décor. The latest home interior design requires the latest in furniture styling and looks. You will need furniture for closets, bedrooms, living rooms, study room design, and other spaces. If you don’t like the design of ready-made furniture, you can go for customised pieces. Many homeowners hire skilled carpenters who understand their vision.

As for wardrobes, you can easily go a readymade one. Even a personalised wardrobe could work as per your room size and look. Want to get tailored advice on buying furniture? Get the help of our experts at HomeLane. Our design suggestions will help you plan and buy better every time.

 furniture list for new apartment

Choosing the right colour combination

Colour scheme is one of the most vital things to consider when designing you house. New home interior design needs to be fresh and unique. And the colour scheme should make for an eye-catching and appealing view. Choosing the right colour theme and palette can make or break your interior design game. Almost every nook and corner of the house requires to be coloured. Be it your bedrooms, kitchens, washrooms, or living rooms. But simply choosing any colour won’t do!

Make sure the colours you choose are warm and soothing. And the scheme should connect the many areas of the house. You could choose from several pre-existing colour palettes such as monochromatic, complementary, neutral, etc. Or you can also follow the minimalist living room interior design technique for awesome results.

new house colour combination

Lighting placement and designs

Our design experts believe that without interior lighting, the new homes décor is incomplete. Choosing the right lighting design is one thing. But placing them in the right spots is crucial to the overall look and feel of the house. The magic lies in the creative use of light and shae.

As any other element of interior design, lighting has the power to transform spaces. Great lighting brings a house to life. Light fixtures should be placed in such a manner that they feel cool, cosy, and comfortable to the eyes. In addition, light fixtures can also be used to accentuate the most impressive areas. For instance, using a downlight to highlight an art piece hung in a dark area is a great idea.


Decorating your house is a great way to flex your personal tastes and sense of style. If done well, decorating makes a house comfortable and calm. If done poorly, however, your new home interior designs will end up looking like a junk shop.

Old is classy. So why not mix old paintings with new ones to give an aesthetic feel? Inter-mingling new and old home décor is a great idea. You can add an old antique table to your dining room design makeover.

bedroom furnishings

Make sure your new home interiors have enough storage space

Keeping enough space to store your belongings and other items will ensure your home looks beautiful, neat, and clean. A new home interior design should have ample storage space for future and current use. Get your wardrobe, TV units, and wall cabinets to have large storage space. Use bed boxes to stow away extra things.

space saving furnitures

Functionality and beauty of the house

Make sure you check and ensure that all home equipments and accessories are working properly. Functionality ensures better utilisation. If you have less space, we recommend using a small living room interior design technique. This can be done installing a multi-purpose cabinet and saving space.

multi purpose furniture

Use DIY decoration techniques

Who doesn’t like to personalise their living space? And a little creativity never hurts. Do it yourself, or DIY, is the way to give form to your creative ideas for a new home interior design. Handmade paintings, lamps, even furniture pieces are some excellent DIY projects you can undertake. Whether you take inspiration from netizens or design your own, a DIY project is ideal for kids rooms.

diy decoration techniques

Make Enough Storage Space

Your new home will look new forever if you plan your storage areas properly. Plan the storage area of each room separately. For instance, you can buy a storage bed for your bedroom. It helps in reducing the problem of over-filling your wardrobes with the extra stuff which you require occasionally. Similarly, get your entertainment units and wall cabinets designed in a manner that has enough storage. Storage in the kitchen is crucial. It should be planned right from the get-go.

storage space ideas

Book your new home interior design online

Sometimes you will find the best, most unique and pocket-friendly interior from an online marketplace like HomeLane. The online marketplace has a lot of ranges and choices to choose from. All you need is to place an order and it will get delivered to you at your doorstep. New home decor can be found online as per your design choice and home space area.

wall decor


With the help of these tips given by our experts, you will find decorating and styling your new home interior design much easier. Choosing the right materials, furnishings, and furniture, according to your budget, is important. It is best to go for neutral, balanced, and relaxing colours schemes. Selecting an elegant living room interior design can be an incredible option.

For more tips on design, decoration, and styling, you can get in touch with our designers and experts at HomeLane. We have years of expertise in new house interior design, best interior house design, and new home decor. Moving into a new house can be stressful. But the home décor ideas and suggestions offered by our team will make moving in the best time of your life!


1.  What are the 7 basic elements of interior design?

The seven basic elements of interior design are:

  1. Space is most important for interior designers. Through space, they get an idea of the design they will follow and implement.

  2. Form or shape of the rooms and other spaces helps the designers come up to a design conclusion.

  3. Lines that are horizontal, vertical, or dynamic are used for aesthetics in decor.

  4. Colours are the life and backbone of rooms and spaces. Choosing the right colour tone is equally important.

  5. Light sets the mood and feel of a person. Hence, lights are a prime décor for any interior designer.

  6. The texture element gives a wholesome look. Visual and actual texture designs are an essential part of any home décor.

  7. Patterns are crucial to decide the look and feel of your room. Using geometrics or other unique designs is a great idea.

2. How can I do interior design at home?

Self-designing your home is not a difficult task if you keep certain things in mind. Plan the design of your new house. Choose a theme and draw out the overall budget. Determine spaces that require furniture and buy accordingly. Choose balanced and neutral colour schemes. Go for new modern house interior design styles for your homes to get the perfect look and feel.

3. What are the 5 stages of the interior design process?

The five stages of the interior design process are as follows:

  1. Design development process

  2. Conceptual development process

  3. Construction documentation process

  4. Construction maintenance process

  5. Administration process


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    These are really great tips! We are moving to our new house and I was already looking for helpful decor and design ideas. There is a lot of work that we need to do in order to create the atmosphere of our home! Thanks for these tips.

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    Hi, thank you for providing useful inspiration like this. You explain it very clearly. For anyone who will move to a new home, they must read this article first.

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    Thank you for sharing. First and foremost, it’s important to keep your family and your property safe. You don’t want a stranger running around with a key to your front door, so changing the locks at your home is a natural step. Do it before moving in and you’ll thank yourself when you’re lying in bed the first few nights in your new home.

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