With teams that span geographies and with more people opting to work from home, it’s essential to get the art of conducting virtual meetings just right. Online meetings bring together all your teammates in the same virtual space and give you the power to thresh out issues and achieve progress in group tasks as efficiently as you would if you were seated across a table. In fact, many people find that online meetings are even more productive than face to face meetings, as everything you say is recorded and can be referred back to whenever needed.

This being the case, how can you set your home office up the right way for your virtual meetings? We’ve got a checklist for having a perfect virtual meeting.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Your internet connection should be high speed and dependable, and the Wi-Fi router should be located well within the range of your system. Make sure that your webcam and audio systems are working fine and that you have downloaded the software needed for your virtual meeting to run.

Workspace Lighting

Your workspace should have ample lighting so that your eyes are not strained, as virtual meetings could run into several hours. Set up your work desk next to a window, and also plan adequate task lighting if you’re going to be working into the evening and night. Ambient lighting near the ceiling as well as a focused table lamp or pendant lamp will give you the light you need. Also, make sure that your computer screen is fitted with an anti-glare screen protector and a blue light filter to protect your eyes.

Home office light for virtual meeting

Clutter-free Work Desk

Keeping your desk organized is a habit that helps to boost your productivity. Especially when you’re working virtually from home, household clutter has a way of taking over your work desk. If you aren’t careful, you could find that you lose track of notes, important papers or even files. Sort out all the papers on your desk and invest in a filing system for important documents. If all your documents are online, make sure your folders are well organized and updated regularly. Your virtual meetings will go a lot better if the space around you is clutter-free.

Virtual meetings at home

Sound System

Invest in a good conference call headset, as poor audio quality can result in low productivity and poor meeting outcomes. Laptop speakers often do not give the best sound outputs, and if you are straining to hear what is being said, your meeting will not go well. Check out noise-canceling headsets that block out distracting noise from your home, so that you can focus on what’s being discussed.

While on the subject of sound, if your study is just too noisy, you might want to look at soundproofing your home office to filter out any unwanted sounds.

soundproof for virtual meetings

Workspace Furniture

Your workspace must be set up for the best working comfort, especially if you plan to be working from home a lot in the future. Buy a chair that can be adjusted for optimal height, swivel and angle; and offers you excellent back support when you need it. Your desk should be designed to hold adequate storage for your stationery and files. If your work requires you to look up reference material, it’s a good idea to plan some storage shelves near the workspace, for easy access to books and other paraphernalia you may need. Don’t forget to add a pin-up board for your to-do notes.

Furniture for virtual meetings

Workspace Ambience

The right mood can increase your work output more than you would imagine. Do you like to listen to music? Set up some good-quality speakers, and play the music that motivates you to work harder. Having plants around your desk will always refresh and restore your spirits. Set up some family pictures, a stress squeeze ball, a scribble pad to jot down those brilliant spur-of-the-moment ideas, some snacks that you can nibble on, and a coaster for your cup of coffee. Organize your space so that you don’t need to keep popping in and out once you’ve started on your virtual meeting.

Organised for virtual meeting

We hope our tips have helped you to create the perfect space for your virtual meetings. If you need a hand in designing your home office, reach out to HomeLane. We’re always happy to help!

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