Colour is an effortless yet dynamic portrayal of a diverse array of emotions. Wall Colour highlights the personality of the people dwelling within the home. However, while selecting colours, it is recommended to take into consideration various things such as furniture style, theme, flooring, décor style, and beyond. If you are perplexed about which trending colour should be brushed on your home walls, get hold of the best wall colour trends for 2021 here to leave a lasting impression on the beholders.

Shades of Blue

When it comes to home décor trends in terms of wall colours, you cannot go wrong with any shade of Blue. From pastel blue to electric blue, from ocean blue to sky blue, they assure stylistic compatibility in the context of mixing and matching to fit into your aesthetic best. Especially when it comes to complementing wooden furniture and contemporary home décor themes, Blue colour does perfectly fit the bill.

blue colour walls

Joe Hendrickson

Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink will only gain more momentum in the context of wall colour trends for 2021. Emphasizing the naturalness of self-expression and ease, they are one of the best trending colours to integrate into your home décor trends. A combination of pink with any other bold colour or another shade of pink will help you create a classic yet modernistic appeal. A monochrome pink colour theme will especially help create a perfect, subtle feminine aura for the baby’s room.

pastel pink walls with furniture

Shades of Purple

The combination of Lilac and purple is yet another interesting wall colour home décor trend to watch out for in the year 2021. A great backdrop, the unmatched elevated articulation of this tasteful combination, will welcome the guests from the moment they enter the living room.  When combined with minimalistic white furniture, this unique blend is competent to enhance or redefine any space, be it outside or inside the home space.

purple wall colours

Shades of Green

Shades of Green have been an all-season favorite since time immemorial and will continue to be amongst the wall colour trends for 2021. Be it sage green, bottle green, or dull pastel green; this calming colour will impart a positive, rejuvenating, and fresh aura to your home. When combined with the other pastel colours like cream, light yellow, or off-white in terms of furniture, décor elements, and centerpieces, it creates an aura of utmost elegant and soothing appeal.

green colour wall with cream sofa

Neutrals Wall Colours

Neutral colours like creams, beige, and grey will continue to gain momentum in the context of wall colour trends for 2021. The possibility of combining neutral colours with any other colour makes it a versatile wall colour choice. Combine them with striking colours like yellow or pastel colour like off white; you can be assured to experience an energizing and electric home aura. Adding details in the form of striking contrast colour pillows, statement black colour clocks, lighting accessory, and furniture pieces like the above image will ensure keeping any monotony at bay.

neutral wall colours with tan sofa

Picture Perfect Coral Walls

If you strive to achieve a unique home appeal, Coral is one of the perfect colours to integrate into your home décor trends. The combination with the same colour furniture that is Coral colour and complimenting Coral colour statement hanging lights will create an irresistible charm meant to make a lasting impression on the minds of the beholder.

coral walls with Navy blue sofa

Beautiful Mauve Walls

The mauve tone always creates a sense of luxury and goes along well with minimalistic furniture and varied home décor accessories like chandeliers, wall art pieces, and beyond. If you are tired of common home decor trends in colours, then any shade of mauve will work wonders in imparting warmth and vitality. Especially intervention in the form of stripes pattern furniture accessories will look fabulous out of disrupting (in a positive manner) familiarity and normalcy.

purple walls

Bright Orange Walls

To dominate the living room, Orange colour, combined with bright coloured furniture and centrepieces, will create a dramatic mood in your home area, even if it is just with a single accent wall. Especially updating your living area with this striking colour will help create an interesting zone.

Bright Orange Walls

Cream colour

Soft neutral colours like Cream in combination with minimalist wooden furniture will help create a balance and rhythm in the house if other rooms are already featuring bright coloured walls. If you adore minimalism combined with the sense of comfort and emotional well-being, the cream colour will perfectly fit into the impactful year-round neutral colour wall home décor inspiration.

wall paint colour trends in 2021

Grey Colour

Power colours like Ash Grey, shades of Brown, and the neutral anti-stress colour palettes will be a part of wall colour trends for 2021. Shades of grey and brown with a hint of yellow and gold in terms of furniture or any other statement décor piece will help you achieve an unusual dramatic appeal. Moreover, polished metals, plasticine surfaces, and marble patterns are yet another interesting trends to watch out for in the year 2021. Especially, 3D and 4D rendering in visual and graphic design will witness an immense upward swing in popularity in terms of home décor trends.

wall colour trends in 2021

Yellow Colour

The yellow colour is certainly a colour that you cannot overlook when it comes to seeking inspiration from wall colour trends for 2021. Contrast colours like sky blue and nature-inspired colours go perfectly with the yellow colour wall. The point of unification can be through hanging lamps, off-white chair sets, and neutral colour wooden furniture to achieve a quirky yet balanced look. Do not forget to take advantage of oversized off-white rugs, captivating flower pots, modern wall arts, and more to emphasize the sense of detail.

wall colour trends

It is truly intriguing how a wall colour can entirely transform the personality of the home. HomeLane strongly recommends you to indulge in a thoughtful analysis of the impact of wall colour on the natural room lighting meant to make you take a well-informed decision in selecting colour out of wall colour trends for 2021. Where pastel colours will reflect natural lighting better while enlarging an area, bright and dark colours may reduce the natural lighting. However, they will add style and drama without any qualm. In a nutshell, in the wake of the growing tendency to get close to nature, nature-inspired colours are expected to dominate other colours.

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