Have you noticed that the kitchen always seems to be the busiest part of the home? There’s so much happening, so many people milling about and invariably so many utensils and appliances that get accumulated. We always tend to fall short of storage in the kitchen. However, we’ve identified the 10 functional kitchen storage spots that otherwise go wasted, but which with some ingenuity can be made functional and beautiful.

1. On The Backsplash


Backsplashes are often left well enough alone in most kitchens since they are designed to lend their beauty to the cooking space. Adding anything to them may take away the look.

Backsplashes, on the contrary, make the handiest storage spot. Small shelves can be installed a little higher up, to carry smaller spice boxes and utensils, while the lower half can accommodate things from the kitchen counter. This also creates an additional shelf to distribute items from the wall cabinets.

2. Empty Spaces Above The Sink

Space above sinks is often wasted because no one really knows how to use them optimally. Placing a rod above, not just makes use of wasted space but also helps dry out pots, pans, and other utensils.

3. In Corner Spaces

Kitchen corners are often overlooked or wasted because shelves cannot be built into them. They are also very inconvenient.

Floating shelves can be a lifesaver in such cases. They can be fitted into these corners and used as display racks or as convenient additional storage.

4. At The Sides Of Lower Cabinets

 kitchen cabinets with bookshelf

Magazines and books that lie around the home, can be kept in a bespoke nook in the kitchen. Installing holders or racks on the side of cabinets or islands keeps them handy and in great condition.

5. On Your Refrigerator Doors

Rather than keeping wedding invites and old bills, the fridge door can be converted into handy storage for small knives, spice bottles, and other accessories by adding magnet strips to them.

6. Above Wall Cabinets

Awkward space above cabinets can be such a waste of space. Optimizing functional space in the kitchen could be very helpful. It is better to utilize the kitchen space cleverly when it comes to planning for a small kitchen. We’ve already seen in another blog post, that awkward spaces above kitchen cabinets can be made more useful, productive, and functional for storage, without taking away from the overall look.

7. Below Wall Cabinets

storage below wall cabinets

Wall cabinets are mandatory, but can they be used to create even more storage space? The underside of wall cabinets is an excellent option for hanging cups, small crockery, and utensils with handles. They also look clean and neat.

8. On Backs Of Doors

corkboard storage on back of doors

Corkboards make for excellent hacks whenever you want to create more storage. They can be attached to the backs of doors and with hooks, to hang measuring cups, spoons, and handy cutlery.

9. On Empty Walls

Decor empty kitchen wall

Empty walls are tempting, but one doesn’t really know what to do with them. Just like corkboards, pegboards make for elegant and functional mix and match storage, with handy hooks to hang all of the utensils and accessories that will otherwise be hidden in drawers.

10. Over Window Alcoves or Floating Shelves

Large picture windows let light stream in beautifully, but do nothing else for kitchens. Building a floating shelf above them also creates space to store light items like cookbooks, decor accessories, plants, lighter plastic storage box and many more.

floating shelves in kitchen window

Too much haphazard storage just creates clutter. The trick in clever kitchen storage is the strategic elegant placement of utensils and accessories that lend rather than take away from the overall look.

We’re sure that all these functional kitchen cabinet ideas have made a compelling case for abandoning the normative style and falling in line with the smart, space-saving cabinet trend in your kitchen! If you need any more help in making up your mind, do contact the design team at HomeLane and get started on the kitchen of your dreams!


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