The interiors of a home are extremely important in setting the mood and tone for your house. In case you are looking to remodel or inculcate some changes, you’ve come to the right place.

It can be challenging to keep up with home décor trends as they keep changing all the time. Apart from the classics, choosing something that has passed its prime time as an interior design trend is just a waste of money and resources.

The key factor in wanting to choose something that is a trend is the connotation of it being in style until the next wave of trends come in. If you like to stay in a well-maintained space or have people coming over, home décor is something that requires your attention.

Following up with the home décor trends for 2021 is quite a fun task. The most basic rule is to make the space comfortable and attractive, depending on the vibe an individual is aiming to achieve.

Here’s the list of home décor trends for 2021: the talk of the town and pocket-friendly!

Creative storage spaces

Interiors with a modern rustic vibe go well with the introduction of storage spaces designed to suit the overall space. The modern rustic is a combination of the old and the new, which can be designed using bright colours incorporated into the design and makes a great choice for a workspace or the seating area. With the emergence of new trends, interior design trends 2021 now involves multi-purpose storage spaces. This trend works out well in terms of being cost-effective and being aesthetically pleasing. For example, a foldable table can be used as a shelf as well as a desk.

home decor trends in 2021Grey is the new classy

The statement colour of the year 2020-2021 is grey. To bridge the gap between modernity and technology and convey elegance, grey tones are the perfect theme. The easiest way to keep your home in line with interior design trends 2021 is to incorporate moody tones of grey into your workspace. A dark shade of grey on a wall with a wooden set of tables and chairs against it, along with a lampshade, is just a whole mood right there. Grey is a neutral tone, and therefore, pairing it up with black, or white furniture adds to the elegance and beauty of the space.

Home decor colours in 2021

Walls with a twist

A trend that is set to pave ways for multiple different ideas is that of having textured walls. Instead of having monochromatic colours or any colour palette setting the room’s mood, it is always better to have something extra going on. The complexity of architectural design is seen best through interior home decor.

Traditional decorative plaster and designer wallpapers are expensive and require a lot of regular maintenance to keep it in mint condition. On the other hand, textured walls are inexpensive and do not require a lot to be maintained. The signature trend is to have a wall with wood panels that benefit it’s aesthetic and help make it heat and soundproof.

Minimalist modern design is the future

The emerging trend for home décor follows the “less is more” ideology, where space can be made creatively gorgeous by taking a simplistic approach. From choosing light pastel shades to set up complimentary furniture that is attractive yet minimal, the idea can be best incorporated in bedrooms and seating areas. It helps create a good atmosphere for productivity and maintain a calm mind.

A natural connection

The inclusion of plants as home decor is a relatively new and extremely cute trend. From a spot in your balcony to your favourite window in the house, including ornamental or other plants, help cultivate a healthy environment. Succulents involved in one’s workspace have been scientifically proven to help improve concentration and reduce stress. Having succulents is great as they produce oxygen throughout the night and enable a good night’s sleep. The different shades of green add to the colour pop and work best with solid coloured walls.

Statement pieces

Setting up space with a statement piece is a trend that is seen taking the front row and will continue to do so from here on. If you’ve always wanted to have a home that breathed luxury, getting a statement piece of art is a great option. Having a statement piece makes the space look classy, organized, and neat. Every piece of furniture that goes into the room is placed to match the statement piece and maintain its grandeur. For example, having a famous painting in the seating area gives the entire space a very luxurious look and a reference point to place the furniture and colours to complement the work of art.

home décor trends

We hope you’ve picked your favourite trend and are ready to remodel! HomeLane interiors take care of your end-to-end interior needs and will help you set up your dream home on a budget. With HomeLane, you get a 3D visualization personalised according to your needs, choices, and lifestyle, and with the advanced technology used, they deliver the very best within the 45-day delivery guarantee period. It’s time to step up your game. What are you waiting for?

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