If you have read about ‘compact kitchens’ in apartment listings, you might have come across the term kitchenette. A kitchenette is a smaller version of the kitchen. A kitchenette might be constricted in space, but one can always add personal touches to evolve the space.

What is a Kitchenette?

A kitchenette refers to a small cooking area consisting of a mini-fridge, a microwave, a sink and a small stove or hotplate; there might be some other appliances in commercialised spaces. These are more common in small motels and hotels, college dormitories, and bitty apartments.

The kitchen or the Kitchenette?

There are some points to keep in mind while differentiating between a kitchen and a kitchenette.


The first significant difference between a kitchen and a kitchenette is the size. A kitchenette has very limited storage space. A kitchenette possesses very little countertop space and may have one or two storage cabinets. The appliances in a kitchenette are also limited. It might include a few devices like a microwave, a hot plate, a toaster oven and a compact dorm-sized refrigerator. Most kitchenettes lack stovetops or the regular kind of ovens.

Designs and fitting

On the other hand, a kitchen is a larger space filled with almost all necessary appliances, ample storage areas, and countertops. There is a separate room allocated just for the kitchen.

Kitchen design and Fitting

Budget and suitability

A kitchenette is economical and budget-friendly. Cleaning a kitchenette is way easier than maintaining cleanliness in a kitchen. A kitchenette is easy to maintain. One needs to brush off the dust and keep washing the sink from time to time. A kitchenette is the best option for students and young bachelors who do not have to go through the hassle of cleaning and doing major chores regularly or spending large chunks of money. Plus, one can always look up and find superb recipes online that require only a hotplate and a microwave for cooking. Thus, a kitchenette comes with its own set of perks.

How to Design Your Kitchenette?

Make your kitchenette a little more welcoming. Start by installing some non-permanent hooks on the wall for hanging small pans and pots. Permanent shelves and hooks can also be installed if you have to store some heavy utensils.

Several quick and easy home appliances are time-saving. A kitchenette must have an electric kettle. It is available at a low price and can boil water faster than a hotplate or microwave. One can also opt for a food steamer to cook tasty and healthy recipes at home. If you’re a coffee-lover, keeping a French press is the best choice to brew yourself a nice cup of hot coffee early in the morning.

Things to Remember while Dealing with a Kitchenette

Even though a kitchenette reserves itself in a small space, there are certain vital things to keep in mind while designing your kitchenette:


A kitchenette has a sink as one of its major assets, so it is crucial to have proper plumbing so that no unwelcome disaster occurs. The first thing is to decide where you would want the kitchenette to be. Then you can get in touch with a plumber to fix the connections. In case you do not want a sink, you can opt for a built-in water cooler or a countertop.


A restricted space does not mean you cannot add some extra countertop space and make the most of your kitchen chores.


One can install minimal appliances in a kitchenette, but you can get most of your work done with the right ones. You can install a microwave, a hotplate, an electric kettle or a coffee machine.

Storage maximisation

You can maximise your kitchenette’s storage by adding cabinet organisers, separators, corner units, and cabinet door shelves. You can consider hanging your utensils like pots, cups and so on from hooks to avoid cluttering.


It is important to decide the right colours for your kitchenette. Lighter colours make a place feel more open; thus, opt for lighter and brighter colour tones to make the space feel expansive. You can opt for colours like off-white, blue or lavender to make the kitchenette look bigger. Brighter rooms always seem bigger and more inviting. You can also try painting the wall rims and mouldings some shades lighter than the wall colours to add to the kitchenette’s expansive nature.

Personal touches

You can add your personal touches to reverberate the space with creativity. You can consider adding a backsplash, some fancy countertop appliances or brass hardware.

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